Ipsy - December 2014

From 12/28/2014


The theme for December with Ipsy was 'Thinking of You'.  It seemed that there were different cards in the bags.  Mine was' You are an Inspiring Original'.  I thought this was a nice touch for people to get different quotes in their bags.  I likesd the bag this month it is a black satin type bag with a pink zipper and heart zipper pull that says 'Ipsy" on it.
Inside the bag I received a Swissco Eyelash curler, it seems like a decent enough curler but I gave it to my daugther as I have a Tarte one that I really like and it fits my eyes with no pinching.  My daughter has not made any complaints about so I am assuming its fine.
I also recieved the Pixi Fairy Dust in Brigthening Bare.  When I first opened it I thought the bottle was empty as nothing seemed to come out on the applicator.  I tryed it again a few days later and it was fine with a fair amount of product coming out, the only thing I can think of was maybe it was cold? whatever it is a nice subtle hilight shade that I have been using and enjoying.
Also got the Tarte Light, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 mascara which I am already a big fam of.  I perefer a dryer mascatra that gives volume and doesnt smudge and this one does just that.
The NYX Butter Balm in Parfait is a nice enough lip balm with a hint of color.  It is a little to pink for me but I do use it around the house and like how it feels and if they were more readily available in stores in London I would probably go and get a different cvolor.
Now the one thing I have not tryed yet is the BWC AHA 3% cleanser.  I will try this out once my bottle of cleanser for in the shower is done.  It doesnt have a nasty smell to it, I have read that people with dry skin are saying not to use it ever day though. I tryed it on my hands and it did leave them feeling abit tight.  I will get back to you on how it is on my face though.
Not a bad Ipsy bag, I wwas going to cancel after this montha s the past few bags have been lacking for me.  After Decemebers bag i will give it another month.  I am thinking on trying out Birchbox now that it is available to Canadians.