NoTW for January 25, 2015

From 1/26/2015

For this week I am going to use Morgan Taylor nail polish along with the OPI Glitter Off Base Coat on my accent nail.
I used 'Latte Please' for 4 of my nails with the usual base and top coats (Nail Envy, Formula X Base Coat and Seche Vite), than I used 'No Way Rose' for my accent nail with the Glitter Base Coat.  I can not remember how long glitter lasted the last time I used the Base Coat.  But I don't think it was a week!  I am trying to get my cuticles in better shape but the constant hand sanitizer at work is doing a real number on my hands this year.  I seem to be going through quite a bit of hand cream lately as well.


Here is a shot of my nails just before I took last weeks off.  The Essie 'In Stitches' held up pretty good for a full week.  I did put another layer of top coat on on Wednesday as they were looking very dull.   I also broke my pointer fingernail on Tuesday so I had to cut it.  Not to many chips and just some minor tip wear.  Not to bad for a first NoTW!  I am thinking on using a China Glaze for next week.  I will be 'trying' to do a nail art for Valentines day as well!  Let me know if there is a brand you would like to see.  If I don't have it I will try to get my hands on it.