A little Sephora shopping

From 2/11/2015

I had gotten Color IQ done at Sephora about a month ago, still on the search for a foundation to last me through the day.  I got a sample of Estee Lauder Doublewear in 2C3 Fresco.  THe associate also sent me away  with 2 samples of primer, Laura Mercier Oil Free and Nars ProPrime Oil Free.  I had been afraid to try the Double wear before because of my dry skin, but since this year I am deciding to be oily this is what was recommended to me.  OMG that stuff is great!  I tried it with both primers and without.  I did not like the Laura Mercier it seemed to make the foundation break up.  The Nars I liked and will consider buying it in the future if i find I need it.  The Double wear really didn't need a primer! It lasts pretty good on its own with only minimal break up on my nose by around 9 pm.  Not to bad considering I put my make up on at 6 am!  
So need less to say I put an order into Sephora.  I prefer to order online as than I get samples :)  I find in my Sephora its hit or miss whether you get any at all unless you get some from the floor(foundation, primer, face cream, etc). 


I picked out Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, Caudalie, and the Dior Nude Air Foundation sample as my 3 samples.  I than saw that they had the new Tarte Smooth Operator pressed powder as a deluxe sample you could choose if you spent over $35 CAD.  They only had it left in Tan, but I thought I would give it a try anyway.  It is so smooth!  It really isnt that dark at all, I thought maybe I could use it for a contour or to darken up a to light foundation but it barely changes the color at all.  I am glad I got this sample.  I like the scent of the Elizabeth and James as well, its a little spicy but not an over powering scent.  I have not tried the Caudalie as of yet but I will let you know.  
The only thing I don't like about the foundation is that it does not have a pump.  But I have found a way around that.  I was going to go to Mac and get a pump like everyone says to do but than I remembered seeing on someones YouTube(I cant for the life of me remember now) about these airless pump bottles you could get on Ebay.  I ordered some and will let you know shortly how they are.  
So that's my little Sephora haul, have you tried any of these products?  How did they work for you?