My trash clear out, December and January

From 2/5/2015

I thought I would show you what I have used up for the past 2 months.  Sadly not much make up, but alot of skin, hair, etc.  You know the easy stuff to empty.  I will give you my thoughts on them and if I would repurchase.


First up is Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical - I love Batiste dry shampoo.  The smell of this was great, kind of fresh actually.  I really likes it as I dint't feel like I was choking when using it.  This can leave a white cast unless you wait for it to dry and than brush it out really well.  Would I repurchase-I already have!
Bye Bye Frizz 30 day no frizz - I had first tried this last spring and loved it.  It made flat ironing my hair a breeze, so quick.  I had picked up a second one when I got the first one and this is that one.   I am unsure if maybe it went bad?  It really has not done much for my hair this time at all.  It really did not seem to last past the first shampoo, which is weird because I wash my hair less now than I did than.  Would I repurchase-I might but I am going to have a look and see what other keratin smoothing treatments I can find.
Lastly for hair care Vavoom Freezing Spray - I bought this when my sister was getting married and I was going to be doing everyone's hair.  If you want your style to last for the day with out moving this is the spray for you.  I find it is best used when your hair is up as it can get sticky and helmety.  Would I repurchase-I would definitely repurchase if I was going to be doing up-dos for an event again.


Now onto the bulk of the trash.
Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser- My daughter had bought this and didn't like it so I used in the shower to wash my face, it did an OK job nothing fantastic but my face was clean and didn't feel exceptionally tight.  Would I repurchase-Probably not.
Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes-I use these every night to take my makeup off before I use my Clarisonic.  This are moist and slightly textured and 1 cloth does my whole face.  I would not use these as a my only face cleanser as they can be a tad drying.  Would I repurchase-Definitely, they work and are a great price
Macadamia Intensive Repair Hand Cream-I kept this at my desk at work to use after using the hand sanitizer.  It was OK it felt slightly dry though, it did not seem very moisturizing to me.  Would I repurchase-No, I prefer the Hydrating Coconut Oil one.
Cotton Pads- What can I say about these?  They work at taking my nail polish off and using with toner.  Would I repurchase-Already have, they work great and are  a buck!
Clinique Clarifying Lotion-I had gotten this when I was using points at Shoppers and wanted to try a toner.  The assistant recommended this one.  It was OK, I really didn't notice much difference.  Would I repurchase-Maybe, I did just get the Seaweed one from The Body Shop.
Malibu Sunset Hand Soap-This stuff smelled great and didn't dry out my hands.  It did the job well but my husband and son didn't quite like the smell. Would I repurchase-I have already bought more in different scents.
Mango And Mandarin Hand Cream-I had gotten this in an Ipsy bag, not sure of when though.  I kept it in my purse and managed to use it up.  I did not like the smell of this at all, it smelled a little off and was not very hydrating.  Would I repurchase-No
Schick Intuition Razor head?- I use these all the time, they are just so much easier!  It means one less thing in the shower and takes less time to shave.  Would I repurchase-Always!
Sephora Super supreme body butter-This was a sample I had gotten on a trip to Sephora.  It was OK, the smell was good.  I did not find it very moisturizing though.  I was only able to do a leg and an arm with this sample so I did the other side with another cream and the other cream lasted longer.  Would I purchase-No
Sephora Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel-This stuff felt so good in the morning!  It didn't feel sticky or dring.  It seemed to help my eyes be a little less puffy.  Would I repurchase-Maybe, I am trying a few other creams at the moment but none are impressing me tha much and for the price this one seemed to do more.



And to finish it up my 2 lonely mascara samples.
Clinique High Impact Mascara-This stuff was great.  It gave my lashes volume and did not smudge.  I am unsure if this one was slightly dried up as I have opened another sample of this and it seems to be smudging?  Would I repurchase-Maybe, I loved how the first tube I had of this made my lashes look.
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes- Again this was a great mascara. It did everything the Clinique did as well as maybe a bit of length.  Would I purchase-I still have 2 more samples of this waiting as well as about 7 other ones.  But I would purchase the full size of this.
That's all of my trash for December and January.  I felt I went through quite a lot of stuff.  I will do these posts whenever my bag gets full, hopefully it is every month but if not than every 2 months.