NoTW For October 26, 2015

I can't believe it's already the last week in October!  It's been a pretty good week weather-wise in Southern Ontario, cool mornings but warming up to the mid-teens by afternoon.  To me that's about perfect!  We ordered a new snowblower online and it was delivered this week, it took less than a week!  Of course my husband has already put it together and it is waiting in the garage for when it's needed, hopefully not to soon!  I really have to start shopping for Christmas though!  It is getting harder and harder to figure out what to get my family the older they get.  I have a feeling my son's list will consist of video games, he's 16!  My daugther will be a little harder this year with Keegan due the first week in December!  I am on the lookout for a cute Christmas dress for her!  Have you started getting ready for the holidays yet?

For the last week in BCA month I wanted to try to do one last nail art.  I used Morgan Taylor 'Lip Service', from the Fight like A Lady set I showed you here, and Sephora Formula X in 'Invincible' from the Sephora Favorities 'Meet Your Match' set, which by the way is still available here.  I used stripping tape to make the squares on my index fingure and than used a fine detail nail brush to do the wording.  I think it turned out ok, especially for my first time!  

NoTW from October 19. 

NoTW from October 19. 

Last weeks NoTW lasted not so bad, I guess.  I lost the glitter accent nail on Saturday, so it stayed on for 5 days!  Thats better than the last time, which was here.  Last week was the first week of using the Julep top coat and I am not so impressed by it.  It took forever to dry!  I thought it was dry but as you can see on my pointer finger it smudged on me.  It also seems a little thick, it almost drags on the polish.   The Zoya polish also chipped quite abit.  Not a great week for nails!  Hopefully this week is better.

Did you do any nail art for BCA month?  If you have leave me a link in the comments, I'd love to have a look at it.