Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip x3! Swatches

Sephora has, so far this year, put out 3 of there Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip sets!  At one point they had all 3 available on the website as the same time.  Made for some confusing searching!  As of writing up this post, there is only 1 set available.  But I have seen the other 2 pop up now and again on the website as well as in-store, hence why I thought I would give you a quick peek at all 3 together.  I picked up the first one in January when it first showed up.  My sister quickly picked up the second in March when it popped up.  And lastly I picked up the third at the beginning of July.

3 Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip sets

3 Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip sets

All 3 sets cost $33.00 CAD to buy and have a retail value of $106, $82, and $84.  The first set had the highest value because it contained 2 full size products instead of the usual 1.  Since these kits have come out, the Estee Edit has been really discounted on Sephora, I think they are getting rid of the line.

The first Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kit.

The first Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kit.

Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip sampler - Our nude-ist edition to lip!  This neutral set features must-haves to create the perfect nude pout!

In the first Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kit you got (listeed in the order of the swatches below)-

  • Estee Edit - The Barest Contour Lip Liner in 05 In The Buff (full size) - nude brown - I like that they included a lip pencil in this set, and the Estee Edit pencil is a great one!  I was actually quite surprised at how much I have been using this pencil.  I am a huge fan of nude lips and this pencil is a great foundation for most of the shades that I like to wear!  It just helps to even out my natural lip color and everything I put on overtop had looked great.
  • Buxom- Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian (deluxe sample) - nude pink - this was the only product in the set that I wasn't to keen to try, I am not a gloss person!  I still haven't tried it so I can't give you my quick thoughts on it, sorry!  It does seem to be somewhat opaque for a gloss though.
  • Too Faced Cosmetics - Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick in Queen B (deluxe sample)- matte soft mauve - my sister has this in a full size and while I liked it, it is a little to mauve for everyday wear for me!  I love the formula of the Melted Matte Lipsticks though and have a couple of other shades in full size.
  • Bite Beauty - Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb (deluxe sample) - beige nude - I find this shade to more of a peachy nude on me.  I love the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks and this one is no exception.  They feel like nothing on the lips and seem to last a decent amount of time for me.
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty - Le Marc Lip Creme in 246 Slow Burn (deluxe sample) - creamy nude rose - this shade does show up as more pink on me than nude, but the formula just seems to melt into your lips!
  • Urban Decay - Vice Lipstick in 1993 COmfort Matte (full size) - medium brown - I love Urban Decays Vice lipsticks, both the new and the old formula and have quite a few shades of both.  1993 is definitely a brown shade but I still find that I like it.  The Comfort Matte formula is comfortable to wear and doesn't suck the life out of my lips!

To me if I like most of the products in a Sephora Favorites set it is usually more than worth the price!  And at a price tag of $33 CAD for 5 lip shades plus a lip liner this one was a no-brainer for me!  Even though I am not a fan of 1 of the products that's ok.  

Swatches of the first Sephora Favorites - GIve Me Some Nude Lip - Estee Edit-In The Buff, Buxom-White Russian, Too Faced-Queen B, Bite Beauty-Honeycomb, Marc Jacobs-Slow Burn, and Urban Decay-1993.

Swatches of the first Sephora Favorites - GIve Me Some Nude Lip - Estee Edit-In The Buff, Buxom-White Russian, Too Faced-Queen B, Bite Beauty-Honeycomb, Marc Jacobs-Slow Burn, and Urban Decay-1993.

The second Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip has a lot of gloss in it!  I was orginally going to pick it up but I was really only interested in it to try out the Nars and Urban Decay.  My sister, however seems to treally like gloss so she quickly snapped up the set and let me 'borrow' it to add into this post!

The second Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kit, a lot of gloss here for gloss lovers.

The second Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kit, a lot of gloss here for gloss lovers.

Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip sampler - Summer's nude-ist edition to lip!  This neutral set features all the must-haves to create the perfect nude pout!

In the second Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kit you got (in the below order of the swatches)-

  • Tarte - Lippie Lingerie Matte Lip Tint in Revealed (deluxe sample) - light mocha - This is the brownest shade in the bunch!  These are really nice, they don't dry down to a matte finish, instead it stays more of a semi matte, not drying at all, very comfortable.
  • Nars Cosmetics - Velvet Lip Glide in Bound (deluxe sample) - rose pink - This was one of the products that made me want this set!  Luckily for me, my sister already has the full size of this so she kindly gifted me this deluxe sample!
  • Marc Jacobs Cosmetics- Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer in Sugar Sugar (deluxe sample) - champagne-gold shimmer - A fairly pale, pigmented gloss.  I think I first saw this shade in a Jaclyn Hill video?  It's pretty, but felt pretty sticky to me.
  • Too Faced Cosmetics - Lip Injection Glossy in Spice Girl (deluxe sample) - pink nude - another fairly pigmented gloss.  I don't see any pink in this at all, all I see in this is peach.  Not quite as sticky as the Marc Jacobs though. 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills - Lip Gloss in Kristen (deluxe sample) - cool desert sand
  • Urban Decay - Vice Waterproof Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in  Trivial (full size) - matte pink nude - I really wanted to try out the Vice Liquid lipstick and this was the other product I was interested in the set.  I found that this lasted quite a long time for me, I still had some on 7 hours after I had applied it.  I may have to pick up one of these!

With only being really interested in 2 of the products in this set, I am glad that I didn't pick up this set.  But it was a perfect one for my sister who loves gloss much more than me!  Not to mention that since she already has a full size of the Nars, she gave me the mini from this set!

Swatches of the second Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip - Tarte- , Nars- , Marc Jacobs- , Too Faced- , Anastasia- , and Urban Decay-

Swatches of the second Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip - Tarte- , Nars- , Marc Jacobs- , Too Faced- , Anastasia- , and Urban Decay-

And lastly, the third installment of the Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip!  As soon as I saw this one pop up at the beginning of July, I ordered it!  I had been eyeing the Kat Von D, Ciate and Tarte for a bit already!  The third set has a retail value of $84.00 CAD, not bad if you will use most of the products, especially the full size one.

The third Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kit.

The third Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kit.

Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip sampler - Fall's nude-ist edition to lip!  This neutral lip set includes five deluxe and one full size lip product to help you achieve flawless nude lips.

In the third Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kit you got (again in the order of the below swatches) -

  • Ciate London - Liquid Velvet Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bitter Sweet (full size) - grey mink - to me this is a muted mauve, perfect for Fall!  I am looking forward to wearing this shade in the Fall.  Hoping that the Ciate formula is close to Too Faced.
  • Buxom - Full-On Lip Cream in Dolly (deluxe sample) - sultry mauve - the Full-On Lip Creams are supposed to be a more pigmented version of Lip Polish.  Like I said before, not a huge fan of gloss but I will give this a try!  The shade looks really nice and I have heard that Dolly is their best selling shade.
  • Kat Von D - Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Ludwig - nude fawn - when I had first seen the new shades this was the one that interested me the most.  Looks like a great peachy nude!  I didn't end up picking up the full size but as soon as I saw that this lip set had it, I had to have it!  Looking forward to this one.
  • Tarte - Rainforest Of The Sea Color Splash Lipstick in Rum Punch (deluxe sample) - nude - My sister had picked up a full size of the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Color Splash Lipstick in Salt Lyfe, and loved the formula and told me I needed to try it out.  The peachy shade of this one looked likes like something I would wear!
  • Make Up For Ever - Artist Rouge C211 (deluxe sample) - rosewood - this is supposed to be a universally flattering shade.  Not to cool, not to warm, just right!  I have a full size of the Artist Rouge C105 and find them to be comfortable on the lips.  Looking forward to giving this universally flattering shade a try!
  • Bite Beauty - Multistick in Brioche (deluxe sample) - rich terracotta - these are supposed to be a multi-use type of formula, you can wear them on the eyes, lips and cheeks... I picked up another Bite Set that 2 of these, that I still haven't tried out, oops!, but this was a different shade than in that set!  I am thinking that this might be a good shade for the cheeks.  Haven't tried them out but looking forward to giving them a go.
Swatches of the third Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip - Ciate-Bitter Sweet, Buxom-Dolly, Kat Von D-Ludwig, Tarte-Rum Punch, Make Up For Ever-C211, and Bite Beauty-Brioche.

Swatches of the third Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip - Ciate-Bitter Sweet, Buxom-Dolly, Kat Von D-Ludwig, Tarte-Rum Punch, Make Up For Ever-C211, and Bite Beauty-Brioche.

I have said it before, but I love most of the Sephora Favorites set that they bring out!  I think that they are a great way to try out a variety of products at a great price.  As an added bonus, who doesn't like mini products?!  I rarely get to finish up a full size product so having a mini size of a prodcut to try out to findout if I like them is a great way for me to try out a lot of products at a fraction of the cost.

I thought it would be good to see all 3 of the Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kits together so you would be able to see the difference in each one.  The top 2 are the first and third one and the bottom is the second one.  I don't think you would go wrong with any of the 3.  If you are a fan of gloss though, the second one would be the one for you.  The first and third have more matte to traditional formulas.  The Sephora Favorites are also a great way to try out more expensive brands at a fraction of the cost of one full size product.

With finally reading the inserts inside the Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Nude Lip lip kits, it looks like they brought out a new one for each season!  I wonder if they will bring out another one for Winter?!  Will it be Gloss? Or Matte? or Traditional?  Will I be picking it up or will my sister have to have to have it?!

Trip Through My Trash - June 2017

In keeping with trying to catch up somewhat, here is my June 2017 Trip Through My Trash!  And up before the end of July!  Yay me!  I have been keeping up with taking all the pictures of products before using and doing pictures for Empties and BoxCharm, but the hard part has been finding the time to actually sit down and edit pictures and than write the posts.

A nice size of empties, some new and some oldies, mostly goodies!

A nice size of empties, some new and some oldies, mostly goodies!

I managed to empty quite a few products in June, no samples though?!  I thought I had used up some?  Oh well maybe next month.

Face and Bodycare empties, not the most exciting but I did manage to use up quite a bit.

Face and Bodycare empties, not the most exciting but I did manage to use up quite a bit.

  • Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo - I had picked up a duo of the litre size of this clarifying shampoo at, surprise-Costco!  My sister and I split on it as I wasn't sure if I wanted 2 litres of it!  I didn't mind this clarifying shampoo, it did a good job of getting all the buildup off of my hair.  The scent on the other hand was not my favorite.  It is a little on the strong side with regards to the scent, not a bad scent just strong.  Repurchase?  Not sure, I do like the Pantene one and like the scent of it as well.
  • Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo - I finished up the matching shampoo to the conditioner I used up last month!  The shampoo has a nice fruity type scent that didn't seem to linger in your hair.  Not much to say, it did it's intended purpose of cleaning my hair. Didn't seem to strip my hair, I don't have a lot of damage so I can't speak as to how it would do for that.  I do have a strange patch of frizzy hair, it was still frizzy after using this shampoo.  Repurchase? There are so many other shampoos to try and I haven't found one that I want to stick to yet.
  • Fluffs Cotton Pads - These are pretty much always in my Trash posts!  I like them, they do the job at an amazing price!  You can't beat $1.25 for 100 cotton pads.  Repurchase? ALways
  • Nivea Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes - I picked these wipes up on clearance at Shoppers Drug Mart to try out, I was thinking on doing a post on wipes at the time.  They were just ok, they did not have an texture to them and were not the most moist wipes I have found.  They do have a fragrance to them as well, not bad just you can definitely smell them.  Repurchase? Doubt it.
  • Bath & Body WOrks Gentle Foaming Hand Soap x2 - Another product that is usually in Trash posts!  Frosted Coconut Snowball has a sweet scent that I kind of got tired of by the end of the bottle, but it did make my hands feel great!  Eucalyptus Mint is a favorite of mine, and I love having it in the kitchen.  The scent is so refreshing, but I do find I need to use a moisturizer afterwards.  Repurchase? Eucalyptus Mint, definitely.  Frosted Coconut Snowball, maybe.
  • Sephora Rose Cleansing Wipes - I got these wipes during either the Black Friday Sale or Boxing Day, I can't remember which, in a value set.  I was hoping to like these wipes as I have seen that other people like them.  I, unfortunately, wasnt impressed.  They are fairly heavily fragranced, so if you aren't a fan of rose scent, I would not pick them up.  They started out nice and moist but that didn't last until the end of the package.  They also didn't have a texture them, so I didn't feel like they really got much off of my face.  Repurchase? Highly doubt it.
  • Lancôme High Résolution Refill -3X Triple Action Anti-wrinkle Cream - I am not sure when or where I picked up this deluxe sample, I am thinking it was a GWP though.  This creme is very fragranced!  Heavy on the floral scent?  I found it to be quite heavy so I only used it at night.  I did not notice any reduction in wrinkles, but my skin was very moisturized when I woke up, almost verging on greasy.  Repurchase? Doubt it.
  • Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution - I know a lot of people love this Micellar water and compare it to Bioderma so I had to try it!  I also really liked the pump packaging.  I did not find it to remove all my eye makeup though, I found that I would have to rub a little harder than I would like to get it off.  It did however do a fairly decent job on the rest of my face with a lot less rubbing than in my eye area.  Repurchase? Maybe? I was going by what the pump dispenser pumped out, maybe I needed to use more than that?
  • Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips x3 - I did manage to use these nose strips more frequently in June.  Even though I was able to remember to use them more last month I am still not the biggest fan of how they changed them.  I will be on the hunt for new nose strips now, the scent is just to much and I am not finding them to be as good as they used to be.
  • Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor refill - Again, always in Trash!  Not much to say other than I can't see myself buying anything other than these as they are just so easy to use in the morning!  Repurchase? Always

Next up is a couple of Make Up empties!

A deluxe mascara sample and  a Full Size lip liner!

A deluxe mascara sample and  a Full Size lip liner!

  • Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint - I had high hopes for this mascara.  But it just didn't live up to the hype I had read about it.  I found that it smudged within a few hours onto my under eye area, not a good look!  I tried a few different times, each with the same result.  I also found it dried out fairly quickly, but that may have been due to the packaging on the sample size.  It wasn't a twist off cap, instead it was a pull off one.  Who makes mascara samples like that?  The brush was also fairly hard and pokey.  Purchase? No
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Liner in Naked - I have had this lip liner forever!  Love the Urban Decay lip liners though!  They are very creamy and do not tug at all.  The lasting power on these is fairly decent as well, easily lasts most of the day.  The shade Naked is a neutral pink which I really liked wearing under most lipsticks.  Repurchase? Probably, I would like to get down in the lip liner stash before adding more in intentionally!

On to Home Fragrance.  I was home for quite a bit during June due to some personal reasons so I ended up buring more than usual.

My house smelled great in June!

My house smelled great in June!

Yankee Candle Votives -

  • Golden Sands - Love this scent in the summer, a nice lighter fresh scent.
  • Sunset Breeze - A slightly fruity scent, again a summer staple!
  • Guava Coconut Fusion - A new scent to me this year, I liked it!  Slightly fruity and slightly coconut!  A good mixture of them both.  I wish I had picked up a few more of this one.
  • Bahama Breeze - I love this scent and usually pick up a few each year, not sure why I didn't get more this year?
  • Coconut Beach- I LOVE this scent!  Just the right amount of coconut, not over powering, just right. Why didn't I get more?!
  • Summer storm - I little stronger, spicier scent.  Love this when the house has been closed up with the ac on for awhile.
  • Honeydew Melon - I thought I would like this one, when my mom was around we used to burn this type of scent alot.  It's not what I remembered, smelled almost like rotting melons, not a good scent!

Out of the 7 votives, I would repurchase all but Honeydew Melon.

Tealights - I am not sure of the scent on any of these tealights!  I found them in a box packed in ziplock bags.  None of them had much of a scent unless you stuck your nose pretty much over top of the candle while it was burning, not a good thing to do...  Would I rebuy any of them?  I doubt it, which is a good thing cause I don't know what they are!

Not a bad month of empties, no samples though!  I managed to use up a few full size products, and make a decent dent in the candle stash I seem to have accumulated.

Total of the products I have used up so far in 2017 -

  • Hair and Body care - 12  (61)
  • Deluxe/Travel size - 2  (23)
  • Home Fragrance -  10 (30)
  • Makeup - 1(13)
  • Tools - 0  (2)
  • Samples - 0  (48)

Trip Through My Trash - May 2017

I am so glad that June is almost over... I think June has been the busiest month yet for me and my family, so much going on and not enough time to do anything!  I had this post sitting since the first week in June, but due to unforeseen circumstances I am just getting it out now, sorry about that.  Here's hoping that July is a better month for us!  Or at least less stressful/busy.  

Anyway, here is my May Trip Through My Trash! 

A whole lot of Beauty Trash for May 2017.

A whole lot of Beauty Trash for May 2017.

I happily managed to once again use up quite a few products for the month of May, samples not so much!  Oh well, you can't get to everything.

First up as usual, Hair and Skin care empties -

Hair and Skin care empties for May 2017

Hair and Skin care empties for May 2017

  • L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Cleansing Conditioner - Not a fan of the scent on this!  It is VERY heavily fragranced, I am not usually bothered by scents but this one bothered me.  The product is great, but I can't get past the scent.  Repurchase? Not unless they get rid of the scent.
  • Fluffs Cotton Pads - One of my favorite Dollarama buys!  I go through one of these every month or so.  Not much else I can say about these that I haven't said before.  Repurchase? Always
  • Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes - A favorite Costco buy.  I think this is my last of the old packaging, I have picked up a box and they have changed the packaging, I hope they haven't changed the product.  Repurchase? Hopefully!
  • Bath & Body Works Fresh Sparkling Snow Body Cream - Another repeat empty that is in most of my Trash posts in some scent or other.  I really like the Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea 24 hour Moisture Body Creams, they have some great scents and absorb quickly into the skin.  Repurchase? Always 
  • Pantene Smooth & Sleek Finishing Conditioner - A conditioner before the shampoo?!  My daughter goes through conditioner faster than shampoo, I think she baths in it?! (kidding!)  I liked this conditioner, it did the job of helping get rid of tangles and smoothing my hair.  Repurchase? Maybe?  There are so many shampoo/conditioners to try!
  • Project Beauty Hairgurt Strawberry Banana Hair Masque - I got this in a BoxyCharm last year and have just finished it.  It was ok, not what I would consider a hair masque though.  It just didn't seem to be that moisturizing to me, more like a regular conditioner.  THe scent was ok, but the scent did get old smelling fairly quickly.  Repurchase? No
  • Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips x2 - Another Dollarama find that I used to really like.  I am trying to remember to use these more frequently.  They have changed these nose strips and I am not such a fan of the new ones, they have a really strange chemically smell to them now.  Repurchase? I don't think so, unless they change them again...
  • No 4 Non Aerosol Hair Spray - I got this deluxe sample of hair spray in a Birchbox, forever ago!  My granddaughter recently found this for me!  I had forgotten what I thought about it so I gave it a try!  Remember now why I hadn't been looking for it!  It smells like grass and leaves my hair a crunchy mess.  Needless to say this isn't empty but it is going into the trash.  Repurchase? NO
  • Schick Intuition Sensitive Care razor refill - What can I say, I like Costco!  I buy these razors at Costco and they are my razor of choice.  Repurchase? Always
  • Bath & Body Works Frosted Peppermint Hand Sanitizer - I like that the Bath & Body WOrks hand sanitizers can hang off of any anywhere, if you pick up the holder as well.  It makes it much easier to use when I am out and about.  The Frosted Peppermint is a great cooling fresh scent that I will use any time of the year!  Repurchase? Yes
  • fresh Rose Face Mask - This is an ok mask but I am unsure that I would spend the $30-75 CAD for a jar when I can get the Rose Mask from the Body Shop for $28 CAD.  The rose scent isn't to strong, just enough that it isn't overpowering.  My face does feel moisturized after using it but I find that the Body Shop one is just as good.  Repurchase? Doubt it, but I also wouldn't say no to more samples of it.
  • dr Brandt Microdermabrasion exfoliator - Another deluxe sample!  I like this exfoliator it does a great job without being to harsh, just enough grit to it!  Repurchase? I have a full size of this that I have gotten from Boxy Charm to use up plus a few other exfoliators before I will be needing to purchase anymore.  Repurchase? Maybe?
  • Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser - This has got to be one of the most gentle exfoliators that I have come across so far.  There is barely any 'grit' to it but it still manages to make your skin feel soft and clean.  Repurchase? Maybe? A lot of exfoliators to get through!
  • Purity Face Cleanser - My favorite face wash to use with Clarisonic!  I usually pick these up during Black Friday or Boxing Day and get enough to last me through the year.  Purity also does double duty as a great brush cleaner!  It does a great job of breaking up foundation off my brushes.  Repurchase?  Always, during the aforementioned sales.

Next a couple of Make up empties, my personal favorites -

A couple of Make Up empties for May 2017

A couple of Make Up empties for May 2017

  • Revlon Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener - WOW, do I ever feel dumb now!  I had just assumed that this was a concealer....  No wonder I didn't find it did much of anything for my undereyes!  I have had this forever and have been trying to use it up but just couldn't get it to work for me, now I know why!  Oh well, I guess I will have to actually read the products from now on.  Repurchase? Maybe now that I know what it is supposed to be used for.
  • Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder-Translucent - I have been using up this deluxe sample forever it seems.  A little of this goes a long way and you don't need very much at all.  It truely is translucent and does not give you a powdery look at all.  Works great as an undereye setting powder or as an allover face powder.  Repurchase? I already have another deluxe sample waiting!

Have a peek at what my house smelled like last month -

How my house smelled during the month of May.

How my house smelled during the month of May.

  • Yankee Candle-Tahitian Nights votive - I liked this scent quite a bit, slightly floral but with a hint of sweet? A bit of coconut maybe?  Whatever it is  I liked it!  Repurchase?  I already have few more.
  • Yankee Candle-Coconut Beach votive - THis has got to be my new favorite scent for the summer!  It is coconut scented but not overpoweringly so.  Even  my husband liked it and he doesn't like coconut.  Repurchase?  I may have to make a trip to pick up a few more.
  • Yankee Candle-Catching Rays small tumbler - I like the fresh scent of Catching Rays, I did not like all the black soot left on the jar though.  For some reason this tumbler didn't burn clean at all.  Repurchase? I have a few more left in votive size!
  • Yankee Candle-Honey Lavender Gelato votive - This is another new favorite this year.  I first picked this up as a car vent freshener and liked it so much I picked  up a few votives.  It smells just as great as a candle as it does in my car.  Slightly sweet but with a hint of lavender.  I am not usually a huge fan of lavender scented things but this candle I like, the lavender isn't that strong.  Repurchase? I have a few still.
  • Yankee Candle-Autumn Leaves votive - I'm not sure what it was but this scent got old very quickly even in a votive size.  It wasn't my favorite, maybe because I am looking for more of a fresh scent right now?  Repurchase? Maybe I will try it again in the fall.

A sad state of Samples, but I did manage to use a couple...

I was really slacking on using Samples in May

I was really slacking on using Samples in May

  • Gucci-Premiere- I think I remember liking this?  It obviously didn't leave to much of a lasting impression!  Purchase? Not sure...
  • Giorgio Armani-Si- One of my favorite scents, I have quite a few samples and deluxe samples of this still and so far it hasn't gotten old for me!  I may use my coupon from a scent sampler and get a full size of this one.  Purchase? Maybe
  • Elizabeth and James-Nirvana Black- Another scent that I seem to have quite a few of.  I also have a small rollerball of this one.  Not to overpowering but you can still smell it after a day at work.  Purchase? Another solid maybe.
  • bliss-Micro Magic- I liked this sample exfoliator, it had a good amount of grit and didn't irritate my skin at all.  Purchase? Maybe?

All in all, not a bad month for finishing up products and getting them out to the Trash/Recycle bin!  I am going to continue to plug away at using up some of Sample Stash as well as Full Size products, I find it so satisfying to use something up, how about you?  Do you like finishing up your products?

Total of the products I have used up so far in 2017 -

  • Hair and Body care - 11 (49)
  • Deluxe/Travel size - 4 (21)
  • Home Fragrance - 5 (20)
  • Makeup - 2 (12)
  • Tools - 0 (2)
  • Samples - 4 (48)

Trip Through My Trash - April 2017

I know I keep saying this, but I am sorry for being so erratic in my posting!  I am finally getting moved back into my office/makeup room so hopefully things will get back to normal(or some semblance of it!).  

I managed to use up quite a few products in April which is always satisfying to see!  It still surprises me that I can use up so much stuff in a month!  Some are always going to be repeats but sometimes there are a few new things thrown in there.

First up we have Face and skincare-

Face and Skincare empties for April.

Face and Skincare empties for April.

  • Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap - I used up a Honolulu Sun scent last month.  The scent was nice, not my favorite but it was ok.  Repurchase? Not sure about this scent.

  • Thayers Witch Hazel - I used up the Rose Scent which is my favorite I think so far.  I use this as a toner and it seems to be doing an ok job, I find that my skin feels cleaner, but not dry after I use this.  Repurchase? I already have.

  • Fluffs Cotton Pads - I pick these cotton pads up at Dollarama for $1.25 and they do a great job for me.  I have never had any issue with shedding and they don't seem to soak up all the product!  Repurchase? Already have.

  • Farmacy Brightening Hydrating Coconut gel mask - This is the last mask from the package I received in one of my subscription boxes!  The masks were ok, my face felt hydrated after using them but I didn't notice any brightening.  I didn't find that the mask fit my face the best, I had to lay down whenever I used them.  Repurchase? No I didn't notice enough of a difference to justify the price.

  • Neat & Easy Nose POre Strip - Another Dollarama find!  This do a good enough job of removing the gunk that can collect in the pores on my nose and for the price they work great.  They have changed them and I do notice that they have a stronger chemical scent now.  I may have to try out the Biore ones again to see if there is a difference now.  Repurchase? Maybe.

  • THe Body Shop Vanilla Chai Shower Gel and Body Gel-Lotion - I love the scent of these!  It smells just a little than a Vanilla Chai Latte from Starbucks.  The shower gel and lotion were a great combo and the scent did linger for awhile afterwards.  Repurchase? If they bring back this scent I will.

  • Peter Thomas Roth Ultra-Lite Oil-Free MOisturizer - I got this travel sized moisturizer in a favorites set, I think!  THey were not kidding when the said that this was a lite moisturizer.  I didn't find this was quite moisturizing enough for my combo skin during the winter months but it isn't to bad for the warmer months.  Repurchase? No, I have other moisturizers I like more than this one.

  • Pure+simple Sensitive Cleansing Milk - I won this from a giveaway from Classy On The Run, she is another great Canadian blogger!  I liked this as a morning cleanser more so than with my Clarisonic.  It did a decent job of cleaning my face in the morning but wasn't quite what I am looking for cleansing at night.  Repurchase? Not sure right now.

  • Intuition Razor Refill -  I am not sure what scent this one was in as it didn't have a label on it!  I pick up the refills at Costco and haven't found any that I don't like!  I love the ease of just shaving without having to use any creams at all.  Repurchase? Always

  • True Blue Refreshing Citrus Body Scrub - I wasn't a huge fan of this body scrub at all.  It seemed somewhat sticky and did not have a lot of grit to it.  The scent also reminds me of ENO, which always reminds me of being sick with a stomach bug when I was younger and my parents making me drink that stuff...gross!  Repurchase? Not likely.

Next up are Makeup empties ( to me the most interesting empties!) -

The illusive Makeup empties!

The illusive Makeup empties!

  • Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Marine Boosting Mist - I have used up another deluxe sample of this mist and still love it!  I have another Deluxe sample size left to use but I am seriously thinking on picking up the full size.  I use it as a face mist before/after I put on makeup and it feels so good!  Repurchase? Maybe.

  • touch in SOL Stretchex Mascara - Another product from a Favorites set!  I do love the Favorites sets that Sephora puts out!  I really liked this mascara alot, it didn't smudge or flake at all.  Which is what I tend to like in a mascara.  Repurchase? I have so many mascaras to use up that with my luck this will be discontinued before I need to actually pick one up!

  • Benefit Gimme Brow - I like Gimme Brow but I like the Essence brow gel better!  Gimme Brow is a good one if you don't already have fairly decent brows, the fibers really help with that.  but i would say if you just need to tint more than building volume, go for the Essence one!  Repurchase? Doubt it.

  • Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - I like the UD All Nighter Setting Spray, I do notice a diference when I don't use a setting spray.  The UD does a good job of helping my makeup last a little longer.  I did find that once I was about 3/4 of the way through the bottle that the spray wasn't as fine as it was in the beginning, it seemed to spray kind of splotchy.  It didn't get any better either, by the time I was almost done the bottle it was leaving drops on my face.  Repurchase?  Maybe. I am trying out a diferent setting spray right noe though.

  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - I was surprised at how much I liked this concealer.  It doesn't crease on my nor does it make my under eyes look older than they already are!  I do find that I need to use an corrector whenever I used this though, it didn't have quite enough coverage on it's own for me.  Repurchase? Probably, once I get through some of my other concealers.

  • ELF Lip Exfoliator - I have had this forever!  From what I can remember I really liked this lip exfoliator, especially as I didn't have to stick my fingers in a pot!  This one isn't really empty but it has gone very hard and is probably expired.  Repurchase? Maybe now that ELF is easier to get in Canada.

Next up is what my house smelled like for the month -

Home Fragrance empties, or what my house smelled like!

Home Fragrance empties, or what my house smelled like!

I only used up votive candles in April-

  • Yankee Candle-All Is Bright- I think I remember liking this!  It didn't leave a big enough impression on me I guess!  Repurchase? Maybe?
  • Yankee Candle-Autumn Leaves- Again, I think I liked it?  I didn't hate it, at least I don't remember hating it....Repurchase? Maybe?
  • Yankee Candle-Café Al Fresco-  I was not a fan of the scent on this one!  It was way to sweet, almost sickly sweet.  I didn't notice any scent of coffee at all.  Repurchase? No
  • Yankee Candle-Golden Sands- I love the fresh scent of this candle!  I am glad I have quite a few more of this one!  Repurchase? Probably, when I am need of some more candles!

The Bath & Body Works Wallflower in Celebrate was an ok scent.  Not my favorite, it didn't seem to have a strong enough scent to fill the basement where I tend to use them.  At first it had a slight Cinnamon scent but that seemed to fade really quickly.  Repurchase? Doubt it.

Now onto the Samples I used up!

A small amount of Skincare Samples.

A small amount of Skincare Samples.

  • Tatcha-Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder x2-This was really messy for me!  I think that the full size comes in a pot with a scoop?  That would make it less messy!  It was ok, I didn't find it was that great though, I was expecting more.  Purchase? Doubt it, I expected more for the price a full size product.
  • Tatcha-Pure One Step Camilla Cleansing Oil-  Another Tatcha sample that didn't impresses me as much as I had hoped for.  It did seem to do an o job of breaking up makeup but I couldn't use this near my eyes.  It gave me the dreaded cloudy vision!  Purchase? No
  • Origins-Ginzing Eye Cream-  I really like this eye cream, I have happily used up samples of this before.  The downside of it is the packaging of the full size, it's in a POT :(.  If this came in a tube I would happily buy this in a full size.  Until than I will happily use up any samples I get!  Purchase? If they ever change the full size to a tube!
  • Sunday Riley-Luna Sleeping Night Oil-  I unfortunately liked this oil!  I was hoping to not like it because of the price.  I did find it to be sticky when first applied but the stickiness went away, as did the blue tinge!  My skin felt fairly soft after using this and the next morning as well.  Purchase? Undecided right now, I do have a few more samples to use up before I need to make up my mind!
  • Caudalie-Premier Cru Eye Cream- I liked this eye cream as well, especially at night!  It was to heavy to use during the day but it felt great at night!  It takes quite a while to sink in and it does seem to stick around a long time.  Purchase? Maybe, if and when I ever finish the sample stash!
I tried out a few makeup samples from the ever growing Sample Stash

I tried out a few makeup samples from the ever growing Sample Stash

  • Clinique-Stay matte Oil-Free Makeup x2-  I was not the biggest fan of this foundation, it sat heavily on my skin and I could feel that I was wearing it all day.  It did however stay well on my oily nose!  This one may be better for oily skinned folks!  Purchase? Doubt it.
  • Giorgio Armani-Luminous Silk Foundation-  I liked this foundation well enough, it did have a nice glow to it at first.  Unfortunately my oily nose seemed to quickly eat up the foundation.  It did stay well everywhere else so I am guessing for people with either normal to dry would really like this one, not so much for oily-combination.
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment-Sugar Nude and Sugar Rose- I don't mind these samples, but I am not a fan of the little pod samples, finger thing again!  I preferred the Sugar Rose to the Nude shade, the Nude shade seemed to almost have glitter in it.  Purchase? I doubt it, I seem to have a ton of deluxe samples of these.
  • Marcelle-Ideal Skin Perfector-  I really liked this primer, it has a lotion consistency which spread well and sunk quickly into the skin without leaving a heavy feeling.  It didn't help much with pores but if you weren't concerned with them I think you may enjoy this one.  Purchase?   Maybe? 

Total of products used up for 2017 -

  • Face and Body care - 8 (38)
  • Deluxe/Travel Size - 5 (17)
  • Home Fragrance - 5 (15)
  • Makeup - 4 (10)
  • Tools - 0 (2)
  • Samples - 12 (44)

For the month of April I seemed to do a fairly decent job of getting through product.  I managed to use up a good amount of full size and samples.  Again a few favorites that are usually in my empties and a few new ones!  Some that I will repurchase/purchase, some I will not.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to a better posting schedule, or really just any schedule!, in June.  Here's hoping anyway!


Trip Through My Trash - March 2017

Again, its been awhile!  But, better late than never!  A lot has been going on in my personal life which has made it hard to find time to sit and write.  I have also been having issues with my eyes which sometimes makes it hard to sit in front of a computer.  I did however manage to use up quite a few products in March, still working my way through half used, back ups!  I am getting closer to having less of a 'Stash' sitting half used in cupboards/drawers which is making me happier.

Face, Hair, and Body care Trash for March 2017.

Face, Hair, and Body care Trash for March 2017.

In March I managed to use up a fair amount of Face and Skin care products!  Again a couple I have been working on for abit!

  • Nivea Body Wash - Care & Orange - I think it's safe to say that this is my favorite body wash from the drug store!  I am not sure how many of these I have gone through, but it has to be a lot.   I don't think there is much else I can say about this one, I love it!  Repurchase? As soon as I get through the 'stash'!
  • Fluffs Cotton Pads - Favorite cheap cotton pads!  At $1.25 at Dollarama I will always buy these.  Repurchase? Always.
  • Bath & BodyWorks Foaming Hand Soap - This hand soap is my hand soap of choice and I have one at every sink in my house.  The Frosted Coconut Snowball scent is a good one, not overly sweet.  Repurchase? In one scent or another, but only when there is a special.
  • Equate Make-Up Remover Cleansing Cloths - I wasn't the hugest fan of these wipes.  They did an ok job, just not the best.  Repurchase? Probably not
  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths - These cleansing cloths are nice and damp.  I prefer my cleansing cloths to be fairly wet, I just find that they do a better job of removing makeup with less rubbing.  Repurchase? These cloths are a maybe!
  • Joico Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray - This sample size lasted me forever!  You only need a small amount to give some hold.  I have always been a fan of Joico finishing products, I remember using Ice Mist when I would do updos for events, and the styles did not move at all!  Repurchase? Maybe!
  • The Body SHop Shea Body Butter - I really like the Body Shop Body Butter, especially in winter when my skin is drier.  I just wish it wasn't in a pot!  The Shea scent is one of my favorites, it is not as thick as some of the others.  Repurchase? Possibly next winter.
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Chia Body Butter - I loved the scent of Vanilla Chai.  It smells like a Vanilla Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks!  A little sweet with some spice.  This is also one of the thinner body butters from the Body Shop, which always are favorites for me.  Repurchase? If they have it again next year!
  • Lise Watier Hydraforce - This face cream had a light scent which I didn't mind.  I did find that it took quite some time to sink in though, over 15 min.  So this wasn't a face cream I could put on and go straight to bed.  I did find that my face felt moisturized when I woke up though, so it definitely did its job well.  Great moisturizer for the drier months, as long as you have the time to let it sink in before going to bed.  Repurchase? I am still on the fence about this one, I am still looking for a great winter time moisturizer.
  • Clinique Take The Day off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips - I have come to the conclusion that I do like a Dual phase makeup removers for my eyes!  They just seem to be able to easily get everything off with less tugging, which when you have gone past age 40 is an important thing!  The less tugging in that area the better.  Repurchase? Possibly, still like trying different ones!
  • Clinique take the day off micellar cleansing towelettes for face & eyes - These cloths were horrible!  So dry, i actually wet them with water...  They were also the tiniest face wipes I have ever used, I needed to use 2 to get the makeup off!  Repurchase? NO!
  • Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil - I enjoyed using the Argan Oil at night after washing my face.  I was worried that it would make my face feel more oily but it didn't, just nicely moisturized.  This deluxe sample lasted me forever as well.  I used a couple drops and it was enough for my face and neck area.  Repurchase? I am wanting to try argan oil form the health store to see if there is any difference.
  • benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - This is another deluxe sample that lasted me forever!  A little goes quite a long way.  I used this mainly at night as it was just a little to moisturizing for day use, my concealer would crease when I tried to use it during the day.  If only it came in a tube instead of a jar...Repurchase? Not likely, I am still on the hunt for a great eye cream that I don't have to stick my fingers into!
  • dr Brandt Microdermabrasion - I took out this sample size to use since I didn't want to se the full size I received in my Boxycharm if i didn't like it!  I have to say I did like it, not as much as Exfolikate though!  It is a bit grittier than Exfolikate.  I think it will be great to use in the warmer months when my face may be feeling like it needs a bit deeper clean.  Repurchase?  I have a full size plus another deluxe waiting in the wings!
  • Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Rose Nose Strips - I have fallen off the wagon using these again, I only managed to remember to use 1 last month.  I pick these up at Dollarama and do like them, they do as good a job I find as the Biore ones, but for a lot less money!  Repurchase? Always
  • Bath & BodyWorks PocketBac - The scent 'Energy' is a refreshing orange scent which I liked.  I alwasy have one of these in my purse t all times, especially during the winter months.  Repurchase? Always, on sale, ;)!
  • The Body Shope Pomegranate Firming & Refreshing Eye Roll-On - I think I picked this up a couple years ago and promptly forgot about it, oops.  I am out of day eye cream and have been pulling out ones from my stash to try out.  I am not a fan of this eye cream at all, it was way to drying for me.  My under eyes looked dry and crepy by lunch time whenever I used this.  I will be passing this on to my daughter, hopefully it will be better for her younger eyes!  Repurchase? NO!
  • Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head - I can't remember when I last changed the head on my Clarisonic!  I have been trying out the mini Foreo that I got in the Fall Sephora Favorites set and went to use this and noticed that the bristle were starting to come out!  I promptly placed n order for a duo pack of these!  Repurchae? As long as I use the Clarisonic!
Makeup Trash for March 2017.

Makeup Trash for March 2017.

I managed to use up a few makeup products!

  • benefit Roller Lash - I love deluxe sizes of mascara!  I never seem to be able to go trough a full size mascara in the time frame that you are supposed to use and toss, and toss something that isn't finished is hard for me!  I really like the Roller Lash and it is one that I may actually pick up full size!  Repurchase? High on the list.
  • Mac Fling Eye Brow Pencil - I have been using this eye brow pencil off and one since I first had it used me when my sister and I went to the Mac counter to get our makeup done for her wedding, 5 years ago!  Fling is the perfect shade for me and I love how it goes on.  Repurchase? I usually have one of these in my drawer.
  • Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner - I got this liner in a Sephora Favorites set, Bronze Bares All.  I really enjoyed using this one, it stayed put all day long!  I also liked that it had a sharp tip every time I opened it.  Repurchase?  Highly likely!
  • YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils - I had high hopes for this mascara, sadly it let me down.  It made my lashes look great wehn I applied it but promptly smudged onto my under eyes within an hour and continued to do so throughout the day.  I kept trying it out every week for a month with the same results each time.  Repurchase? Absolutely not.
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance - This is another deluxe/travel size sample that lasted forever!  I liked this eye primer, but I still had to use my Mac paint pot over top of it so I didn't get creasing.  But that is nothing new, I still haven't found an eye primer where I don't have to use the paint pot as well.  Repurchae? Maybe, I am stilll on the hunt for a primer that I can use alone!
Home Fragrance Trash for March 2017.

Home Fragrance Trash for March 2017.

As you can tell, I didn't burn many candles last month!

  • Bath & BodyWorks Wallflower - I didn't mind the 'Twisted Peppermint' scent, it wasn't overly sweet, but I would have liked a bit more mint to it.  Repurchase? Maybe?
  • Yankee Candle votive - I love the size of votive candles the best, I don't have time to get sick of the scent!  The Windblown scent is one that I like to burn anytime of the year, its  nice fresh scent that I haven't gotten tired of yet.  Repurchase? I already have!
  • Yankee Candle Car Vent - I really like the 'Catching Rays' scent.  It is a very fresh scent that isn't overpowering at all.  It smelled great in my car over the winter months when it is a little frowned upon to drive with the windows open to far!  Repurchase? I already have another scent in my car now.
Sample Trash for March 2017.

Sample Trash for March 2017.

I once again have been trying to make a conscious effort to use up some of my samples!  This seems to be going quite well!

  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment - I pulled out the sample card I had of these as I had a month thing going on and didn't want to contaminate my full size products!  This was the original, no color one, I like this but not sure I like it enough to pay the full price for them!  Purchase? Maybe in a value set?
  • benefit the POREfessional - Thought I would pull out this sample and try it again as I had forgotten what I thought about it.  I believe my thoughts were that I wasn't a huge fan!  Purchase? No
  • Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation - I wanted to try this out and finally remembered to pull it out!  THis is one serious full coverage foundation!  It gave me a completely flat blank canvas, nothing poking though.  I was surprised that I didn't feel this all day on my face, I did start to feel it towards the end of the day (after 8 hours).  Purchase? Maybe?  
  • Lancôme Visionnaire (1 Minute Blur) - This was just ok, not my favorite but definitely not the worst I have tried!  It does have a slight scent, but that quickly goes away.  Purchase? Maybe.
  • Kat Von D Lock-It Featherweight Primer x2 - I had been reading a little about this primer lately and remembered that I had a few samples of it so I decided to try it out.  I was surprised at how light this felt on my skin.  I was expecting to feel this and for it to be thicker, it was fairly thin, almost like a lotion.  I found that it did help my makeup last.  Purchase? On my list for when I get through some more stuff!
  • Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin-Fusion Foundation - I didn't want to like this....But I really did.  It is a very lightweight foundation that felt so great on my face!  It does have the characteristic Guerlain scent, so if you don't like scents you probably wont like this one.  This lasted all day for me to, which I wasn't expecting.  It also layered well to cover up a few dark spots I have.  Purchase? I want to but I don't want to!
  • Farmacy Eye Dew total eye cream - I really liked this eye cream, a little goes a long way.  But sadly it also comes in a pot.  Purchase? If it comes in a tube!
  • bliss fabulous makeup melt - Tried this and i like it better than oil cleansers!  This came out as a gel and than thinned right out once I started rubbing it in.  Purchase? Maybe.
  • PTR Irish Moor Mud Cleansing Gel - This was alright I guess, nothing spectacular.  It didn't make my face feel tight which is always a good thing.  Purchase? Maybe?
  • Kate Somerville Exfolikate - I had to use up a sample to compare it to the dr Brandt!  Love this stuff!  Purchase? I already have.
  • Still working on the Stash of Fragrance samples!  Of the 4 here I liked 2, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose and Viktor & Rolf Bonbon, one sweet and one spicy.  roberto cavalli and Invictus were to 'manly' and strong for me.

Total of products used up for 2017 -

  • Face and Body care - 12 (30)
  • Deluxe/Travel Size - 8 (12)
  • Home Fragrance - 3 (10)
  • Makeup - 2 (6)
  • Tools - 1 (2)
  • Samples - 15 (32)

I am quite happy with the amount of product I was able to use up during the month of March!  I found a couple of products that I am definitely interested in picking up full sizes of and a few that I will always use up.  Did you use up anything good or disappointing last month?  Any surprises?

March BoxyCharm - 2017 - Creepy Cute

My March BoxyCharm came in I believe on the 9th?  I was surprised at how quickly it showed up, they have been coming in earlier lately but that one was the earliest yet.  The theme for March was 'Creepy Cute', not sure what that has to do with the month of March but it is different.  In the March 'Creepy Cute' box I ended up getting 3 full size products, a travel size product as well as a my favorite thing, a brush! 

The March 'Creepy Cute' BoxyCharm contents.

The March 'Creepy Cute' BoxyCharm contents.

All the bright and bold shades in the March 'Creepy Cute' BoxyCharm.  Not bad for the $35.00ish CAD price tag.

First up, I believe everyone received the Naked Cosmetics Urban Rustic Palette with a retail price of $39.99 USD.  I think that price is a little inflated!  I am not sure it would be worth quite that much.

From BoxyCharm -  These colors offer a dramatic look when applied damp or with as eye base.  The colors have hints of green, bronze, purple, and brown.  #BoxyTip: Apply shadow to your lids to give your eyes a beautifully pigmented shimmer.  For more pigment, lightly wet your brush for an even more intense

These shadows are VERY pigmented!  I love the colors but will need to pull in more shadows from other palettes.

 Next we have the SS023 Deluxe Fan Brush from Crown Brush with a retail price of $18.99 USD.

From BoxyCharm - This Fan Brush features a large, fanned brushhead perfect for the soft application of powder products.  This brush is also great for dusting shimmer products onto skin.  #BoxyTip:  Gently dip brush across your favorite highlighters or powder, and dust across your cheekbones for beautiful, glowy effect.  Brush can also be used to buff our powders and bronzers.

This brush is so soft!  I was surprised to get a fan brush this month as it doesn't really go with any of the products we received.  But I love getting brushes!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, travel size.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, travel size.

Everyone also received the travel size of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer with a value of $16.00 USD.  This is one of the products where buying the travel size is actually a better value than getting the full size.

From BoxyCharm - This primer is the first product that was ever created at Smashbox photo studios L.A.  It instantly blurs fine lines and pores, leaving skin with a velvety-smooth, even finish.  THis classic Smashbox primer is the best way to start your makeup every day.  #BoxyTip: Using fingertips, apply a dime sized amount before makeup application.

Is it just me, or does using a dime sized amount of product seem like a lot?!  I know I have received samples of this primer before, but for the life of me, I can't remember what i thought about it!  Getting old sucks!  Good thing I am using an app now to keep track of my thoughts on products as I try them out!

I believe we all received this product as well, just different shades?  Lipliner by RealHer in the shade I Am Loved retails for $12.50 USD.

From BoxyCharm - A creamy lip liner that glides across lips to define your pout.  #BoxyTip: Exfoliate and hydrate lips prior to use for best application.  Outline lips with liner before applying favorite lipstick for a locked in look.

This shade is a little out of my comfort zone of pale neutrals!  It is a beautiful burgundy shade though.

And lastly, the Matte Liquid Lipstick by RealHer in I Am A Rockstar, retails for $15.00 USD.

From BoxyCharm - Lightweight formula glides onto lips leaving super intense color with a bold, ultra-matte finish.  Long wearing, and completely kiss proof, this bomb formulation helps to combat dryness and nourish your lips during wear.  #BoxyTip: After application, while still wet, resist urge to press lips together like conventional lipsticks.  This will allow for long-lasting look.  Avoid oily foods.

The shade I Am A Rockstar perfectly matches the I Am Loved lipliner!  Again though, WAY out of my comfort zone!  I am interested in trying this out though, the price seems fair to me if they perform well.

All in all, not a bad box this month!  Even though I am not sure what the theme, 'Creepy Cute', has to do with March!  I'll take it as I am hopeful that the products in the box are going to be good!  The retail value of this months box is $102.48, on the lower end of the scale so far.  But still a high value!

My thought on the products from the February 'Would You Be My Galentine?' Box are -

OMNIA Eye Kit- I found that the 'Shader Brush' was fairly large for it's intended purpose of placing shadow on the lid and instead have found it is great for applying a light crease shade and blending it out.  I haven't used the smudger brush yet as I rarely, if ever, b]put shadow on my lower lash line.  I will have to see if I can find another use for it.  Worth $29.99?  Not for me as I have only used the one brush, more like $10.

2 Eyeshadow pans from Makeup Geek- Of the 2 shades I received I have worn 'Prom Night' quite a few times on days when I wanted a fairly simple look and did a one shadow eye on those days!  I loved it for that.  I have only used the shade 'Cherry Cola' once, man is it pigmented!  For me this is more of a an evening shade.  Worth $12.00?  Definitely!

The Reflecting Gloss by juice Beauty-  The shade 'Fig' is a beautiful neutral shade!  This gloss is not a sticky gloss, which I was quite happy about.  I am not a fan of gloss, especially when it's sticky.  I found that when I wore this is wore ok?  It did not last that long on me, no where near the length of other lip products, but that is the nature of gloss, isn't it?  I would be interesting in trying out a shade that didn't have shimmer in it, I found that when the gloss wore off there was still shimmer on my lips.

Microdermabrasion by Dr Brandt- I have used this exfoliator in the past and enjoyed it.  It is a little more abrasive than Ekfolikate but I still like it.  I am not sure how people with sensitive skin would be able to handle this one.  I like how clean it makes my skin feel and will happily rotate this in my skincare routine.  Worth $79.00 USD?  I think if your skin can handle the exfoliation of this one it is a good option.

Small Z Palette by Z Palette-  I really like the smaller size of this palette, its great for single shadows.  You could make up a small palette to take on a trip and be able to have all the shades you would need without taking up a lot of space.  Worth $14.00 USD?  I am think that $14.00 is a fair price for the size of this palette as someone who goes on short trips would be able to easily take along their favorite shades in a compact case that is sturdy.

So there you have a quick look at what I received in my March 'Creepy Cute' Box as well as my thoughts on the February "Would You Be My Galentine?' box.  I am still happy with BoxyCharm and think they are well worth the price.

I hope that you are enjoying me revisiting my previous months box and getting to see my thoughts on the products I received.  It does make for quite a long post!  Sorry for the wall of text.


February BoxyCharm - 2017

The theme for the February BoxyCharm was 'Would You Be My Galentine?', which I thought was very fitting for February!  I was excited about most of the contents of the box!  But I also find that is true of most of the BoxyCharm boxes!  They rarely disapoint me!  This month I received eyeshadow, brushes, gloss, brushes!, and a z-palette.  Not bad for the $35ish CAD price tag.

The goodies inside the February 2017 BoxyCharm.

The goodies inside the February 2017 BoxyCharm.

I have been starting to get my BoxyCharm in closer towards the beginning of the month lately which is really nice!

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion.

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion.

First up everyone received a Full Size Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion!  This retails for $79.oo USD!  That alone makes this box worth it!  

From BoxyCharm - The original skin exfoliating procedure.  #BoxyTip:  Dampen Skin with warm water and gently massage cream onto skin for 1-2 minutes avoiding the eye area.  Rinse well, pat dry.  Best if used 1-2 times per week allowing 3 days between applications.

I have used this exfoliator before and liked it.  Now I can try it out against the Kate Somerville Exfolikate and see which one I like better.

Next is the Small Z Palette, this retails for $14.oo USD.  I think Z Palette is a tad overpriced for what it is. 

From BoxyCharm - Completely customizable, this Small Z Palette, made exclusively for BOXYCHARM, features as open-faced, magnetic base thats allows you to easily switch out shades and products as often as you like!  THis pint-sized Z Palette will fit just about anywhere and fits up to 9 standard-sized round pans.  #BoxyTip: Use this professional magnetic palette from Z Palette to store all of your favorite eyeshadow pans!

I personally, even before all the drama with Z Palette, would prefer to pick up the Make Up FOr Ever Magnetic palette, if of course, I could ever catch it in stock.  The MUFE palette is metal and just seems so much sturdier.  


2 Eyeshadow Pans from Makeup Geek, retail value of $12.00 USD ($6.00 USD each).

From BoxyCharm - A highly-pigmented, high-end shadow for half the price without sacrificing quality.  THis Makeup Geek eyeshadow can be used alone or placed in a Z Palette to build your own custom palette.  These buttery, smooth shadows are cruelty-free!  #BoxyTip: Blend out these smooth, buttery shades with your favorite eye brushes!  Mix and match the colors to create a look that's perfect for night or day.

I love that BoxyCharm has been sending out Makeup Geek products!  It makes trying them out so much easier for us Canadians.  I received the shades 'Prom Queen' and 'Cherry Cola'.  Prom Queen is a beautiful purple toned taupe and Cherry Cola is a deep brown shade with red undertones.

The Reflecting Gloss by Juice Beauty retail of $15.00 USD.

From BoxyCharm - Shimmer your lips in brilliant color with this Reflecting Gloss that contains a blend of organic antioxidant-rich acai & goji berries, minerals and sweet agave for the most brilliant shine on Earth.  #BoxyTip: Glide across bare lips or over Conditioning Lip for an instant kiss of color.  Perfect for everyday wear!

I am not a huge fan of Lip gloss, I find that they tend to be sticky and not last very long.  I received the shade 'Fig', which is a nice neutral shade.  I am glad to have gotten a shade that I can actually feel comfortable wearing!  I wish subscription boxes would send out more neutral shades when they send out lip products.  

Lastly we have the OMNIA Eye Kit by Royal & Langnickel with a retail price of $29.98.

From BoxyCharm - OMNIA GOld & ROse Gold Brushes were developed with the natural hair purist in mind and features meticulously selected natural hair of the finest quality for impeccable performance.  This luxurious hair allows the artist to precisely deposit powder product to specific areas of the face, and allows for the perfect absorbency and release for every application whether powder, liquid or cream product.  #BoxyTip: Use your BOM-40 Shader Brush to sweep the shadow across the eyelid and blend with ease.

I love getting brushes in my sub boxes!  I have found some really great ones, as well as some not so great.  Even the not so great brushes, I find you can still find a way to use them.  This brush set wasn't even released when I received my box, I love that we got to try out something that was brand new to the market.

THe February 'Would You Be My Galentine?' box had a retail value of $149.98 USD.  Thats crazy!  The Dr Brandt really upped the value of this box.

Here are my thoughts on the [products I received in the January 'And The Charm Award Goes To....' box -

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo - Has a fairly strong lemon scent, which I found to be a little weird for a dry shampoo!  It did do a fairly decent job on my hair with no white cast!  Would I pay $23.00 USD for it?  No, I have other dry shampoos I like better.

Vintage Highligther Double - I was not expecting to like this highlighter much as the first one we received from this brand I found to be chunky and not that smooth.  I am happy to say that I have been using the Rose Quartz shade almost everyday since I got it!  This Highlighter Double has a great smooth buttery texture that does not have any chunks of glitter in it!  Would I pay $35.00 USD for it?  Probably because it is as soft and blendable as my other highlighters and I have been getting a lot of use out of it.

PUR Mineral Glow Bronzer - I am also happy to say that the 'shine' I saw in the pan of this bronzer did not transfer to my face.  I have also been using this bronzer most days as well.  It gives some nice warmth to my face that it has been lacking during the long cooler months.  Would I pay $25.00 USD for it?  Yes, this bronzer blends like a dream and is a great shade my lighter skintone.

Crown Dix Soft Fan Brush SS017 - As I said I didn't have high hopes for this fan brush either, it seemed so skinny and floppy!  But it picks up just the right amount of product from the Vintage Highlighter! They were perfect to send out together.  I have been using this everyday as well with the Vintage.  Would I pay $12.99 USD for it?  No, I don't think this brush is worth that price but I would pay closer to $6 for it!

Purlisse Daily Lip Nourisher - I haven't even tried this Lip Balm out yet.  I have to many open at the moment and don't want to open another.  Would I pay $16.00 USD for it?  It will have to be a REALLY great lip balm for me to spend that much on one.

I think I got my moneys worth out of the January BoxyCharm, I regularly use 3 of the 5 products, and haven't tried out the fifth yet.  Who knows maybe I will really like it as well!

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I got in my February BoxyCharm as well as my thoughts on the products from the January box.  I think that after a month of having used the products I have a pretty good idea on my thoughts about them.

January BoxyCharm - 2017

I thought it best to get to my BoxyCharm boxes sooner rather than later, I received my March box yesterday!

Today we have the January 2017 BoxyCharm!  The theme for the January BoxyCharm was 'And The Charm Award Goes To...', I guess as award season was coming up?  I have been receiving my box near the middle of the month lately which is a welcome change!  I happily found a few products from this box which I have been using almost daily since I got them.  I even used the coupon code from this box to place an order from PUR.  

January 2017 'And The Charm Award Goes To...' BoxyCharm.

January 2017 'And The Charm Award Goes To...' BoxyCharm.

In my January BoxyCharm I received -

January 2017 'And The Charm Award Goes To...' BoxyCharm contents.

January 2017 'And The Charm Award Goes To...' BoxyCharm contents.

In my January 'And The Charm Award Goes To...' box I received a dry shampoo, brush, bronzer, duo highlighter, and a lip balm!

Oscar Blandi - Pronto Dry Shampoo.

Oscar Blandi - Pronto Dry Shampoo.

First up we have the Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo ($23.00 USD)- Pronto Dry Shampoo is the ultimate time saver - in a spray version.  It refreshes, revives, and rejuvenates the hair in a matter of minutes - no water or blow-dryer required.  I use dry shampoo at least once a week if not more, so I was happy to get to try a new brand!

Vintage - Highlighter Double - Chocolate Diamond & Rose Quartz.

Vintage - Highlighter Double - Chocolate Diamond & Rose Quartz.

Vintage - Highlighter Double - Chocolate Diamond & Rose Quartz ($35.00 USD)- Add a beautiful wash of color and subtle, sexy shimmer with this limited edition illuminating face highlighter set.  This is the second Highlighter we have received from BoxyCharm from Vintage.  I was not the biggest fan of the previous one but am hoping this one is a little different, not so chunky.

PUR - Mineral Glow Bronzer.

PUR - Mineral Glow Bronzer.

PÜR - Mineral Glow Bronzer ($25.00 USD)- Mineral Glow's micronized mineral powder has rich, golden undertones to add a sun-kissed contour to your complexion.  I was not a fan of this when I first opened it up, it seemed to have quite a bit of shine in the pan, not to mention it looked a tad warm.  I haven't tried much from PUR so I was still interested in trying this out.

Crown - Soft Fan Brush SS017.

Crown - Soft Fan Brush SS017.

Crown - Crown Dix. Soft Fan Brush - SS017 ($12.99 USD)- A soft fan brush designed for light powder applications for all over the face as well as along the neck and décolleté.  I was not to impressed with this fan brush when I first saw it.  It looks so skinny, not very fluffy at all!  I did not think it would pick up much product at all.

Purlisse - Daily Lip Nourisher.

Purlisse - Daily Lip Nourisher.

Purlisse - Daily Lip Nourisher ($16.00 USD)- This advanced treatment lip nourisher enriched with Mango & Shea Butters, Jojoba & Rice Bran Oils and Vitamin E richly hydrates and seals in moisture.  Another lip balm!  I have such a huge back log of lip balms that I know I won't be able to get to this to soon!  But it never hurts to have a few extra, they seem to go missing all the time.

BoxyCharm gives you 'Boxy Tips' for each product they send you on the same card that gives you information on the products.  I think it's a great idea to give you an idea of what you can use the product for, maybe they have different ideas!  Would it be interesting to you to see those as well?

The January 'And The Charm Award Goes To...' BoxyCharm comes in at a value of $111.99 USD!!  Not to bad for a $26.oo USD investment.  BoxyCharm is $21.00 USD a month plus a $5.00 USD shipping charge for Canadians.  It has been coming to under $35.00 CAD with the way the Canadian dollar is lately.  I have never felt that BoxyCharm was not worth the price, which I was starting to find with other subscription boxes.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?  What do you like about them?

Trip Through My Trash - February 2017

I thought before I got to the Boxy Charm boxes I would get up my Trip Through My Trash for February.  Almost on time!  It is so satisfying to get rid of the trash at the end of the month!  I am hoping to get up the Boxy Charms shortly, I am expecting another one in soon!

I am slowly making my way through some of the half empty bottles of product that have been cluttering up under my skin in the bathroom.  I won't be picking up anything new in quite a few categories (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body scrub, etc!) until I get through these!

February 2017 Face & Body care Trash.

February 2017 Face & Body care Trash.

It looks like I used a lot of shampoo and conditioner last month, but they were almost empty!

  • TRESemme Expert Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - Now this is how shampoo and conditioner should always come!  When the shampoo and conditioner are the same size bottle I always end up with shampoo still left after the conditioner is gone!  Not with this set.  Also I love it when they come with a pump!  This was also the one were you used the conditioner first and shampoo second,  it worked really well.  I had more body and my hair did not feel heavy at all, it also wasn't frizzy which is what I thought would happen.  I have tried doing this with other shampoo and conditioners and it generally works the same way.  Maybe it's a better way to wash my hair?!  Repurchase? Maybe
  • Fluffs Cotton Pads - In most empties!  What can I say, they are cheap and they work....Repurchase? Always
  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths - I still have quite a few packs of these left....I have used them for my face, they are alright. I do like that they are textured, the texture seems to help get makeup off to me.  Repurchase?  I still have quite a few packs, we will see.
  • Marc Anthony bye.bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner - I am not even sure how long I have had this set....I think I bought it when I did a Keratin Straightening treatment on my hair a few years ago....  They had a nice scent, not overpowering and not floral!  They did a good job of getting my hair clean and not weighting it down.  Repurchase? I'm not even sure I can?
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + -  I have been using this moisturizer for quite a few years and have gone through quite a few bottles.  During the winter it is able to keep my face moisturized enough and isn't to heavy for the summer.  For me it is just a great all around moistuizer!  Repurchae? Always
  • Bath & BodyWorks Mahogany Teak Wood Foaming Hand Soap - There is usually at least one of these hand soaps in my empties in some scent or other!  Mahogany Teak Wood was a nice scent, not to masculaine just the right mix!  Repurchae? In one scent or another!
  • Olay Eyes Depuffing Eye Roller - This was a nice morning eye cream, or at least thats what I used it for!  It was just enough moisture that my concealer didn't crease nor did it go crepey!  I found that the cooling roller balls really only stayed cool for one eye though.  I didn't notice a lot of depuffing, I think because it didn't stay cool.  Repurchase?  Maybe?
  • The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion - I kept this at my desk t work and it worked great as a hand cream.  It didn't stay greasy and you could actually feel it soaking in, especially after using hospital hand sanitizer...  Repurchase?  As soon as I get rid of some of the backlog...or maybe sooner, especially since I can use it at work!
Sadly I need to toss a brush, Makeup Trash.

Sadly I need to toss a brush, Makeup Trash.

I used up 2 deluxe size samples of primers in February!  And sadly, a brush.

  • Hourglass Veil Primer - I have used up another deluxe size sample of the Hourglass Veil primer.  And while I like it, it is fairly moisturizing, I have decided after this sample that it isn't my favorite.  I think it would be great if you have dry skin, but for combo/oily its not the best.  Repurchase?  Not right now, maybe if my skin went back to dry.
  • Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer Mood Light - Could this primer have any longer of a name?!  This primer I did really enjoy!  I found it gave a really nice glow to the skin, especially under more matte finish foundations.  My skin looked glowy, not oily whenever I used this.  I looked it up on the Sephora site and it is $52.00 CAD for 1oz.  A little on the pricer side but I did really enjoy it.  Repurchase?  Maybe, when I use up some of what I have already!
  • Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush - I have had this brush for a few years now and it was my favorite for applying cream shadow.  I used this everyday to apply my Mac paint pot.  It has started to shed really badly and the bristles actually come right out of the ferrule.  Repurchase?  Maybe if I can get it singly.
What my house smelled like in February.

What my house smelled like in February.

As you can see by the picture 1 candle is barely burned and one still has a lot of wax left in the jar.  Not the best month for candles!

  • Yankee Candle - Honey Clementine - I really like the scent of this candle but I have figured out that every time I burned this candle I was having really bad headaches, to the point I was laying down to try to get rid of them.  So sadly, I won't be burning this anymore and instead will see if my sister or a friend wants it.  Repurchase?  Not in this scent.
  • Yankee Candle Line-Dried Cotton - If you like the smell of fresh out of the dryer clothes, this is the candle for you!  It smells just like fresh washed laundry, a nice clean, fresh scent.  Repurchase? Maybe.
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Candle - I love the scent of this candle.  It is a little sweet and a little spicy, just perfect!  It smells like a Chai latte with a shot of vanilla, yummy!  I am not sure why it ended up burning so weirdly though.  There is still a lot of wax in the jar but the wick is done.  Repurchase?  I might try another candle, but I definitely wouldn't pay full price for one.
A very small Sample Trash.

A very small Sample Trash.

A basically forgot about using samples last month!  I was to busy trying to use up half empty full size products!  Of course I used up a Kate Somerville Exfolikate, love this!  I tried out the Tata harper Regenerating Cleanser, it was ok, I would need to use it a few more times to decide if I would buy it though.  The bliss fabulous makeup melt did a great job of removing my makeup and I liked the thicker consistency of it.  I may pick this up once I get through some more of my backlog...

Total of products used up -

  • Face and Body care - 10 (18)
  • Deluxe/Travel Size - 2 (4)
  • Home Fragrance - 3 (7)
  • Makeup - 0 (4)
  • Tools - 1
  • Samples - 4 (17)