Trim The Tree nail art set

From 12/23/2014


I picked this little kit up at CosmoProf a few weeks ago but due to the hectic time of the year I just recently got around to trying it out.
It looked symple enough, said the woman who had never done any kind of nail art before!  I decided I was going to do this as an accent nail.  The Blue (Christmas In December) went on ok, although it did need 2 coats but I find that with most China Galze polishes.  Than came the nightmare of the stripping tape.  Everyones videos I had watche don YouTube made it look so easy....It was not!  First off trying tofind the end of that stuff? Almost impossible!  Than when you find the end and cut off a piece, you have to go through the same thing again!  I got smarter the second time around though and cut off a big enough piece that I could than cut samller pieves off of.   Have you ever tryed to stick thin tape to your nails with one hand? And get it straight?  Not as easy as it looks!  But I finally got it!  I cant show you any pictures of my accomplishment as I am still working out the kinks with the camera, needless to say they were not in focus at all!  The instructions said to than put the green shade (Paper Chasing) on and to take the tape off before the polish dryed.  That part went surprisingly good!  The problem with this part is that I couldnt put a second coat of the green on.  Than you use a dotting tool to put a dot of the red (Difine Good...) as your star at the top.   Seal with a top coat.


Here is my first attempt at nail art!  Not to bad and I learned alot.  
1. Cut the tape BEFORE starting! I had to redo the Blue after fighting with tape as I guess my nails weren't completely dry when i was trying to do this.
2. Tape is NOT an easy thing to use.
3. Check pictures on the camera BEFORE moving on to the next if you want to show the steps!
4. Nail art is not easy, no matter what anyone says!  I am sure if I practice more it will get easier.

I also picked up 'Candy Cane Can Can' when I picked this one up and will be attempting that one today.  Hopefully I can take what I learned with this one and that one will turn out better.  I will post on my success hopefully with more pictures during the process.  Any hints from you for a more successful nail art experience would be great!

Just a quick note to apologize for being absent for so long.  I did not realize quite how busy I would be getting ready for the holidays and I have not written anything until today.  I learned something about blogging during the holidays to!  If possible prewrite posts so you can post more frequently!  I will try to get better at posting more regularly.