Benefit BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara

I know the Benefit BADgal Bang! mascara isn’t a new mascara by any stretch of the imagination, but I still decided to pull it out of my stash and give it a try.

Benefit-Bad Gal Bang MascaraDSC02742.jpg

I pulled out the Benefit BADgal Bang! mascara to try out, not expecting to much. I was very pleasantly surprised! Here is what the Sephora site has to say about the BADgal BANG! mascara - An up-to-36-hour, full-blast, volumizing mascara that layers easily to build massive volume without weighing down lashes. BADgal BANG! creates massive volume. The gravity-defying formula builds volume the more you layer, and contains aero-particles, one of the lightest materials from space technology. Its custom Big Slimpact! Brush is designed to reach every lash for big volume with 360-degree reach.

Benefit-Bad Gal Bang MascaraDSC02746.jpg

I usually like a more natural bristle brush but even though this has a plastic, almost pokey looking wand, I have really been enjoying it. I have not poked my eye yet! The bristled are close together and they haven’t felt hard or pokey at all, the bristles really seem to grab the lashes and make it so easy to coat the lashes.

As you can see from the above pictures, my lashes are so light as to be almost non-existent without mascara on them. I love the look I get when using the Benefit BADgal Bang! mascara, my lashes look long and thick without a clump in sight. I was asked one day if I had eyelash extensions my lashes looked so long. I don’t find that the mascara smudges easily at all either. It isn’t a waterproof formula but I don’t get any racoon eyes for at least 8 hours, if not more. Even though the mascara doesn’t smudge, it isn’t that hard to remove at the end of the day which is nice.

Have you tried the benefit BADgal Bang mascara? How did you like it?

5 Products I've Hit Pan On

I thought it would be fun to do something a little different, and check out the products I have actually hit pan on.

Products I've Hit Pan OnDSC02506.jpg

5 Products I’ve Hit Pan On

The products that kind of sparked this post was hitting pan on 2 shades in the Dior mini quint and the 2 blushes. I was surprised to see pan on a full size blush, I guess I shouldn’t have put off picking it up for so long! With all the eyeshadow palettes that I have, I can’t believe I hit pan on not just one shade but 2 in a mini palette.

Products I've Hit Pan OnDSC02509.jpg

Quite a bit of pan showing on most of these products. The 3 face products I have had for about 4 years, and I know I probably shouldn’t still be using them! I am the only using them though. The eyeshadows are probably just over a year old I think so thats pretty good!

I have hit pan on 3 face products, which is surprising to me. I have had pan showing on the Benefit ‘Hoola’ bronzer for quite some time, I think that bronzer will last forever! I had put it in a project pan from 4 years ago…. I probably shouldn’t still be using it, but it hasn’t changed at all yet. I still use it as a light contour on my cheeks and thats about all. Too Faced ‘Baby Love’, is one of my favourite blushes to use when I am not sure what I want to use, it is just one of those shades that go with anything. I don’t use the Too Faced blush anymore though, what is left in the pan just seems to flake out of the pan whenever I use it now. I have used ‘I will Always Love You’ as well as ‘Love Hangover’, just no where near as much. Tarte ‘Exposed’ is another favourite blush shade to use when I am not sure what shade I want to use! ‘Exposed’ is the biggest surprise to have hit pan on out of the face products though, its a full size one and there is ALOT of pan showing on that one. It took me forever to pick up this blush, even though I had been saying for quite some time that I wanted it, I’m glad my sister told me to just pick it up already.

I am so surprised that I have hit pan on 3 eyeshadows! The Dior quint in ‘Undress’ is only a mini sample size but the Wet N Wild is a full size. The Dior quint is one I was wanting to pick up during a SDM Bonus Redemption but they were sold out of this one, but they had this little one with a Mascara so I picked it up. I obviously like it though! This is a perfect set of shades for a more natural everyday work eye look. I pull this one out whenever I am in a rush and don’t want to think about what I want to do with my eyeshadow. I do find that I have to build up the shades more so than other shadows, but like I said I always pull this one out when I am rushed, it is just the perfect mix of shades that are so easy to wear. I do use this mini with other single shadows as well, I especially like to use it with the Laura Mercier Cavier shadow sticks! Wet N Wild in ‘Brûlée’ is the shadow I use everyday to set my eye primer, it is the perfect shade for me. There isn’t much I can say about Brûlée that you probably haven’t already heard before. This shadow stays on my desktop so its always handy for everyday use.

The one take away that I have from seeing the products I have hit pan on, is that if I keep going back to a product and wanting it for awhile, there is a reason for that! All of the products that I hit pan on are ones that I use at least once a week if not more. I can see myself picking up another Tarte blush in Exposed when I run out of the one I have. I was going to say that I would pick up the Dior quint, until I saw how much it is…$77.00 CAD!! I think that is a tad high for 5 shades, I’ll maybe wait for another bonus redemption weekend at SDM to pick it up!

Have you hit pan on anything recently? Were you surprised by anything? Let me know.

Trip Through My Trash September 2019

Time for another Trip Through My Trash. It still surprises me how many products I end up using up in a month.

Trip Through My Trash September 2019DSC02461.jpg

Trip Through My Trash

September 2019

I used up quite a few products last month, and only 2 tosses! I am still trying to find time to go through my makeup as I keep finding products that have gone bad on me.

Trip Through My Trash September 2019DSC02468.jpg

As per usual, the Hair/Skincare/Bodycare section has the most products in it! Only 1 toss in this bunch.

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo- OMG. the scent on this is wonderful! It smells like a coconut cream pie. I don’t think I have ever tried a shampoo from this line before, but I did really enjoy using this one! The scent is great and the product does a good job as well. It cleaned my hair well and didnt leave it feeling weighed down at all. Repurchase? Quite possibly.

TRESemme Deep Cleanse Shampoo- I picked up this shampoo in the clearance section at Shopper’s hoping it would be a replacement for the Pantene weekly clarifying shampoo that I can’t find anywhere. Sadly it isn’t a replacement. I didn’t get that completely cleansed feeling on my hair after using this one at all, for me it was more like a regular shampoo, it may have gotten a bit more out but it isn’t my favourite Pantene. Repurchase? Nope

Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes- I have used up plenty of these face wipes and I do like them! I haven’t been using them much lately as I am working on going through some cleansing balms that I have as my first cleanse and than wiping that off with a baby wipe. But if you are in the market for a decent facial cleansing cloth I would definitely recommend picking these up at Costco. They work really well and are great price. Repurchase? Possibly once I finish up what I have.

Earth’s Nectar Honey Curls- I really liked using this curl definer, especially after I got my hair cut! It does a great job of defining my wavy hair without leaving it crunchy and hard. I did get this from a curly hair sampler from Ultra so I am not sure if I can easily get it here in Canada. Repurchase? Maybe, I am hoping to try out the DevaCurl I picked up soon.

Milk Shake Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner- OMG. Worst shampoo and conditioner ever. First off, there was nothing energizing about the scent, it was a kind of nothing scent wise. But where it really gets bad is later on in the day. My hair has never looked greasy and flat like it did with this stuff. I washed my hair in the morning and used my regular styling products and by the end of the day it looked like I hadn’t washed my hair in days. I had to wash my hair again the next day, which I never have to do. I can usually get at least 3 days before I have do something. Purchase? Never.

Briogeo Roscarco Shampoo and Conditioner- There was enough in the sample to wash my hair one day and use the conditioner for 2 days. They are both great, just not sure about the cost. I like to use a deep conditioner after doing my weekly deep cleanse on my hair and the conditioner in this sample works great. Purchase? Maybe

Erborian Creme Scrub- If you like to be able to feel the grit in a face scrub, this is a good one. It is not as abrasive, to me, as the Dr Brandt one, but you can still feel it in there. I didn’t have an issues while using it, my skin felt great each time, soft and clean. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can buy this scrub anymore. Purchase? I don’t think I can.

Flexitol Lip Balm- I have had this lip balm around for awhile, I found that I could only really use it at night or if I wan’t planning on putting anything more on my lips for the day. It does a great job of moisturizing your lips and sticks around for awhile as well. It would be great to put on before going ut in the winter to play in the snow! My only issue is that when I was about halfway through the tube the tube cracked right below the nozzle. Once that happened the product started coming out from there instead of the tip. Because of that issue it quickly became a nighttime balm, it was to messy to use otherwise. Repurchase? Maybe?

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7%- I have used up this toner before and I do like it. I find that I can’t use it every night, my face tends to get really red if I do. But it does work really well when I use it every 3rd night. Repurchase? Already have!

Schick Intuition Razor refill- Not going to say much about these, they are in ever Trip Through My Trash! Repurchase? Always

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil- Sadly this is not the oil for me. I was using this at night and each morning I would wake up with a new friend on my face. It seemed to take awhile to sink into the skin as well, not my favourite. Purchase? Nope.

Trip Through My Trash September 2019DSC02465.jpg

Both of these products are tosses for me, both being old but I did get quite a bit of use out of them. I can’t even remember when I picked up the Mac Pro Longwear Foundation, it had to have been quite a while ago though. I went to use it last week and it completely settled into my pores and just looked horrible no matter what primer, or even no primer, I tried it with. The bottle is halfway empty though so I obviously liked it at one point, not anymore though. I will empty the bottle out though and save it for a Back To Mac. The Quo mini sponge has just gotten old and its time to replace it. Whenever I wash it it just ends up staying in a weird shape, not bouncing back to the regular egg shape. I do have a couple more of these left from a set I picked up last year? so I am good for awhile yet.

Trip Through My Trash September 2019DSC02472.jpg

I used up the last of the Yankee Candle tea lights that I had, again they were ok but I couldn’t tell you what the scent of them were. The 3 votives I burned are all ones that I like, they all fill the room with scent. I am almost through my candles and am looking forward to picking up a few new scents, and maybe some new brands to try.

So thats what I used up in September, still very slowly going through what I have. The good thing about using up my stash, I have found some good things! Have you used up anything good lately? Anything really bad? Let me know.

New In For September 2019

I picked up a couple of new things to try out and 1 that I haven’t had in a bit now. I also just noticed that I picked up something for eyes, skincare and haircare! So not all makeup related products. I am trying to think through purchases before picking things up, I do really need to go through what I have more.

First up, I picked up the Thayers Witch Hazel Facial Toner in the Rose Petal scent at Winners for $3.00 cheaper than it is most other places. I have used up quite a few bottles of this toner before and do really like it. I was in Winners looking for a wallet and purse and that section just so happened to be right next to the beauty section! I found a wallet but no purse yet and spotted the toner and decided to pick it up as well. Surprisingly there was also a lot of makeup, but I didn’t pick up anything else!

I have been eyeing the ELF - The New Classic s for awhile now and finally decided to just pick it up. It was $13.97 at Walmart, which is a pretty good price for an 18 shade eyeshadow palette. I know that I have all these shades in other palettes but they are the shades I wear pretty much daily. I haven’t tried much from ELF, and what I had tried was years ago! I had heard quite a few YouTubers talk about how good this palette was so thought it would be a good one to try.

And lastly, the DevaCurl - Curls-on-the-Go set. I finally got a haircut a couple weeks ago, took off almost 12 inches! I have been looking for a product, or 4 that would help get my waves looking more defined and remembered hearing about DevaCurl a while ago. I was going to pick up a travel size of the Light Defining Gel but than my sister noticed this set, which really wasn’t much more in price anyway, so I decided to try the system. Here’s hoping its good!

Did you pick up anything you have had your eye on for awhile lately? Did it live up to your thoughts? Let me know.

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette - Glambition 720

I am finally getting around to letting you know my thoughts of the Marc Jacobs 720 Glambition Eyeshadow palette that I picked up in March of 2018! If you are interested in what else I had picked up then you can find it here.

Everything about the Marc Jacobs palette Glambition is beautiful!

Everything about the Marc Jacobs palette Glambition is beautiful!

I picked up the Marc Jacobs Glambition palette with money I had received from Ebates, now Rakuten, last year. I had decided to pick up a product that I wouldn’t normally have paid for, I like to do that with ‘extra money’, whether it is Shoppers Bonus Redemption or Rakuten money. The palette has a hefty price tag at $65.00 CAD, which is pricey for a 7 shade eyeshadow palette. It is a beautiful looking palette though!

Here is what the Sephora website has to say- ‘A long-wearing eyeshadow palette that features seven shades, including four fashion finishes, velvet, satin, silk, and lamé—to layer and dress your eyes.’ Each palette features its own shade personality. Glambition (bare and bronze): She was infamous, known for seeking the most over-the-top glamour.

The shades included in the Marc Jacobs 720 Glambition palette are - She Was (ivory with shimmer), Infamous (nude matte), Known For (golden copper metallic), Seeking (cool brown matte), The Most (pink metallic), Over The Top (chocolate brown matte), Glamour (black with shimmer).

A beautiful selection of neutral shades.

A beautiful selection of neutral shades.

I, of course, picked up the most neutral palette of the bunch. If I was going to pick up a palette that was that expensive I wanted one that I would get a lot of use out of. I have been using this palette for quite a while now and I can say that it was worth the $65.00 CAD price tag. I use the palette all the time, at least a few times a month. I have used all the shades and only have run into an issue with ‘Glamour’. When I use ‘Glamour’ it is usually as liner on my upper lash line, it tends to have quite a bit of fall out for me when I use it with a liner brush. ‘She Was’ has only the slightest shimmer to it so I tend to use it as a brow bone shade. ‘Infamous’ is a perfect crease shade for me to blend out and other shade, it is just slightly darker than my skin tone. ‘Known For’ is a beautiful warm copper shade that I tend to use as a lid shade. ‘Seeking’ is the shade I use mostly in the crease to deepen it up a bit. ‘The Most’ is another beautiful shimmer shade for the lid. ‘Over The Top’ is another beautiful lid shade, it has the slightest pink tint to it that I love. ‘Over The Top’ is the shade I tend to use to line my upper lash line and than I like to just slightly blend it up a bit into my crease to darken that up.

Every shade in the Marc Jacobs Glambition Eye-Conic Multi-Finish eyeshadow palette are soft and pigmented. They all blend out easily, even Glamour which surprised me. Do I think the palette was worth $65.00 CAD? For me, it was. I use this palette all the time and love how easily it blends out as well as every look that I have created with it. I am glad that I picked up the palette that I would get a lot of use out of. I do have my eye on a couple other Marc Jacob palettes, namely Fantascene and Steeleto, I will maybe pick one up during the next Sephora sale…

Trip Through My Trash August 2019

That time of the month where I get to see what has been collecting in the bag under my sink in the bathroom as well as the pail on my desk!

Trip Through My Trash August 2019DSC02254.jpg

Trip Through My Trash

August 2019

I was surprised at the amount of products I used up in August. You may notice there are quite a few mini mascaras, all 5 are tosses sadly.

Trip Through My Trash August 2019DSC02271.jpg

2 repeats and 1 toss for Bath & Body in August.

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner- I had read about using apple cider vinegar, mixed with water, as a toner and decided to give it a try. I did notice a difference in the size of my pores after using it! It did really seem to make a difference for me. But I have to say, this REALLY stinks! The smell does hang around for about half an hour as well. But I can get past that for having slightly smaller pores. Repurchase? Well seeing as I have a huge bottle of apple cider vinegar to use up, to anytime soon. I have mixed up another bottle though.

B&BW Winter Creamy Luxe Hand Soap- One of the last bottles of hand soap from B&BW! This hand soap was ok, it did what it needed to do with a decent scent. Repurchase? Maybe? I am planning on trying out some different hand soaps, looking for anti-bacterial for the kitchen.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask- I have gotten these eye masks in previous Boxy Charm. I used this set up when I was getting ready for my nieces wedding. I notice that when I use them it really does help the puffiness under my eyes, unfortunately it isn’t very long lasting and so I use them whenever I am going somewhere special. I love that these stay put on my underlies so I can actually move around and do other things while they are on. Repurchase? I might, once I finish up the others I still have.

Intuition Razor refill- One of my repeats! I always pick up these razor/refills at Costco, not having to mess with more than 1 product at 430 am is worth every cent! Repurchase? Always

Calgon Ageless Bath Exfoliating Mineral Scrub- My second repeat! I have been picking up this body exfoliator for a few months now and do really like it. The price however went up by $3 when I went to pick it up, so if you saw my New In post, I am trying a new one now. Repurchase? Possibly?

Sephora Honey Lip Scrub- I picked this up on a white last year and finally finished it! It is a good, very light, daily lip exfoliator. It doesn’t have a very scrub-y type texture, great for when you just need a light scrub. Some days it seemed more like a balm than scrub though. Repurchase? I did pick up another one in Peppermint to try.

Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum- Not quite sure where I picked up this sample…. It was ok, it did feel slightly sticky for a bit though. It had a very light citrus scent, nothing that lingered nor was very noticeable. Purchase? Maybe?

B&BW Aromatherapy Focus Candle- This one is in the wrong picture! I liked the scent of this one, it had a slight tea scent to it. My husband however did not enjoy it as much! The scent did flow throughout the house as well which was nice for me! Repurchase? Probably not, because my husband doesn’t enjoy it.

Clean & Clear Soothing Eye Makeup Remover- I picked up this eye makeup remover to try out when I ran out. Unfortunately it wasn’t my favourite. I found that I had to rub my eye area a little harder than I would like, even without using a waterproof mascara. It also seemed to leave a bit of a film on my eyes. Repurchase? Nope.

Tarte Brighter Days Moisturizer- Not going to say much about this one, but it is a toss for me! If you’d like to read my thoughts on it you can find my review here. Repurchase? Nope!

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate- Another deluxe sized sample! I forgot just how much I like the feel of this serum! I have previously used up a few more of these. I do really like this serum, it feels great on my skin. I don’t think have used it for long enough to notice a difference, I may pick up a full size when I use up what I have. Repurchase? Quite possibly.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black- I have had this perfume for way to long! I do really like it though! I got this perfume in a Sephora Favourites set forever ago and just now finished it. The scent was somewhat light but had great staying power on my skin, I could still smell it at the end of the day, even now when I happen to be having tropical moments more frequently. Repurchase? I would love to but it appears to have been discontinued.

Blendercleanser Solid- These deluxe samples of brush/blender cleanser last forever. I have been using this one for a few months, and I am pretty good about washing my brushes weekly! I liked it, but I don’t notice a difference between it and the Sephora brand one. Purchase? Doubt it, but I also wouldn’t say no to using it again.

TBS SatsumaShower Gel- I love the scent of the Body Shop Satsuma, it is a beautiful sitcom scent that is great in the morning. I enjoy the Body Shop shower gels, they don’t leave my skin feeling dry at all. Repurchase? Maybe?

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment- This eye cream was ok, nothing stood out to me while I was using it. It almost seemed to be drying a bit? My eye area was dryer while I was using it. Purchase? No

Sadly all 5 of these mascaras are tosses for me. The 2 Buxom ones smudged on me within 4 hours of wearing them. I liked the formula of the Givenchy Noir Couture, it didnt smudge at all on me. The problem was the brush on it, it is shaped like 3 balls! I found that I really had to be finicky to get all my lashes coated with mascara. The Milk Makeup one had the same type of brush but it also smudged on me. I had pulled out the Bars one as I have used it before and remember liking it. When I twisted the cap of to use it though, the brush was broken and stuck inside the tube.

I am not even sure how long I have had the Clinique Chubby stick, when I opened it I got a strong plastic/crayon scent so its getting tossed. I used up the Milani Eyeshadow Primer completely! I did like it but I do still have to use it with the Mac Paint Pot in Painterly to keep my shadow from creasing. I will probably pick up another one, once I finish up the other 5 I have waiting to be used.

Trip Through My Trash August 2019DSC02258.jpg

I really slacked on using foil samples in August and only managed to use up 3. I have used the Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask and while I do like it, I am not so sure its worth the hefty price tag. Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub was ok but I found it kind of messy. It comes out as a powder that you mix with water before using it to wash your face. It did an ok job, but I want a fan of the format. Clinique Pep-Start Exfoliating Cleanser was an ok exfoliator, it wasn’t that rough feeling on my skin which I liked. I do have quite a few other exfoliators to use up so I may or may not get a full size.

Trip Through My Trash August 2019DSC02263.jpg

And lastly, we have a trio of tea lights that I used up in August. The 2 green tinged ones are Bahama Breeze and the white one is another unknown. I like Bahama Breeze but these tea lights didnt seem to have the amount of scent I am used to, maybe because I have had them for awhile. The unknown one I had to have my nose almost on top of it while it was burning to smell anything and even then I barely got a hint of something sweet.

One thing I am finding out, that if you have product sitting around for to long, they either lose their scent or change in some other way. I am finding that it was probably past time that I slowed down on picking up every new thing that came out and started using what I already have. Its ok to have backups but not so many that the product changes on you. Going forward I think I will continue trying to use up what I have and really think about whether or not I really need that brand new shiny when it comes out.

Have you had products sitting around that have changed on you? Any hints on using and enjoying what you already have?!

New In For August 2019

Well, it would appear that I shopped a bit last month! I was also lucky enough to be chosen for a Topbox Circle campaign for Vichy.

As I said, I was lucky enough to be chosen for a Vichy campaign from Topbox Circle toward the end of August. I was sent the Vichy Litactiv Retinol HA Concentrate, Vichy Liftactiv Supreme, as well as Vichy Litactiv Supreme Eyes. I have been using all the products for about a week now and haven’t had any adverse reactions so far. All the products seem to be absorbing fairly quickly into my skin and makeup has been sitting nicely overtop of them so far. The Retinol is the only one that says to use in the morning. I am liking that 2 out of the 3 are in squeeze tubes, the face cream is the only one that is in a pot. I also received a decently sized sample of the La Roche-Posey Hyalu B5 Serum to try out. I haven’t started using it as I didn’t want to add in to many new products at the same time.

As you probably already have heard, there was a bonus Sephora savings event on during the end of August. I had done really well, with only picking up a few replacements. I am almost out of a night time lip balm and liked the sample pot of the Laneige, so picked up that. I had almost run out of the eye makeup remover I had picked up and wasn’t the biggest fan of it, and I have used the Sephora brand one before and liked it. Since I was placing the order and was almost out of my Ordinary Glycolic Acid, I added that as well to the order. Than I was looking through the sale section, dangerous thing to do! I saw the Viseart palette in Amethyst…it was on sale for $40 and than I got another 20% off! I don’t have many purple shadows and this palette looked like a nice mix of cooler toned shades so I picked it up! When I had placed my orders there really wasn’t much in the sample section so I ended up picking up the same samples for both orders. I have heard good things about the Tarte Creaseless concealer but I couldn’t justify picking up another one so I grabbed the samples of that! I haven’t tried the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation either so picked out 2 of those as well. Having the 2 samples of each there should be enough for me to form an opinion of them.

I don’t think I did to bad last month, I really only picked up 1 thing that wasn’t a replacement of some form. I have 2 other Viseart palettes and do enjoy using them, but I was missing a more mid-tone blending shade and this palette has one the ti think will be a good one. Did you pick up anything good last month? Or stick to only picking up replacement type products?

Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer, My Thoughts

Today I am going to let you know what I thought about the Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer. If you are interested in hearing my thoughts, keep reading.

Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting MoisturizerDSC01867.jpg

Here is what Sephora has to say about the Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer - Give skin a natural-looking glow with Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer. This lightweight facial lotion is formulated with 70 percent water and light-reflecting mineral pigments to quench dull, dehydrated skin while delivering a sheer veil of illumination and radiance. The sweat-resistant formula is perfect for before or after the gym, or even for faking an afterglow without the sweat session. It can be worn alone or under your makeup for a subtle sheen. This hypoallergenic multitasker works to soften, smooth, and deliver a long-lasting surge of moisture without clogging pores.

I have had this moisturizer sitting in a drawer forever, well over a year! I finally grabbed it out of the drawer and decided to give it a try this past month. It doesn’t have a bad smell to it, but it does have a slight fragrance to it that does go away after a few minutes. I didn’t find this to be very moisturizing at all, my face actually started to feel tight after a few hours. It did dry down fairly quickly though and my face didn’t feel tacky or sticky.

As you can see from the above pictures, this moisturizer has a ton of shimmer in it. I didn’t really notice it until I had put it all over my face as a regular moisturizer. That was my first mistake! I went outside and my sister told me that my face was full of glitter! I has very shiny for the day. I did try this out under makeup as well, and the shine showed through my makeup as well. I find that the glitter in this is just to much for a moisturizer. As I am writing this I am thinking it may work out better as a liquid highlighter, which I haven’t tried with it.

Have you tried a ‘Highlighting Moisturizer’? Was it a glitter bomb as well?

Trip Through My Trash July 2019

Time for a look at what I ended up using up, or found that had expired, for the month of July. Only 2 tosses this month, not to mention I used up quite a few samples!

Trip Through My Trash July 2019DSC02029.jpg

Trip Through My Trash

July 2019

I used up quite a few different products again, only a couple repeats! Not picking up new goodies all the time is allowing me to use up what I have.

A small amount of face and body care.

A small amount of face and body care.

I only ended up using up 1 repeat item in July.

Sephora Bubble Mask- I finally used up this Bubble Mask from Sephora that I had picked up quite awhile ago. I won’t go to into this mask as it is a product I have done a review on, if you’d like to check out my thoughts on it you can find it here. Unfortunately this mask seems to have been discontinued now. Repurchase? I would if I could.

B&BW Spiced Pumpkin Cider Shower Gel- I thought that this was the last shower gel I had, but I did find a mini from The Body Shop. I don’t mind the B&BW Shower Gel, they do what they need to do. I didn’t find that this one smelled like pumpkin at all, more of a floral smell? I got so tired of the scent that I couldn’t wait for it to be done. Repurchase? Not this scent.

Fluffs Cotton Pads- My 1 repeat item! I used to go through a pack of these every month until I made my own flannel cotton pads (if you are interested in those you can find that post here). Now I mostly only use these to remove nail polish. These were my cotton pads of choice, they do what they need to do without leaving fluff behind and you can’t beat the price of $1.25 CAD at Dollarama. Repurchase? Whenever I need more I will.

dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator- I had gotten a full size of this in a Boxycharm and decided to try out the deluxe sample size first. It is a fairly gritty face exfoliator, more than I really like for my face. I am glad that I used the sample size before opening the full size that I have. My sister is wanting to try this out so I think I will give her the full size that I have. If you like a gritty face exfoliator, you may like this one. It didn’t dry out my skin, it just seemed to gritty for me. Repurchase? Nope

Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift- I was able to use this sample size for a couple of weeks which was great to get a feel for it. I used this both morning and night and makeup went on well overtop of it. It was an ok eye cream, it didn’t dry out my under eye area. But it didnt wow me either. Because I didn’t notice a difference in the few weeks I used it I doubt I would seek it out to soon. Repurchase? Maybe?

Timeless Matrixyl 3000 Serum & Matrixyl Synthe 6 Serum- Down to the last few products that I won from a giveaway from Hot n Flashy in January. I enjoyed using all of the skincare products and found both these serums, did a great job of hydrating my skin. I found that I liked them more so in the drier winter months mores than the now hot summer months. My makeup had no issues going on overtop of them. One thing I have realized though since I started using all the products, I am not a fan of an extensive skincare routine every night. I know that I should be, but I just want a simple one! Repurchase? I doubt it, Timeless does ship to Canada but as with everything it isn't that cheap/easy.

2 tosses in Makeup

2 tosses in Makeup

I found another foundation that I have had for awhile, and now being discontinued.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup- The first toss of the month. I have had this foundation for quite awhile and had kind of forgotten about it. I used to like it, this was my second bottle of it! It had always had a paint smell to it so it wasn’t really the smell that made me toss it. I tried using it a few times and each time it immediately sank into every pore and line on my face no matter what primer I used with it. Urban Decay I believe has discontinued this one as well as it has been in the same section for a couple weeks now and I have noticed that there is a new liquid foundation out now. Repurchase? I couldn’t even if I wanted to now.

Maybeline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer- My second toss for the month. I know I liked this concealer, especially when I was doing a more minimal look. Unfortunately, I think this has just gotten to old now. Whenever I tried using this it went on kind of dry and looked dry on my undereyes. Repurchase? I may, once I get through some others.

Tarte Gifted Mascara- Another product I won’t go to much into, I have done a review of this mascara and you can find that here. Needless to say I like this mascara. Repurchase? Possibly.

FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer- Another deluxe sample! I wasn’t expecting much from this primer, but I was surprised that I actually really liked it. I found that it did a great job of giving an extra boost of moisture to my face, especially when I used a more matte foundation. It didn’t feel heavy either which I was expecting it to, as I used it after moisturizer but before foundation. Repurchase? I may pick it up when I finish up some other, especially for the cooler months.

Only 3 tea lights finished up.

Only 3 tea lights finished up.

I only managed to burn 3 tea lights in July. 2 Strawberry something?, and 1 that was faintly sweet. I am not sure what scent these are, they were in a baggie in the drawer. The red Strawberry ones had a stronger scent than the white one. Neither had that strong of a scent, not sure if it was because they were tea lights? They were ok, just not my favourite.

Quite a few samples!

Quite a few samples!

As you can see, I ended up using more samples than usual! I am starting to get down to sample packs for quite a few things now. The Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner were horrible for my hair, my hair was so dry and brittle, it kept snapping whenever I brushed it after using them. I like the Hourglass powders but I am not the biggest fan of this type of sample. The Briogeo Don’t Despair Hair mask is one that I have a few more samples of and I am glad of that. I like using this hair mask on the days that I use my clarifying shampoo to give my hair that extra boost of moisture after doing such a deep cleanse. The other 2 eye creams were ok, neither is something I will rush out to purchase a full size of.

I was quite surprised that I used up so many samples last month, I knew I was starting to pull more out but didn’t think I had used quite so many. I have. feeling that you may start to see more samples in my empties post as I really am getting down to mostly samples for skincare, but there are a lot of them still! I probably have enough to do me for the rest of the year at least. Did you use up anything good last month? Are you good at using up samples, or are you like me and put them away than forget about them?

New In For July 2019

And here we go again with a New In that is only replacements! I am actually starting to enjoy not picking up a lot of new things each months…weird! It has gotten me to remember that I already have a rather large collection and that I really should be using the products I have before they go bad.

I had completely run out of replacement heads for my Schick Intuition razor so I headed over to Costco to pick up another pack. I can get this pack at Costco for just under $30.00 CAD, there are enough replacement heads to last me almost a year. The Intuition razor is my favourite, I am often in the shower before 5am so not having to fumble with a razor and shaving cream is always a good thing.

I thought that I had finally finished off all the body wash that I had, but I did happen to find a mini of The Body Shop Satsuma Body Wash, so I picked up another favourite, the Nivea Care & Orange. I like the scent and also that my skin doesn’t feel stripped and dry after washing.

I was also almost done with my Body Exfoliator so I went to pick up the Calgon one I usually get but the price went up! It is now almost $10.00 CAD. My sister was with me and said I should try out the Dove one. So I will be trying this one out soon. The Dove was just over $5.00 CAD, but it is a smaller tub. There are a few different scents, I picked out Pomegranate Seeds & Shea Butter, it doesn’t have that strong of a scent but you can smell the fruitiness.

Have you been doing an unintentional low/no buy? How are you finding it? Is there another Body Exfoliator that I should try?

My Thoughts on the Tarte - Be you. Naturally. Eyeshadow palette

Time to let you know my thoughts on the Tarte Be. you. Naturally. Eyeshadow palette that I received in my June 2019 ‘Getaway’ Boxy Charm.

Tarte-Be you. Naturally. Eyeshadow paletteDSC01506.jpg

Here is what the Tarte website has to say about the Be. You. Naturally. Eyeshadow palette - Always let your natural beauty shine with this 8-shade shimmer & matte eyeshadow palette packed with all the necessary neutrals! 4 shimmer shades & 4 matte shades in frosty cool & rich warm tones. Super bendable formula applies easily with fingers or brush. Powered by Amazonian clay for pigmented color that lasts.

Another round palette from Tarte. I am not the biggest fan of the round palette shape, it just doesn’t store well at all for me! Besides that the shade names are on the back instead of inside with the shadows, not a huge fan of that either. But that is where the negatives end for me. I can’t find this palette on the Sephora site, but I did happen to find on, it retails for $47.00 CAD there, the same price as similar Tarte Palettes.

The shades included are-Sunbeam(s), Explore (m), Dusk (m), Earthy (s), Tropical (s), Crystallized (m), Glacier (s), and Daybreak (m). All the shades applied beautifully with a brush or fingers except 1, Glacier. The day I wore Glacier on my lid I had glitter down my face all day, it seemed that everytime I went into the bathroom, I was wiping away glitter. Glacier also felt drier, almost gritty, in the pan when I swatched it. Both Dusk and Crystallized worked well to blend out Daybreak, which I used in the crease. Explore was great for both darkening the out corner as well as a liner shade for me, on a somewhat fluffy blending brush it blended great in the outer corner. All of the shimmer shades, except Glacier, were great lid shades for me and looked great with the other mattes used in the crease.

Surprisingly, this palette did have a scent to it, unlike other round palettes I have from Tarte. This one has a faint sweet, almost chocolate scent. It is barely there, you have to hold the palette pretty closet your nose to smell and the scent does not stick around at all. Just thought I should mention that this one has a scent incase you are sensitive to scents.

As you may be able to tell, the Tarte-Be. You. Naturally. Eyeshadow palette is a great everyday palette for me. I can easily create a variety of looks that are perfect for an office setting without having to bring in any other shades, just using the one palette. I think if you are a neutral loving eyeshadow wearer like me, you could do a lot worse than this palette. I am very happy to have received this palette in a monthly subsricption box and can see me using it quite frequently.

Have you tried out any great neutral palettes lately, let me know!

Zoya Leah

Time for my thoughts on the last polish I picked up back in January 2018! I had picked out 3 polishes to try last year when Zoya was having a promotion where you got a mystery box with a $30.00 USD purchase, if you want to see what all I got from that purchase you can find it here.

Here is what the Zoya website has to say about ‘Leah’ - Leah by Zoya can be best described as a lavender tinged taupe cream in the exclusive Satin finish. Satin formula is a hybrid between matte and glossy polishes and is not intended to be worn with a top coat.

I think that Zoya got the description of this polish right. To me it is a beautiful neutral that does pull lavender, you can see the lavender more in different lighting. I wasn’t a huge fan of how the polish looked without a top coat though, I do prefer my polish to be shiny! I think that with the glossy top coat it does bring out more of the lavender in the polish though. I also found that without a top coat you could see any flaws in my nails, the shiny top coat just seems to hide everything better.

Zoya - LeahDSC01841.jpg

I used my favourite base coat (Formula X by Sephora, now discontinued) and top coat (Seche Vite Fast Dry), and love how it made Zoya Leah look. I will say that by day 3 my nail polish had started to crack. I am not sure if it is due to the fact that I used a top coat or all the hand sanitizer at work. Other than that issue, I do love the shade of Zoya Leah. The slight lavender tinge, which makes the polish seem a tad cooler, just takes the neutral leaning to something just a bit more. I highly doubt that I would ever wear Leah without a top coat though, I just wasn’t a huge fan of the Satin finish.

Have you tried a Satin polish before? Did you notice it showed every flaw in your nails?

My Thoughts on The Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara

I have been using the Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara for the past month and thought it was about time to I let you know my thoughts on it. The claims from the website aren’t to lofty so I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular.

What the Tarte website has to say about the Tarte -gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara - A top-rated, vegan, Amazonian clay-infused lengthening mascara that treats your lashes & delivers soft volume. Boosts thickness, length, & curl with a blend of antioxidants & Conditioners while Amazonian clay replenishes without making lashes feel crunchy or heavy. The formula delivers soft, weightless volume while it nourishes for stronger & healthier lashes.

I pulled this mascara out after the somewhat flop of the Tarte Light, Camera, Lashes. I wasn’t expecting much from this one as the description doesn’t sound that exciting! I was happily surprised with how much I like this one compared to the hyped up Lights, Camera, Lashes. I have been loving how the Gifted mascara makes my lashes look, the wear, as well as the ease of of removal. I have been using the sample I have for the past 3 weeks and the formula hasn’t changed at all. The brush is a stiffer bristle brush that just seems to be able to easily coat my lashes with one application. The pictures above are with only one coat, I am not one to put more than one coat of mascara on. I find that I get a decent amount of volume and length from the mascara. I have yet to have this mascara smudge under my eyes at all, which is one of the most important things in a mascara for me. It has been fairly easy to remove at night as well, which is surprising since I haven’t had any smudging. I haven’t noticed any difference in my lashes since using it, but I am loving the look it gives me anyway.

Have you tried the Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara? How did you like it?

New In June 2019

Another good month for my wallet! I picked up 1 product that I am almost out of. And I was lucky enough to win a Twitter contest from Canadian Beauty Bloggers for Orabel for the others. I spent less than $20.00 last month! I am surprised at how easy it is becoming to not pick up products just because I think I want/need them. I am hoping to keep this mindset up for the rest of the year, only replacing things as I run completely out of them.

I didn’t know, until late in May that we Canadians could get Makeup Revolution from a Canadian supplier! I was quite happy to find that out as I have seen a lot of bloggers/youtubers/etc taking about the products but figured I would just have a look in the States when I go to visit my nephew in Cleveland next. I am quite interested in the Concealer and Foundations but I figured that would be better to see the shades mores than guessing with online. So with my gift certificate in hand I went shopping at Orabel.

I of course, went straight for the eyeshadow palettes! I had seen that the Makeup Revolution - Forever Flawless Palettes were new so I wanted to try one of those. I picked the Makeup Revolution - Forever Flawless - Optimum palette as it looked like something a little bit different from what I seem to have a lot of. I will hopefully let you know my thoughts on this and the other 2 palettes sooner rather than later.

When I had first seen the Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit palettes I really wanted them, but as with most eye shadow palettes, I didn’t really need them! I do probably have a lot of same/similar shades in other palettes, but I do like watching Emily Noel. I didn’t see them on my last trip to Cleveland though so when I saw that Orabel had them and since I had a gift certificate, I figured why not! I didn’t technically spend my own money, the gift certificate covered the cost! I had originally ordered The Wants palette but there was a little mix up with my order and ended up being sent the The Needs. Orabel has excellent customer service though and quickly sent out The Wants one and allowed me to keep The Needs as well!

Sephora Collection-Peppermint Lip Scrub.jpg

The one thing I was needing to replace was my lip scrub in a tube as I was almost out of my current one. Since it was my birthday month in June, and I am Rouge (I think this is my last year of that), I was able to get a free brow wax. I booked my appointment and figured I would also pick up a new lip scrub and my birthday gift from Sephora. I realized on this visit just why I haven’t been going to Sephora this year. Customer service has gone straight down the tubes at my local Sephora. While I was looking around, I asked an associate about a product and was rudely told they don’t get everything in store and to shop online for the product I was looking for. At the cash I was not offered my birthday gift, and the cashier couldn’t figure out how to redeem my code for brow wax and I was treated like it was my fault. I did reach out to Sephora Customer service when I got home. I just ended up redeeming for the 250 points since I was not going to place an order. I doubt I will be spending much if anything at Sephora anymore, definitely don’t see myself hitting Rouge again in the near future. I will try to catch something good in the Rewards bazaar on Tuesday/Thursday.

So that was everything new in that came during the month of June. Not a lot but again something I was running out of as well as something fun! Did you pick up anything new in June? Anything good? Let me know!

Trip Through My Trash June 2019

Time to do another Trip Through My Trash, and see what I finished up for the month of June. again I have a few products that I am tossing, 4 this month.

A nice amount of empties, with only a couple repeats!

A nice amount of empties, with only a couple repeats!

Since I am focusing on using up what I have this year there are only a few repeats in my Trash for the month of June. The good thing about not picking up products until I use up what I have is that I will be able to give you my thoughts on different products instead of the same ones every month!

2 repeats in June and 1 toss.

2 repeats in June and 1 toss.

A fairly decent amount of hair and skincare empties for the month of June, only 1 toss here.

Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser- This is a repeat item fo rme, but it does take me quite awhile to go through a bottle of this as I use it mainly at night. I use this almost every night with my Clarisonic as my final cleanse. My skin seems to do well with this cleanser, it doesn’t dry my face at all and with the Clarisonic, it gets all traces of makeup off of my face. Repurchase? I always do during either Black Friday sale or Boxing Day sales.

B&BW Mediterranean Blue Waters Ultra Shea Body Cream- My last B&BW Body Cream! I have realized that this cream is better for me during the winter months when my skin is drier. It is a fairly thick, heavy cream that does sink into the skin fairly quickly, for me during the colder months. I do find that it is just to thick during the warmer months though. Repurchase? Probably when the weather turns colder.

Life Exfoliating Foot Mask- I had tried this foot mask back in January and didnt find it did much for me that time. I think that was user error that time though! I decided to try it out again last month and actually made sure soak my feet for a bit longer this time. Doing just that, my feet peeled a lot! It didnt get all the rough skin off but it did get most of it off. Repurchase? I will probably try it again to make sure it wasn’t a fluke!

Timeless B5 Hydration Serum- I won this serum from Hot N Flashy’s winter giveaway in January and finally got around to using them up. I used this serum at night and it was fine, I didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin. I think having tried out these different serums, that I am just not one to want to have so many steps in a skincare routine. I know that since I am almost 50 that I should be doing it, but it just took to long! I will be on the hunt for a single serum once I finish up all the ones I have, sample and full size. Repurchase? Doubt it.

Timeless Hyaluranic Acid Serum (vitamin C)- Another serum from the Hot N Flashy giveaway, this time a Vitamin C serum. I used this one every morning, and like the previous one, I didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin. Repurchase? Once again, I doubt it.

FAB Coconut Micellar Makeup Melter- I tried out this sample of makeup remover and was able to get 2 uses out of it. It was ok, nothing ground breaking for me though. It did rinse off easily though and didn’t burn my eyes. Repurchase? Maybe?

Uriage Xénose Soothing Cleansing Oil- Another sample done! I think I received this sample in a SDM Beauty Boutique order. This one again did an ok job of breaking up makeup, but it left a fill on my face that I couldn’t rinse away. The only way I could get rid of the film left on my face was by using my Clarisonic. Not a favourite for me! Repurchase? Nope

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Strength + Moisture Leave-in Mask- I believe I received this in a Boxy Charm awhile ago. My hair is mid-way down my back, so lots of length, but I don’t color it. My hair tends to get tangled easily but I found when I use a leave in conditioner it tangles less so. This was a fine leave-in, not the best but also far from the worse I have tried. The spray on this was very forceful?, it was not a mist at all. It was hard to control where it went as the nozzle tended to clog as the liquid was thicker. Repurchase? Maybe, if I found it for a good price.

Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil Volume Hairspray- I can’t remember where this one came from. It was an ok hairspray, it didn’t leave my hair crunchy and did brush out easily. It gave a decent amount of hold, my hair still moved so no helmet head. Repurchase? Maybe once I finish up what I have.

Live Clean Hydrating Creamy Cleanser-I won this last summer in a giveaway along with quite a few other Live Clean products. This was an ok cleanser, I used it mostly in the morning in the shower. I just can’t get over the scent of it, it almost had a musty scent? My skin never felt dried out when I used it. It never foamed up much at all, so I guess that is why it never felt drying. Repurchase? No, I just can’t get past the scent.

Clarisonic Radiance Face Brush Head- This is a repeat product for me. By far my favourite brush head for my Clarisonic. I have found that when I use a different brush head my face gets to be a bright shade of red for a few hours afterwards. Repurchase? As long as I can.

B&BW Shea Butter Fragrance Free Hand Cream- I kept this in my purse and it did a good job of giving my hands a boost of moisture if I had used the hand sanitizer little to much at work. It really was fragrance free so there were no issues using it at work. It did sink in fairly quickly and the moisturizing feeling lasted a decent amount of time. Repurchase? Maybe.

Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil Balm- I picked this cleansing balm up quite a while ago and just recently found it. I was hoping that this would be like all the other cleansing balms that are out right now. Unfortunately I was only able to use it a few times before I noticed all those white splotches around the outside of the jar. I wasn’t a fan of this anyway. it didnt melt easily after applying it on my face, even when I tried to warm it up in my hands before putting it on my face. it just seemed to stick wherever I first touched it to my face. It also didn’t seem to be great at removing makeup anyway so I am not that upset that I am tossing it. Repurchase? No.

Milk Shake Beauty Mask- I used this hair mask whenever I did a clarifying treatment on my hair, so weekly! It did give my hair a good boost of hydration, and really helped to detangle my hair and made it feel silky again. I was however not a huge fan of the open pot that it is in. I again, wasn’t the biggest fan of the scent of this one. The scent was fruity, yet floral. Not my favourite sent to have on my hair, not to mention it was amplified by the heat from shower. Repurchase? Doubt it

4 makeup products!

4 makeup products!

4 makeup products are leaving, to bad 3 are tosses!

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation- A foundation I have had forever, at least 4 years…. I went to use this last month, I am really trying to use up products I have, and it smelled a little different from what I remembered, but I tried it anyway. Well that didn’t work out very well as I had to wipe it off my face and start over again. It seemed somewhat dry and sunk into pores horribly. Repurchase? I may try the newer version, you can’t get this one anymore…

Tarte Ready, Set, Radiant Skin Mist- I got this in a previous Boxy Charm and was to sure if I would like it as my skin has done a switch to being more oily to normal. I was surprised that I liked it! I would spray this on my face as soon as I sat down to start doing my makeup and it gave me a boost of hydration. The spray did occasionally spray droplets though so I wouldn’t recommend using this as a setting mist. I didnt notice that it made my makeup last longer, but I did like using it everyday. Repurchase? Maybe, I haven’t ruled it out yet.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara- I have tried this mascara out several times over the years and couldn’t remember what I thought about it. It didnt go well last month with watery eyes and rising humidity. I found that this would smudge on me within a couple hours with these conditions. My sister however who has drier skin doesn’t find that it smudges on her. So if you have drier skin this may work better for you. Repurchase? Nope

Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Ink- I have had this forever! I loved the shade of this lip ink and I remember it lasting quite awhile to. The shade I had was 02 Rosewood, a beautiful deeper pinky nude. I pulled this out to use and it smelled a little different from what I remembered, but I tried it on my lips anyway…not a good idea. It went on chunky and patchy. So this one is a toss as I think it has gone bad. Repurchase? I don’t think you can.

I only finished 2 votives, but I am also working on a big jar one to!

I only finished 2 votives, but I am also working on a big jar one to!

I burned 2 votives last month, Yankee Candle Beach Walk and Vanilla Lime, both being scents that I like. I find that both of these scents are fairly light, with a hint of fruityness. I like both of these ones so they weren’t hard for me to burn. Neither is a strong scent and the scent really didn’t go past my office, which is a fairly small room. I am still slowly going through my stash of candles that I have so I didn’t pick up any new ones even though Yankee Candle has been having a really good sale on lately, 75% off! Staying with the use up that I seem to be doing.

Did you use up any good products last month? Are you trying to use up a backlog of products? How is it going?