NoTW Februay 16, 2015

From 2/16/2015

I am sorry, I tried to do my nails twice yesterday, Sunday, but I am not sure if I was just to impatient for it to dry or what but each time they smudged horribly.  I was trying to use a Mac polish which I have never used before.  Maybe the formula takes a REALLY long time to dry? Or I put it on to thick? I could not risk another try last night as it was getting fairly late and I had to work today.  I will try it again on Wednesday when I am off again.  Or maybe I should give my nails a week of no polish?  What do you think?  If I do give them a week I will attempt the Mac one again because it is a really gorgeous color.  


Last weeks nail art did very well for the week.  Once again only minor tip wear and slightly dulled down by about Thursday.  I have to say I am really surprised on how the polishes so far are holding up.  
I just started using the Sephora base coat and the Seche Vite top coat.  I am wondering if that isn't the 'magic' formula for my nails.  Have you ever tried these two?  Have you gotten the same results?  Or am I just really lucky?
Anyway here is the follow up picture of last weeks nails.

I hope you all had a great long weekend and stayed warm.