IMATS-Toronto 2014

From 12/2/2014


So I went to IMATS on November 22.  I wasn't to sure what to expect, the only information I could really find was that it wouldn't be as big as NY or LA.  I wasn't expecting there to be quite as many people and booths as there were!  I was pleasantly surprised.  I went with my sister (Carol) and a good friend (Sue).  We took the 0736 train from London and got to Toronto about 1000.  We didn't even have to go outside to get to the Convention Center, just walked the Skywalk from Union Station right to the Convention Center.  When we got there we waited in a short line to get 'stamped' to come and go.  When we walked in it was wall to wall people.  Not knowing what to do we just kind of wandered abit and asked others what we should be doing.  We went to MAC first, found out we were to write what we were wanting, give the list to a MAC employee and than wait in the longest line I have seen for makeup....and they would come find us.   While in that line we found out that the MUFE was kind of the same.  So we decided to divide and hopefully concur.  Carol and I stayed in the MAC line while Sue waited in the MUFE one.Well we did that and waited in the lines for about 45 min.  After about 45 min of waiting in those lines we decided to give up and try to get other things on our list. 


Carol and I tried to get to the Morphe counter...that was horrendous as well.  But we did end up being able to squeeze our way in to each get the blush palette (10D) and the eye shadow palette (35W) before they were sold out. We both were interesting in them after Jaceyln Hill raved about them.  After that  we decided to give up and go have lunch and hope that the lines were somewhat shorter after. 

 When we came back from lunch it was soo much easier to get around and see and touch the products. I had a fairly large list of things I was hoping to get and I have to say I did fairly well.  I was really wanting to get brushes, i seem to be obsessed with them lately!  Cant seem to get enough. 


We were all able to get most everything on our lists which to me makes for a successful trip!  And another good thing, I saved quite abit of money buying things at IMATS.  Here's the breakdown.
Brushes: Bdellium 964-$8-$14.75
                       Paid $39-Retail $62.75 + tax
 Royal &Langnickel Angled Shader-$6-$5.99
                                  Short Flat Syn Liner-$2-$7.99
                                  Bent Liner-$4-$5.99
                        Paid $22-Retail $39.95 + tax
Velour Lashes - Paid $20-Retail $30 + tax + $3.99 shipping
MUFE- HD foundation(118)-$33-$49
             Artist Shadow-$13-$24
                        Paid-$47-Retail $73 + tax
Beauty Blender - Paid $49 - Retail $49
Embryolisse - Paid $23 - Retail $28
Organic Goats Milk Brush Cleaner - Paid 13-Retail $19.99 + tax
Z Palette - Paid 15 - Retail $24 + tax + shipping
MAC-Cranberry eye shadow-$9 - $12
         Painterly Paint Pot-$20 - $25
                       Paid $29 + tax- Retail 37 + tax
Morphe - Eye shadow palette - $15-$19.95
                  Blush palette - $12-$15.95
                  Lashes(individual) - 2 for $4 - $1.99 each
                  Eye Liner - $1- can't find on the website
                  Individual Eye shadow - 2 for $5 - $2 each
                  Brush M460 - $12 - $13.95
                          Paid $49 - Retail $57.83 + tax, shipping and exchange
Eve pearl Concealer and Brush ( forgot to take a picture) 
                          Paid $20 - Retail $ 52.99 + tax and shipping
Total Spent $326 - Retail $474.51 + tax, shipping and exchange.

Not to bad if I do say so!  I had a great time and plan on making the trip again next year.  I'll let you know my thoughts on the products once I have a chance to use them more.  The plan of attack for next year is to go have a bite to eat maybe shop around the area and than hit up Imats after lunch.
Did you go to Imats? Have you been before? How did you find it?