NoTW for Februay 23, 2015

From 2/23/2015

So no NoTW for last week due to the very finicky Mac Formidable nail polish!  

It is such an interesting gorgeous color and I think maybe worth the time?  I am usually not the type that will sit and wait for an hour for my nails to dry, who's got time for that?!  But this color is just so multi dimensional that I had to persist!  I am glad I did.  The pictures aren't really doing the shade justice though.  In person it is a deep burgundy with what looks like blueish glitter mixed in.  It just sparkles in the sunlight! In regular light it looks far more burgundy.

It is a part of the regular line.  This is a pricey polish, at $14 CAD a bottle so I hope that it lasts the week for me.  

These pictures are in natural light.  They are really not doing this polish justice though.  It is one of those colors that I think needs to be seen in person.  
The first coat was fairly thin and I thought that it might take 3 coats to cover, but luckily for me it was only 2.  I did let this dry for 15 minutes in between each and 30 before I put on the top coat.  I really did not want to go for a fifth time trying to put this color on.  I really hope that this lasts for the week.  If not than I would not try this polish again.  It was just so much work.  
Have any of you tried Mac polish?  Did you have good luck with it lasting?  Are all of the formulas like this one?  I may need to try a cream from them to see if it is as finicky.