Marc Jacobs - The Sky-Liner Seven Piece Petite Highliner Collection

From 1/30/2015


This is the first and only thing from Marc Jacobs that I have tried.  I have been using this set for just over a month now and have to say I have never tried such a creamy, yet long lasting liner.  
It stays in the waterline for almost my whole shift!  12 hrs is a long time for any eye liner to stay, and this is the longest lasting one I have come across yet.  It lasts twice as long as Urban Decays 24/7 liners on me.  I use the brown shade the most in my upper waterline.  It does not smudge nor travel anywhere its not supposed to go once its set.  You do have a few minutes to smudge or whatever else you would like to do with it but once its set it takes a lot to get it off.  
I think that this set is completely worth the $56(CAD) price tag.  I know that I will be buying more of the brown for sure when I run out of this sample size.  Although I don't see that happening very soon even though I use it almost everyday that I put on makeup.  You barely have to use any pressure so therefor you don't use very much at all.  
I have only really used the shades Brown(out) and Blacquer so far but I am hoping to branch out of my comfort zone and try out using the other shades as they are really nice and from swatching them they are the same pigment and smudge-proof as the two shades I am currently using.

Here is a swatch of all the colors you get in this set.  This were all one swipe with light pressure.
O(vert), Brown(out), Sunset, Th(ink), Midnight In Paris, (Plum)age, and Blacquer.


I think that Sunset would look great on the waterline, lower lash line.  
The slight shimmer that these have do not irritate my eyes at all either.
Have you tried out this set yet?  Is there something else I should try next from the line?