Bite Beauty Lip Love Set

From 1/22/2015

I picked up this set on boxing day when it was on sale for $28(CAD).  In the box you got a full size BB For Lips in the shade Tawny, which is a light wash of a coral color.  Also Agave Lip Mask .18oz and a Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub .13oz.  The perfect size to try a few different products from the brand, also at a great price.  I had always wanted to try the Agave Lip Mask but was hesitant to spend $30(CAD) on a lip mask as I had only ever bought drugstore brands of lip balm before.  

I have been using the kit for almost a month now and I have to say that it is worth the money!  I have been trying to follow the instructions given by Bite but the one thing I am horrible about is licking my lips! I seem to do it a lot, especially when I am outside, not to sure why.  I use the BB For Lips most days at work as it is like the sahara in there!  This feels great, it is very moisturizing and I can feel it on my lips for a few hours.  At night when I am getting ready for bed I use the scrub and than follow that with the Lip Mask.  I wake up with the softest lips! And I can still feel the mask!  I am not sure how it would feel using this during the day though.  I personally think it would be far to heavy.


I have barely put a dent into the Lip Mask and I have been using it every night!  Unfortunately you cant get this kit anymore but they do have a new one that has the same size of mask and a small size of the scrub that is in a tube format now!  The new set is $18(CAD), I hope they have this still in stock when I get closer to finishing the one I have now.  If not I will be picking up the full size when this sample size is done.  Which I don't see happening to quickly.  
Have you tried the Agave Lip Mask? How do you like it?