Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara

From 1/6/2015


I thought I would try this new mascara from Cover Girl as I hadn't seen very many reviews on it and what I had saw were quite mixed.  
I was a little lery of it when I saw the plastic bristle brush as I don't typically like those type, I perfer natural bristle.  This brush was not your typical plastic brush, it was almost soft when I felt it before putting it in the tube.  So I figured I would giv eit a try.

Sadly it did not much for my lashes.  It gave a very natural look to them which would have been ok to use with false lashes if it hadn't smudged under my eyes 3 hours into my shift....I spent the rest of the day going into the washroom to wipe more off from under my eyes.  So it looks like its back to the trying out to try and see if I can find another mascara that will last and add some volume to my lashes. 
I do  like 'They're Real' from Benefit but I really do not like the brush on it, I find it almost scratchy when I am trying to get close to my lash line.  I so far am liking Clinique's 'High Impact Mascara' as the brush is great and it lasts.  Any recommendations?