Zoya Normani

I am finally getting around to trying out one of the polishes I picked up during my Zoya purchase in January!  I am hoping to try out all of the shades I picked up within the next little while.  I am also planning on trying out the Zoya Base and Top coats to see how they compare to my favourite Sephora Base Coat(now discontinued :() and Seche Vite Top Coat.

 Zoya Naked Manicure Base Coat, Normani polish, and Naked Manicure Glossy Seal.

Zoya Naked Manicure Base Coat, Normani polish, and Naked Manicure Glossy Seal.

Normani is described as a sable, mauve cream.  Pretty accurate description if you ask me!  Normani is part of, I think, the Natural 2 collection.  The Natural collections seem to be a range of easy to wear neutrals ranging from light to dark tones that there should hopefully be a shade for every skin tone.

The Naked Manicure Base coat dried fairly quickly so I was able to start in with Normani fairly quickly.  I will say that the brush on all 3 of these is fairly skinny, not sure I am quite a fan of that.  If you use a fairly thick coat, Normani can cover in one coat.  I ended up doing 2 thinnish coats on my nails and that seemed to do a great job of being opaque.  It didnt seem to take that long for each coat to dry, a couple of minutes?  I waited about 5 minutes before applying the Naked Manicure Glossy Seal top coat and that seemed to be enough time for Normani to dry.  The Glossy Seal Top Coat gives a lot of shine to the nail which is nice.

I will say that as of now, on day 2 of wearing the Zoya collection, I am not so impressed.  My nails are still shiny, but I do already have tip wear on 4 fingers.  I don't remember that happening with my regular base and top coat.  I will keep you updated on how they wear, both with other brands of polish and the Zoya with my regular base and top coat.

Sephora Bubble Mask

I thought it was about time I gave you my thoughts on the Sephora Bubble Mask that I had picked up during the March 1 Sephora Exclusive Soiree!

Sephora-Bubble MaskDSC05160.jpg

I am pretty sure I paid around $20.00 CAD for the mask, I can't remember off the top of my head and it appears that you can't get this mask online.  I will check on the price the next time I go into Sephora and update this post.

I had gone in to Sephora a bit before I picked this up and asked an associate if they had any bubble masks, I was interested in trying them out!  My helpful associate showed me this one, I guess it was the only one they had, and I tried some out on the back of my hand.  I could feel it tingling and pretty much knew I would be picking it up during the next event that came around, it wasn't a need just something fun to try so I could wait.

 A small pump of the Sephora Bubble Mask.

A small pump of the Sephora Bubble Mask.

The directions are easy to follow - Once a week, apply a fine layer over slightly humid skin.  Let it sit for 2 or 3 minutes until its texture becomes frothy.  Massage with fingertips and rinse with water.  Be sure to close well after each use.

When you first pump out the mask, it comes out as a clear gel.  Nothing to exciting there!  1 pump is more than enough to cover your face though.  It does feel slightly cool when you first put it on.  I put 1 pump in my hand and than dot it around my face rubbing it in.  It very quickly starts to foam up.  After about a minute I can start to feel the bubbles popping on my skin, it tickles!

The one thing I can say that I found out when using this mask, is when you are massaging it into your skin before rinsing, that its best to wet your hands!  The first time I tried the mask I didn't and there was some tugging, the mask almost becomes sticky.  Other than that I followed the directions.

I have been using the Sephora Bubble Mask once a week since the beginning of March.  I didnt find that the mask dried out my skin, nor did it seem to hydrate.  I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin, other than the fact that my pores don't seem to be clogged at all, no pesky breakouts or anything either.  I have been enjoying using this mask, partially for the fun factor, it tickles!  But also the look on my families faces when they see the white frothy foam on my face!  It isn't a pretty sight, but it is funny!

Have you tried out a bubble mask yet?  How did you like it if you have? 


Urban Decay Naked Basics

I picked up this palette plus another one from the sale section before the Spring sale for 2 reasons. 1-it was on sale for $18.00 CAD!!!  2-there was a great promo on at Sephora if you spent $35.00 CAD.  If you spent the required amount you were able to pick 2 deluxe samples with the code 'HOLYGRAIL', Tatcha-The Silk Canvas, Drunk Elephant-C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream, Kate Somerville-Cold Cream Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover, Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Exfoliating Moisturizer.  I picked the Tatcha and Drunk Elephant.

My sister actually helped talk me into picking it up.  Along with the samples it was well worth not waiting, the samples are worth more than the discount, not to mention the palette seems to have sold out online, but when I was in store yesterday they had quite a few there, it won't hurt to ask if they were on sale!  The shade WOS is well worth $18.00 to me.  It is a perfect blending/brow bone shade for me.  

 Pretty new Urban Decay Naked Basics.

Pretty new Urban Decay Naked Basics.

I didn't just pick up the Urban Decay Palette because of the promo, nor just because it was on sale.  I picked up the palette because I have completely used up WOS in my old Basics palette!  The Naked Basics palette may seem like a very boring, almost all matte, basic neutral palette and to some extent it is.  But it is also the perfect little palette to take with you if you travel.  This palette along with a couple shimmery singles and you can get a lot of different looks out of it.  For me it is the perfect companion, or solo for that matter, palette.  I can get a very natural look or I can deepen it up if I feel like it.

The Shades in the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette-

  • Venus-almost white shimmer shade, the only shimmer in the palette
  • Foxy-yellow based cream, matte
  • WOS-pink based cream, matte-the only shadow I have completely used up!
  • Naked 2-pale taupe brown?, matte-perfect blending shade for me!
  • Faint-medium toned brown, matte-great for darkening up the outer corner a touch
  • Crave-black, matte-works great as a liner!

As you can see my old palette was well loved, especially WOS!  I think WOS is the first eyeshadow I used up!  There is a pretty good dip in Naked 2 as well.  I tried to use Foxy as a substitute for WOS but it just wasn't it, it shows quite yellow on my eyes.  I have given my sister the old Basics palette, I asked her if she wanted it and she said she can never say no to shadows!  Hopefully she can finally see what im talking about with this palette, it is my most used palette that I have, and thats saying a lot....

Have you tried out the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette?  Or completely used up an eyeshadow shade?  Whats your favourite eyeshadow palette, I may need a new one!

Dollarama DIY Felt Letter Board

Since I did my last DIY Letter Board that my husband did most of the work for, I really wanted to keep trying to make the ones I had originally read about.  So I headed of to Dollarama to see what I could find and try it out a few more times.  I am happy to say I was able to make it work, but it did take a few times.  You will see pictures of 2 different attempts, but I will explain that as I go!

 The final DIY Letter Board, that holds the letters in while upright.

The final DIY Letter Board, that holds the letters in while upright.

You can get almost everything needed to make this letter board from Dollarama, minus the letters.  I have only been able to find letters on Amazon.

To make the Letter Board you will need-

  • Deep picture frame, I picked up a 4 x 6 for $2.00
  • 1/4 inch dowels, you can get them at Dollarama for $1.25, I had this left over from my last attempt I ended up needing 2 packs.
  • felt, I picked up a 9 x 12 inch from Micheals for 0.59
  • Rulers, to measure dowels and to help push in felt
  • hand saw, something to cut your dowels to the length you need
  • glue gun
  • pencil
  • very thin something to push in felt

All in all I think you could get everything at Dollarama for under $10.00, not bad!

  1. Dis-assemble the frame, you only need the frame and the back piece with the stand.
  2. Put the back piece back in the frame and mark around where the frame is on the back part.
  3. Measure the dimensions that you marked off, mine were 6.5 x 4.5 inches
  4. I took off a 1/8 inch off of the measurement, to leave room for the felt on the edges.
  5. Cut your dowels to the length you need, mine was 6 3/8 inches, I ended up needing 14 for the 4 x 6 inch size.
  6. Run a bead of hot glue along the top of the backing, leaving enough room that the dowel isn't right up against your mark.
  7. Put your first dowel down on the glue.

Heres were you will start seeing 2 different projects!  The premise is the same just not the spacing!

  1. In my first picture you will see that I used 2 spacers, don't do that!  The space ends up being to big but all the other projects I saw said to leave a 1/4 inch space between that is way to big.  My second attempt I only used 1 spacer.
  2. What worked for me was setting my spacer next to the previous dowel and running a pencil line down the length, that let me know where the next dowel needed to go, not to mention leaving the spacers in while glueing wasn't always the best thing they sometimes got a little stuck...
  3. Keep going in this way until you have filled in the whole backing piece with rows of dowels.  I ended using 14.

Sorry, again with the 2 different ones!

  1. I checked to make sure the backing would fit inside the frame before I started putting the felt in.
  2. Now its time to put the felt in!  I did this in the same way that I did my big Felt Letter Board.
  3. You can put a few beads of glue between the dowels before putting the felt in the grooves if you want, but you don't need to.
  4. I used the rulers to hold in the previous rows but ended using an old Tupperware orange peeler to push the felt in.
  5. The third picture shows using the piece of grey felt, it was the perfect size!  I just cut off some of the excess felt and put it in the frame.
 My 2 DIY Felt Letter Boards.

My 2 DIY Felt Letter Boards.

Lastly think of a saying you want to display and use your letters!  You do have to be somewhat careful with this letter board, the rounded dowels don't hold onto the letters quite as well as the square cuts my husband made on the big one.  But it does work and it can be set upright without the letters falling out!

I am happy with both of my finished projects.  The smaller one is great because anyone can probably do that one, no power tools needed!  Not to mention that even if you have none of the materials, they are easily found at your local Dollarama.  And did I mention, it was under $10.00?!  If you want to see how we made the big board you can find it here.

Have you made anything lately?  How did it turn out?

New In For March 2018 Plus a Giveaway!

I really didn't do to much shopping last month, until the last couple of days!  I think that the things I picked up will come in handy though, some more than others.  There were a few things I needed and a couple that I just wanted to try.

It all started with a Sephora Rouge event on March 1st., called the Exclusive Soiree.  I was hoping that they would have some new things out, but sadly they didn't.  That was ok though, I still found a few things that caught my eye!  They always get me with the goodie bags, as usual at these events you got a goodie bag if you spent $50 CAD, that isn't hard to do at Sephora.  I ended picking up The Nails Inc Champagne Shine Nail Polish Duo, I only have a couple shades that I picked up on clearance and none in these bottles.  The Fenty Beauty Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set, I haven't tried anything from the line and I have read a lot of good reviews on the Gloss and this was a way to try it as well as a highlighter for not much more than the regular price of a full size gloss.  I was a little short of being able to get the goodie bag so I have been interested in trying a bubble mask and knew that Sephora had one under the house brand so I picked that up as well.

Having picked up those 3 things gave me enough of a spend to be able to get the goodie bag as well as a couple more deluxe samples!  Unfortunately for me, I already have deluxe samples of products already in the bag.  But thats ok, it gives you a chance to try out the ones I already have, there will be a giveaway at the end of this post.

 Mac got me with a 25% off sale again...

Mac got me with a 25% off sale again...

Mac keeps getting me with the 25% off sales!  I wanted to pick up the recently brought back discontinued shades of shadow, Tete-A-Tint,Uninterrupted, and Kid, but I was only able to get Tete-A-Tint in store.  I am on the waitlist for the other 2 to come back in-stock though!  I could have gotten them in the case but I prefer to have the pro pans.  I was interested in trying out the brush cleanser as well, hopefully it is as good as the sample of the Blender Cleanser I tried a few months ago!

 My Way Mart actually had 1 of the new palettes!

My Way Mart actually had 1 of the new palettes!

I have been checking Walmart whenever I am at the mall for the new Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes to come in stock and they finally had 1!  I picked up the only one they had, Nude Awakening, which looks like my kind of shades!  I have been looking for the single of Brûlée as well for what seems like forever and they had that one as well!  

 Another Dollarama find.

Another Dollarama find.

I have been trying to figure out just what I was going to use to prop up my letter board and happened across this Wooden Easel stand at Dollarama for $2.50!  I picked that up and now my letter board has a stand!

 A few deluxe samples to give away!

A few deluxe samples to give away!

Now on to the fun stuff!  In the goodie bag from the Sephora event there were a few deluxe/foil samples that I already have so I though I would give you guys a chance to try them out.  They are all either deluxe or foil samples and I may add a few more by the time I have winner!  If you would like to try these deluxe samples out just enter below.

Included in the giveaway are 

  • Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat (0.1 oz)
  • Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Bound (0.07 oz)
  • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita (0.1 oz)
  • Benefit the Pore fessional primer (0.1 oz)
  • various skincare foil samples.

Rules are -

This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone but myself, I have these samples already and figured someone else might like to try them out!

I am not responsible once the products leave my house.

Must have reached the age of majority in your region.

Winner will be chosen by the Gleam App.

Contest closes April 15, 2018.

Winner has 24 hour to respond with your address, otherwise I will pick another winner.

Trip Through My Trash - March 2018

It's that time of the month, no not that time!  Its time to see what I managed to use up for the month of March.  I am happy to report that I am slowly but surely getting through an overabundance of backlogged products.

 A fair showing of used up products for a month.

A fair showing of used up products for a month.

I am happy with the amount of product I used up for the month of March, a nice mix of Skin, Hair, Body, Home Fragrance with a small amount of Makeup thrown in for good measure!  Now if only I could have remembered to use up some samples as well...oh well you can't have everything!  Maybe next month!

On to my thoughts on what I used up in March.

 My Hair, Face and Body care empties.

My Hair, Face and Body care empties.

Lets start with Hair, Face, and Body Trash

  • Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner-I am not sure where or when I got this shampoo and conditioner duo...  I can say that the they did smell great though!  Just like coconuts.  I didn't notice that they did anything great for my hair, they were nice though.  I think I liked the scent more than anything.  The conditioner wasn't very moisturizing, it did an ok job but I don't think it would be great if you had much damage to your hair.  Repurchase? I doubt it, they just didn't wow me.
  • Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes-A repeat Costco product that is almost always in my empties.  Repurchase? Always.
  • Roger & Gallet Le Soin Aura Mirabilis Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask- I was lucky enough to get this one from Glamsense to try out last year? It think.  It was a nice enough 'mask', but I mostly used it as a cleanser.  It did a good job of cleansing my face without stripping it, my face didn't feel tight after using it.  It has a light almost non-existent scent that did not linger at all.  Repurchase?  Maybe.
  • Belif The Truth Cream-I used this moisturizer at night as it took awhile to soak into my skin.  It was ok, not the best but certainly not the worst I have tried.  I think this moisturizer would be better for someone with drier skin than me, it would probably sink in quicker.  Repurchase? I doubt it unless my skin goes back to dry again.
  • Caudalie Vine(Activ) Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream-I really liked this eye cream.  It was very moisturizing and so I used it mostly at night, I am not sure how it would do under makeup for me as my under eye area doesn't seem to be that dry.  I didn't notice that it did anything great for me, but I didn't wake up with dry under eyes!  Repurchase? Maybe?  It was a nice eye cream.
  • Mac Cleanse Off Oil-This was my second sample of this and this time I used it properly, thanks Stashy!  I just put a small amount on my hands and massaged it into dry skin.  I don't think I am a fan of cleansing oils though, they seem to be kind of messy.  It did do a great job of breaking up makeup without any adverse affects on my skin.  I just found it a little awkward to use.  I like my remover to either be used on a cotton pad or be thick enough that it wont run down my hand!  Repurchase? No.
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Chia Body Butter-I love the scent of The Body Shop Vanilla Chai!  It smells just like a Starbucks Chai Latte.  The Body Shop butters are great in the winter months for me when my skin is drier, but not so much in the warmer months.  I will happily use them in the cooler months but than they sit around in the Summer.  Repurchase? Probably next winter.
  • Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Green Tea Nose Strips-They have changed these nose strips again...This one is ok, its not as heavily scented as the last ones.  They do the job of cleaning out my pores on my nose and I think they work just as well as the Biore ones.  Repurchase? Probably.
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum-I was looking forward to trying out this serum as I have good things about it.  And I did like for the most part, but my bottle had a defective pump, the pump only worked for about a week and than whenever I tried to use the pump the serum would come out all around the base of the pump.  Because of this I ended up having to unscrew the lid and carefully pour out the serum to apply it to my face.  I didn't notice any fading in the age spot I have on my cheek, although I used this serum daily for about 2 months.  I loved the scent though, light citrus-y, the scent didn't linger long on my face though.  I didn't notice a difference in my wrinkles either, maybe I needed to use it longer?  Repurchase? I doubt it, only due to the issue I had with the pump.
 Getting back to using up some votives and making my house smell great.

Getting back to using up some votives and making my house smell great.

I burned a few votives last month, my house smelled a mixture of all the seasons!  My favourite out of the 5 I burned last month had to be the Black Coconut though, it makes me think of summer!  Beach Walk is also a nice refreshing scent.  North Pole smells like Candy Canes.  Costal Waters is another refreshing scent that just kind of lifts your mood.  Harvest was my least favourite but still wasn't bad, just not my favourite out of the ones I burned last month.  Repurchase? I always pick up the Yankee Candle votives on sale, usually for $1 CAD, to me quite worth it at that price.

 Makeup Trash! and 2 full size ones!

Makeup Trash! and 2 full size ones!

Last month I managed to finish up 2 full size products!

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer-I had a sample of this primer and now I can't see myself being without it.  It gives a little extra boost of hydration with a very slight correcting.  I still have to use a color corrector but I just love how it helps to make my concealer not crease and last longer than without it.  Repurchase? I already have.
  • Mac Fling Eye Brow Pencil-Even though this eye brow pencil doesn't;'t have a spool on the end it is still my favourite.  The color Fling is a great match for my dark blonde hair.  The formula just seems to lid eon without tugging and lasts all day for me.  Repurchase? I have a few backups already!
  • Ran Perfect Canvas Serum/Primer-I was recommended to try this serum/primer out by Scarlet who does my eyebrows at Sephora.  I like it ok, it is very similar to The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer.  It has the same consistency and does do a great job of helping to keep my makeup in place and providing a smooth surface to blend over.  Repurchase? I doubt it, The Ordinary is a fraction of the price and preforms the same.
  • Dior Forever Undercover Foundation in 32-I wanted to try out this foundation to see if it was as good as the Dior Forever, it isn't!  I was not a fan of the Undercover foundation.  I found that it settled into pores and that I was an oily mess by midday.  For me it didn't last near as long as the Forever.  I will be picking up the Dior Forever during the Spring Sephora sale.  Repurchase? Nope
  • Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara-This was one of the samples from my SDM mascara sampler.  I was not a fan of this one so even though it isn't finished I don't want to use it anymore, the racoon look is not the look I want during a work day.  Repurchase?  Nope

I know I have used up a Burts Bees Vanilla lip balm, but for the life of me I can't find the empty tube!  That is my favourite scent/flavour of the Burts bees, I find it to be moisturizing without the traditional waxy feel of a lip balm.  

I am happy with the amount of products I used up last month and hopefully I can use up quite a few for the month of April, maybe even more samples!  I am glad that I tried out a sample of the Dior Undercover foundation before I bought it, if I had bought it it would have gone back.  Do you get samples of foundation before you buy them?  Or do you just go ahead and purchase them?  What is your favourite foundation?  Anything here that you have had a different experience with?  Did I use something wrong again?!  Let me know!


Spring Water Decal Nails

I though I would try a little something different with my nails for this weekend, but I didn't want to go to cutie this year!  I had bought some nail water decal stickers (not to sure what they are called!) last year? or maybe the year before? off of Ebay, and they promptly went in a drawer and I forgot about them...  But the past couple of weeks my husband and I made some nail polish shelves for my collection of polishes so as I was finding everything to put up on the shelves...I found these nail water decals.

 The products I used for my first foray into Water Decal Nail Art!

The products I used for my first foray into Water Decal Nail Art!

I am not sure what seller I bought these from, it was at least a year ago if not 2!  I looked up a few videos to figure out just how you were supposed to use these things, thats how long I have had them, I forgot how I was supposed to use them.  I started doing these nails yesterday, Friday, but I should know better than to try to do something with my nails around dinner time!  It never ends well.

For my first foray into Water Decals I used only a small amount of things!  Base Coat, Sephora Formula X(Why did they have to discontinue this?!), a co-ordinating polish (Zoya Dot), Fast dry top coat (Seche Vite), the decals, an orange wood stick, tweezers and a container for water.

I painted my nails as per usual, except the Zoya Dot took me 4!! thin coats to get it opaque, stopping before the top coat.  I cut out the decals that were the closest match to the size of my nails and put one them in the water one at a time.  Using the tweezers to get the decal, still attached to the paper backing, out of the water.  I carefully separated the decal from the paper with the tweezers and laid it on my nail, being quick to make sure it was smooth.  I than put a layer of the top coat, Seche Vite, on and used the orange wood stick to just gently pull the excess decal away.

I am really pleased with how my nails turned out.  I will definitely be looking more into water decals!  It made the nail art part of the manicure so easy.  Have you tried nail water decals before?  How did you find it?  On a side note, I really hope the polishes I got from Zoya don't all take 4 coats to cover!

DIY Felt Letter Board

So I sometimes get harebrained ideas and decide I want to make something....  My husband is a good sport and goes along with me, and sometimes he thinks he has a better idea of a way to do it than I originally thought of.  This is one time where his idea worked out better than mine!

 The finished DIY pink felt letter board.

The finished DIY pink felt letter board.

I have started seeing these felt letter boards on a few blogs and instagram and started looking them up on Amazon, they were not cheap!  I figured there had to be a way to make my own...Enter Pinterest!  I read quite a few posts how to make one with dowels and picture frames, but I couldn't find a frame the size I wanted.  I originally did make one with dowels, but when I was finished I realized I didn't leave any room for attaching a frame, oops.  My husband saw me struggling and decided he had a better idea on how to do this.....

I wanted my letter board to be 10"x10" (on Amazon this was almost $100 at the time!), hubby sent me to Home Depot to get a board that was 12" wide and said he would do the rest.  So I went and picked up the longest 12" wide pine board I could find that would fit into our car, I wanted a board big enough for mistakes!  He cut a 12" square from it and than set about figuring out how to get the channels and frame border.  He ended up using a table saw for his whole part of the project.  He set the blade at a depth of 3/8" and the fence/guide at 3/4" and ran the saw up each side of the square.  He than set the blade depth to meet up to this cut when the board was on its side, I think?!  He than ran each side through the saw leaving a raised square in the middle for the channels.  The next step was to cut the channels to tuck the felt into so the letters have a groove to sit in.  He set the blade depth to 1/4" and than ran the wood through the saw to create the channels, moving the fence/guide over approximately 1/4" each time.  Ending up with the above pictures!  I than gave the whole thing a quick sand and than it was my turn to do my part.

I had gone to Lens Mills to get felt by the yard, I wasn't sure how much I would need but knew the little squares from most craft squares wasn't going to cut it!  I picked out a muted pink and made sure my piece was cut with at least 14" of width.  I got out my trusty glue gun and a couple of thin rulers and went to work.  I used the glue to just put a few dots of glue along each channel so the felt wouldn't come out, not sure if you would need to do this but it makes me feel better!  Than it was a simple process of tucking the felt in with the rulers and moving on to the next channel.  I did keep the previous ruler in and used a second and third ruler moving the first one as I went down the board, always leaving 1 to 2 rulers in the previous ones.

 My letter board is starting to look like something besides a block of wood with a lot of rows cut into it!

My letter board is starting to look like something besides a block of wood with a lot of rows cut into it!

Here is what my board looked like after I had finished tucking in the felt.  There is a lot of left over felt along all the edges of the raised square platform.  I cut the felt fairly close to the inner block so that the frame would sit more level.  Once I had done that it was simply a matter of cutting my 1" border for the frame and painting it.  I than used wood glue to glue the frame in place using some clamps to hold them in place until the glue dried.

 My finished DIY Felt letter Board!

My finished DIY Felt letter Board!

I went back to Amazon and ordered letters for my new board and here it is all finished!  

If you were wanting to try this out yourself you only need a few things.

  • 12"x 1"(or piece of wood the width you want your board) wide square board (this is what I bought) $10.00
  • 1" x 1/4" molding for the frame $2.00?
  • felt by the meter. to get the length $3.00 at Lens Mills
  • rulers, at least 2.  I picked up a 3 pack at Dollarama
  • wood glue and a glue gun
  • table saw
  • paint, I used leftover wall paint.

If I only give a price for the materials I used for ending up with this board it would have been about $15.00 max with lots of leftovers, we won't talk about how much I spent on mistakes!  

It was a fun project to make and I am so happy with how it turned out.  I do still want to try to make one with a frame and dowels though...maybe soon!  Have you tried to DIY something and it actually turned out?  What was your favourite thing you have made?

I hope you enjoyed this little sprinkle of DIY on an otherwise beauty blog.  Would you like to see more of our adventures into DIY?!  We have lots of things we try, some good-some not so much.  

Sephora #Lipstories - Tan Lines Review

I picked up the new Sephora #Lipstories in 06-Tan Lines to give the new range a try.  These bullet lipsticks are only $10.00 CAD a piece, thats cheaper than some drug store brands.  For that price I figured I couldn't go wrong and the shade Tan Lines looked like my kind of shade-Nude!  Read on if you'd like to hear my thoughts on the new Sephora #Lipstories lipsticks.

 Sephora #Lipstories in 6-Tan Lines.

Sephora #Lipstories in 6-Tan Lines.

What Sephora says about #Lipstories - This is lipstick for real life, not just ring lights-lipsticks for celebrating the wild adventures, best moments, and magical memories in your life. So grab a shade or four and take your lipstick outside.  See you out there.  What it it: A high pigment, lightweight lipstick that provides full-coverage in one swipe.  Available in 40 shades and three finishes: matte, cream and metal.

The Sephora #Lipstories are packaged in a cardboard packaging, similar to the Tarte Quench Lip Rescues.  The packaging does feel very sturdy though, so no need to worry that it is going to fall apart in your purse!  The cap is nice and tight fitting as well.  Each lipstick bullet has a different picture on the tube, usually something to do with the shade name, 06-Tan Lines has a beach theme.  The finish is also embossed on the lipstick, which is kind of different.  You won't forget what finish you are using anyway.

The shade I picked up, 06-Tan Lines, is a light warm peachy nude.  It is a fairly light shade that I think would look the best on light-light medium skin tones, I think any skin tones much darker than that and it may be to light.  

 Swatch of Sephora #Lipstories 6-Tan Lines.

Swatch of Sephora #Lipstories 6-Tan Lines.

The shade I picked up,  06 - Tan Lines is a #cream finish.  I am a fan of cream finish, it just feels so comfortable on the lips.  They are like a classic cream lipstick finish, slightly glossy and definitely not transfer-proof!  The downside to them is that you do need to apply them more often.  I find with the Sephora #Lipstories, at least this shade, I do need to re-apply after about 3-4 hours.  

Form having tried this one Sephora #Lipstories lipstick I am definitely interested in trying out the #matte finish.  Hopefully it is as comfortable as the #creme.  I definitely think that these new lipsticks from Sephora are more than well worth the $10.00 CAD price tag.

OPI - Infinite Shine - Less Is Norse Review and Swatches

I was lucky enough to pick up the OPI Infinite Shine Iceland Collection set in Less Is Norse at my local Cosmoprof store for a steal of a price, $10.97 CAD for all three polishes!  So of course, being the polish hoarder that I am, I picked it up.  Even at my prices I would have only been able to get 1 bottle for that price.

 OPI Infinite Shine Less Is Norse set.

OPI Infinite Shine Less Is Norse set.

What OPI say about the Infinite Shine System - Enjoy gel-like wear and shine in lacquer easy formula!  Our 3-step Infinite Shine professional long-wear lacquer provides long-lasting, rich color that doesn't require a light to cure.

I have wanted to give the OPI Infinite Shine system a try for awhile to see if it really does last better than my usual nail products.  I sit at a computer for 8 hours a day for my regular job and at home we tend to do quite a few home projects.  

The instructions for the OPI Infinite Shine System are-

Step 1-Primer - Apply one coat to prepared nails.  I didn't notice any difference between this base coat and others, it dries fairly quickly.

Step 2-Long-Wear Lacquer - Apply two THIN coats.  Cap the free edge.  I usually use 2 coats of polish as I rarely get a one-coater!  I found that the color was true to the bottle after the second coat.

Step 3-Gloss - Apply one coat over color.  The only difference I found with this top coat is that it was fairly quick drying considering it wasn't a quick dry top coat.

 Freshly applied OPI Infinite Shine in Less Is Norse from the Iceland Collection.

Freshly applied OPI Infinite Shine in Less Is Norse from the Iceland Collection.

Please excuse the messy cuticles!  This is how my nails looked after following the instructions for the OPI Infinite Shine System.  I love the shade, Less Is Norse, it is a great Fall/Winter color.  It is a great greyed out blue.  Neither to blue nor to grey.  The top coat of the system gave a great shine to my nails and seemed to even out a few left over brush strokes.

 OPI Infinite Shine in Less Is Norse after 1 week of wear.

OPI Infinite Shine in Less Is Norse after 1 week of wear.

This is how my nails looked after a very rough on my nails week!  Minimal tip wear, it really isn't that bad, you can only notice it if you are looking really closely at my nails, from a distance you can barely tell.  The grey bits on my nail bed aren't chips or anything, that left over paint!  This past weekend my husband and I finished up a few projects so I actually sanded and painted a few projects before I took this picture.  The shine that I had on day 1 probably gradually faded to this by about the 5th day.  I am sure I  could have gotten more than a week out of the nail system if I had reapplied the top coat at least once throughout the week.  I have to say that I am fairly impressed with how the OPI Infinite Shine system held up to a very rough week.  

Do I think its worth the higher price tag?  Each bottle is $18.00 CAD, to me that is fairly high, but I have noticed that most longer wear nail polish is in that range.  The Bay has a set were you can get the top and base coat for $30.00, which isn't a bad deal.  I really liked the Less Is Norse shade a lot.  The base coat did protect my nails, I had no staining from wearing such a dark shade, which is always a great thing.  Have you tried the OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear system?  What did you think?

New In For February 2018

I did a little bit of damage last month, but better than usual!  I am going to try to steer away from Limited Edition products this year...I hope!  I picked up a few things last month that I have been interested in trying out for awhile now.  Plus a few that I didn't necessarily know that I wanted to try.

 My first Ultra order to Canada.

My first Ultra order to Canada.

I have lately been thinking I needed the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette!  Ulta ships to Canada now through Border Free.  I thought I would give it a try and found a deal with the Real Techniques brushes, buy 2 get 1 free I think it was?  I am always on the hunt for great eye blending brushes and I don't believe I have seen these 3 sets anywhere else.  The one set has a winged liner guide so I was interested in trying that out.  I will say that I wasn't able to get any points not use an Ultra coupons when I shipped to Canada which is a bummer.  But I was able to get the buy 2 get 1 free for the brushes.

 My sister went to Ultra for me!

My sister went to Ultra for me!

My sister went to see her son in Ohio at the beginning of February so I gave her a list of some things I was interested in and told her to pick me up a few things if she found them or surprise me!  She surprised me with the Ribbon Curlers that I have been interested in trying but was having a hard time finding them around here.  I have been interested in trying out a foundation from Neutrogena and guessed at the shade, I think I guessed right!  The Real Techniques sponges I wanted to try out again, I did like the one I had before but it did fall apart quickly, hopefully they have fixed that problem.  She surprised me also with the city powder, I have only ever heard great things about it but have never been able to find it.  One thing I will say, if you don't like scents, swear far away from this powder.

In January I had heard that Zoya was having an add on Mystery box that was worth over $100 with any order over $30 USD.  I haven't tried much from Zoya so I thought this would be a great way to hopefully get a few different things to try.  I picked up 3 shades of polish, Normani, Brigitte and Leah(a Satin).  The rest of the products you see were in the Mystery box.  Not a bad deal for $39.10 CAD, and I wasn't hit with any more charges delivering to Canada.

 I couldn't not pick up this set!

I couldn't not pick up this set!

A friend of mine was wanting me to take her to CosmoProf to get some gel polishes because she just got herself a light.  I was a licensed Hairstylist for 15 years so I can go and buy stuff at cost, which is a huge savings!  I was wandering around a little and saw the OPI set and have been interested in trying out the OPI Infinite Shine for awhile but even at my cost it was a tad higher than I like to spend!  I saw this set that has the base, top and a beautiful greyed blue shade for under $11 CAD, of course I picked it up, I can't even get 1 bottle of the OPI for that price.  I picked up a little glass dish for when I do nail art, I like to put acetone in it to clean brushes in-between.

So I finally bought Marc Jacobs!  My Ebates cheque went into my PayPal account and I decided this time to spend it on something I would have not picked up easily on my own.  I got the Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic eye palette in Glambition and it cost me nothing!  Saw the Marc Jacobs Sugar & Cream set and figured I might need that to....

 Sephora Lip Stories in Tan Lines.

Sephora Lip Stories in Tan Lines.

I haven't heard to much about the new Sephora Lip Stories and decided I wanted to try them out.  I picked up the shade Tan Lines, a nice peachy nude!  Imagine,...a nude.

So I think I picked up a few great things that I am definitely looking forward to trying out and reporting back to you on.  Is there anything here that you think I should try out first?  Or that interests you?  Let me know.