NoTW for February 1, 2015

From 2/1/2015


For this week I was looking through the flyers and noticed that there was a pretty good GWP for Lancome at Sears..I am such a sucker for those.  So I was looking at what Lancome had as I have not tried anything from them.  I noticed they had nail polish and have not seen any reviews on them so I  figured I would try out a couple of those and get the GWP.  It was a win-win for me.  I picked up Vernis In Love Amethyste Brune 387 as I have absolutely nothing this color in my collection and thought I would try something different.  I was quite happy with the way it applied.  I could have done 1 thickish coat but decided to go with 2 thinner coats.  It is a beautiful dark purpley-brown shimmer? At least that's how I see it.  It has a nice thick brush and the formula was not to thin nor to thick.  It dried fairly quickly in that it did not take that long to do my nails.  I am hoping that it wears well as it is such a pretty color.
You can see in the picture that on my nails you can see more of the brown but in the bottle it looks very purple.  

Now for the update on last weeks nails.  The glitter off base coat held up longer than I thought it would, it came off my right hand on Wednesday and my left on Thursday.  I decided to take a picture of how it looked on Friday than just took the rest off and gave my nails a break for the rest of the weekend.  The Morgan Taylor held up pretty good for the time that I had it on and I did not do another layer of top coat in the middle of the week, partially because my right hand accent nail had already come off  so I was already thinking to take it off early.  

As you can see minimal tip wear but my pointer finger at the cuticle is looking pretty rough.  I was lucky enough and managed to get the nail polish as it had come off and as you can see it is great for glitter! it came off in a sheet with nothing left on my nail which is great.  I think the Glitter Base coat would be great for use for a special occasion, just maybe not for a weeks worth of abuse.  I was still pleasantly surprised that it lasted as long as it did.  I was only thinking that I would get maybe a day or two out of it, so getting four before it started peeling off was great.  
Have you tried the Glitter Off base coat?  Did it last longer for you?