Black Friday & Shopper's Drug Mart Bonus Redemption Day Hauls, 2015

I did a small amount of damage on Black Friday, and than on Saturday, Shopper's Drug Mart had a Bonus Redemption Day.  This is ging to be a fairly long and somewhat picture heavy post!  There was only a few things that I was really after on Black Friday, namely the Philosphy Purity Face Wash.  I use Purity to wash my face at night as well as to clean my makeup brushes.  Purity works great with a Clarisonic and gets my brushes clean without drying them out.  I was hoping to order online but when I woke up at 430 am everything that I wanted was sold out online so I headed over to the mall.  It was surprisingly not busy and I was able to get the Purity as well as the few other goodies I was interested in.

My small Sephora Black Friday Haul, 2015.

My small Sephora Black Friday Haul, 2015.

The Sephora $13 CAD deals I was able to pick up -

Philosphy Purity x2 - Great wash for face and makeup brushes

Clean Rollerball Layering Trio - Cashmere, Warm Cotton, and Skin - I have heard a few good things about the Clean scents and am hoping they are subtle enough to wear to work.

Buxom Strut You Stuff - 3 minis including Full-on Lipstick in Brooklyn, Full-On Lip Cream in Rose julep, and Mini Hold The Line Waterproof Eyeliner in Come Over - I was interested in trying out the Full-On Lipstick in Brooklyn, it looked like a great everyday color and I am always interested in seeing if there is a better eyeliner for tightlining with than the Marc Jacobs one.

Tarte - Fanciful Favorites - Maracuja oil, Amazonian Clay blush in Fanciful, and Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara - All minis but I love Tarte Blush and the Mascara.  I am not a fan of the Maracuja oil, but am thinking on keeping it out and trying to use it on my cuticles?

I was lucky and was able to get everything I was after at Sephora.  That was really all I was after but for some reason I ended up back at the mall a few hours later...  I went into WalMart and the had a mini Keurig on sale of under $70 so I texted my husband and he wanted me to pick  one up for his parents for Christmas, he has since decided to give it to them early!  I also saw that The Body Shop had a great deal going on where you could get almost any 3 products in the store for $33 and a tote for $30 if you spent $30.  I wasn't going to get anything but I went in anyway and ended up picking up a few eye creams as well as a mask.  So since I had spent the required $30 I figured I might as well pick up the tote!

The Body Shop goodies, including what I kept from the bonus bag.

The Body Shop goodies, including what I kept from the bonus bag.

From The Body Shop 3 for $33 CAD I picked up -

Aloe Eye Defence ($18)- I am on the hunt for a day eye cream that doesn't dry out norbe to moisturizing to wear under concealer.  This one felt nice and sunk in quickly.

Pomegranate Firming & Refreshing Eye Roll-On ($28)- Same reason as above!

Warming Mineral Mask (15-18?-I can't find it on the website)- I like to use a face mask a few times a week and this sounded interesting.

I wasn't going to pick up the filled $30 tote but decided to anyway.  There was a few things I was interested in, that would have cost over $30 anyway, and I figured I could always give away what I didn't want.  I also liked the Tote the products came in.  In the Tote I kept -

Satsuma Body Polish ($20)- I have Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms and am always looking for a scrub to use a few times a week.

Shea Body Butter ($20)- I like this body butter to use in the winter when my skin starts getting really dry, I just wish I didn't have to stick my fingers in it!

Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover ($6) - I have heard that this make-up remover is quite a few peoples holy grail remover so I wanted to give it a try!

Bath Lily ($4) - Who can't use another Shower puff?!

Satsuma Hand Cream ($10) - I can always use another hand cream!  Not to mention I like the Satsuma scent.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream ($8)- I used to really like this face cream in the winter when my face would get really dry so it is nice to have a small one to try out if I get dry this year.

Samples - Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask - I like trying out masks, Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer - I'll give a try, Drops Of Youth Concentrate - sounds interesting.  You also got a $5 off your next purchase coupon between December 1-24.

I gave my Mother-in-Law the Strawberry Shower Gel-I am not a fan of the scent, Coconut Soap - not a fan of bar soap, and the Mango Lip Butter-I hate sticking my fingers in products, especially lip balm.

I had also gotten an email that all Mac Holiday sets where 25% off and that the Bay was also having a bonus 10% off purchases!  I had been interested in the PatentPolish Lip Pencils so I decided to get one and try them out.

Mac Irresistibly Charming Patentpolish/Nude.

Mac Irresistibly Charming Patentpolish/Nude.

I picked up the Irrestistibly Charming Patentpolihs/Nude cause you know, I like nudish lip colours!  In the set you get Innocnet, Revved Up, Mojo-Maker, and Sultana.  There is very little product in these and I probably would have been upset if I had paid the regular price of $42 CAD, but for $32.05 including tax I am quite happy to give them a try.

Shopper's Drug Mart occasionally has Bonus Redemption Day where you get extra money off purchases a few times a year when you cash in points.  I had been saving up my points for when they would be doing this promotion again, I had over 95 000.  My husband had bought a PS4 in the summer, that's how I ended up with so many!  During Bonus Point Redemption Day I was able to use 95 000 points to get $200 off my purchase!  I went in knowing that there were a few things I wanted and open to trying out things from other brands that I don't usually buy from, I mean its basically free so if I am not a fan it wouldn't be a huge loss!

My Shopper's Drug Mart Bonus Redemtion Day Haul!

My Shopper's Drug Mart Bonus Redemtion Day Haul!

At Shopper's Drug Mart I picked up -

Clinique Pretty Wow, Pretty Now Set ($55) - I went in hoping to get this set as I still haven't tried out the Cheek Pops!  In this set there were 3 products I either already like or wanted to try, the Cheek Pop, Take The Day off Makeup Remover and the High Impact Mascara.

Pür Primer Wardrobe ($19)- I had seen this set of mini primers int he flyer and wanted to give them a try.

Cover Fx Natural Finish Oil Free Foudnation ($40) - I picked this up in N30, I hope its a good match!  I have heard quite a few YouTubers talking about this foundation lately and figured trying it out for free would be a good time to try it!

Smashbox Art, Love, Colour Palettes ($52) - I have heard so many people say that the Smashbox Photo-Op eyeshadows are realy good so I was looking for a set that had them in it.  This set includes 18 Photo-op eyeshadows and 3 Blushes, in 3 small palettes.

Avène Cold Cream Lip Cream ($12.50) - I was originally going to pick up a Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask but saw this set and thought I would give a different brand a try.

Essie Limited Edition mini nail polish set $16.99)- I have not tried out any minis from Essie and I really liked the look of the colors in this set,

Real Juice Jelly Beans ($3.99)- I like jelly beans and needed to spend a few more bucks!

I also picked up a bottle of juice for myself and sister to top me up to the $200 level.  I paid $25.90 for all this!  Only the tax, not bad!

I picked up a lot of different products to try out as well as some favorites during the sales on the Black Friday weekend.  I am excited to try out the new products and have some of my favorites back, I am also happy with the prices I managed to pay!   Did you manage to get any deals during the Black Friday Weekend? 

In the new year I will be doing a lot less shopping, I hope!, and more reviews for you.  Is there anything here that interested you? Or is something that is one of your favorites and think I should try out first?  Let me know in the comments.