Ipsy, February 2015

From 2/26/2015

The theme for Ipsy this month was #ipsyLOVE.  I was going to cancel but saw in the early spoiler that there was a possibility for a brush and I love brushes!  So I stayed subscribed for another month.  I was lucky to have recieved the brush this month.  When I took a sneak at my glam room I was quite excited for 3 out of the 5 products I was getting.  I have not had that for a while now.  


I actually received most of my bag last week, I was missing the brush and a Glamglow.  Ipsy was great though, I emailed them when I got home and found that I was missing the 2 items and they quickly sent them out fo rme.  I just got them in the mail today.
This month I recieved:
GlamGlow Brightmud eye treatment x2 - I have tried this before and liked it so was happy to see 2 packs to try.  I actually find that you only need 1 bubble to do both eyes so for me, I actually got 4 treatments.
Model Co blush in Cosmopolitan 01 - I had orginally thought I wanted the Coral one but am glad I got this pink one instead as I ahve heard that the other has shimmer and this one is Matte.  
Cargo Lip gloss in Anguilla - This is a fairly pigmented pale pink gloss that goes on fairly smooth and not sticky.  It is not a color I will wear though, not sure who could wear this as it is so pale.
NYX Eye/Eyebrow pencil in Crystal Shimmer - I was not really excited about this product because the colors just did not appeal to me.  I may give this a try though it seems fair soft but with fairly large particles of glitter so I would not put this in my waterline.
And lastly the Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush 504 - This brush is so soft! I can't wait to try it out.  I washed it as soon as I opened the bag and took a picture of it for this post.  I will let you know how it is.  It washed up great with no shedding so here's hoping!
I am glad that I didn't cancel my Ipsy for this month.  I have seen the early spoiler for March and am thinking I will stay subscribed for another month as there will be more NYX and that is a brand that is very hard to find in London.  It used to be at Target but since they are closing their stores I think the makeup was the first to go.  I went a few weeks ago to try to get some and it was disgusting.  Most of the products were opened and had been samples or smushed or something.  It was just gross so needlesss to say I did not pick up anything.  Why do people insist on opening every product and swatching it in store?  Its one of the reasons I rarely ever buy anything from there.  I dont know about you but I perfer that no one has tryed out my makeup before I take it home!