NoTW, February 9, 2015

From 2/10/2015

Nail Art time!  I saw this technique on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try.  It was surprisingly easy.  I figured it would be great for Valentines Day.


It is called a 'Drag Marble' technique.  Here is the link to the site I used  She gives clear and detailed instructions, making it fairly easy to recreate.  The jest of it is you use a fair thinkish coat of base coat (I used Tip Your Hat from China Glaze), than while it is still wet you use a dotting tool to place dots of white(Snow from China Glaze).  Than while it is still wet you drag a tooth pick through the dots creating the hearts.

I only did one coat of the red so I am hoping that it will last the week, I will let you know next week how it does.  

I was pleasantly surprised on how well the Lancome polish lasted this past week.  Only minor tip wear and that had actually happened fairly early in the week, I want to say around Wednesday?  And it really did not go any further for the rest of the week.  I have not been putting another coat of top coat on since the first week of my nail series, I realized that by my doing that we wouldn't get a good feel on how it would perform.  The only thing I am missing is that my nails tend to get slightly dull by about mid week.  I may try a Mac polish for next week.