Baby Quilt!

I know quite a few people who are expecting babies this year.  Two very special people, one being my niece Von.  She found out early that she would be having a girl, she was due at the end of October and had her daughter October 14.  I wanted to make her something special that would be useful and different from anything else she would likely have.  I have made a few quilts before so I thought I would make her a crib quilt.  I knew I wanted to put her name on it somewhere, and that she wasn't the biggest fan of pink!  But she is having a girl so I figured a little pink would be ok.  I found this baby quilt on Pinterest and really liked it but there wasn't enough room for the babies name anywhere so I changed a few things and came up with this.

Rosaleigh's crib quilt.

Rosaleigh's crib quilt.

Not having a pattern to follow made this a little tougher than I thought it was going to be.  I quessed at the amount of fabric I would need, I didn't do to bad but I did have to make a return trip hoping they still had one of them!  I bought 0.5 of a meter of all 5 fabrics and have quite a bit left over of some and needed to get more of the border fabric.

I cut the yellow, green pattern and black fabric into strips at 2.5 inches wide x 11.5 inches long.  This gave me the strips for the top and bottem of the quilt.  I sewed the strips together in the pattern you see with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  

I than worked on the middle section.  I used a 15.5 inch wide x 34 inch long stip for the middle section.  The pink borders were 2.5 inch wide strips as well.  I had only done I think one other applique pattern on something before so this part took me a little longer.  I found a font that I liked, made it the correct size and printed it off.  When I first went to make my patterns for the letters I forgot about making sure the letters weren't backwards.  I ended up redoing it tracing the letters on the back of the paper to make my pattern as I couldn't figure out how to flip the writing in google docs.   To figure out where to place the letters so it was centred I folded the white section in half and marked the centre line.  I than figured out the angle , made another marking and started from the middle and went out from each side so that it would be centered.  From there it was fairly easy, I used a zig zag stitch on my sewing maching and just went around the outline of everything making sure to catch all the cut edges.  

I cut my border fabric at 3.5 inches and sewed everthing together.  Once I had the top done you just make your quilt 'sandwich' (top, batting, backing fabric) pin it evenly around so it doesn't shift and quilt it.  I decided to just 'quilt in the ditch' (outline) the straight lines and also around the flowers in the centre.  

Finish off the edges with some Bias tape and you are done!  1 unique, personalized baby gift!  

Materials needed for this quilt :

  • .5 metre of your choice of fabrics (I used 5)
  • .5 metre of light weight fusable interfacing (for applique)
  • 2 metres of backing fabric (I used flannel so it would be softer)
  • 2 packages of Bias tape
  • 1 baby quilt bat

I know this post is not beauty related but it is something else that I enjoy, I hope you enjoyed this little side post.  I am also working on 2 other quilts at the moment, one for my son and one for my daughter, who is also expecting a girl at the beginning of December.  I'm going to be a grandma!  I hope you enjoy my little side posts of crafty type things!  Have you ever made a quilt? Or anything else?