Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

I figured it was about time I reviewed this foundation as I have been using it pretty much non stop since I got it in the middle of February.  I was interested in trying this foundation since last year when I started watching YouTube and it seemed EVERYONE loved this.  When I had gone in last year looking for foundation at Sephora I had asked the SA about it but she did not recommend it to me as last year my face was a dry flaky mess.  Fast forward to this year with my oil slick of a nose and it was the first one recommended to me when I explained what I wanted in a foundation and how my skin was reacting this year.  I was given a sample to try and fell in love with it right away and promptly ordered it online. 


It is everything I was trying to find in a foundation!  It lasts past my 12 hr days without looking cakey, or greasy on my nose.  I have used this with and with out primer. I find that this foundation doesn't need a primer to help with lasting power.   My favorite way to apply this ATM is with my Sigma Flat Top Kabuki (F80).  I use about a pump and a half of the foundation and it is the perfect amount for my face.  The shade 2C3 Fresco is a great match for me at my palest.  The only downside about DW is the no pump situation.  You would think that if you are paying $44 CAD for a foundation that it would at least come with a pump.  But I luckily found a solution for that as well.  

In short if you have combination skin this foundation I think would work wonderfully for you. Also if you need your foundation to last along time,12+ hours than this will be your best friend! I am not sure how it would work on dry skin as I did not try it when I was dry.  Have any of you dry skin folks used this?  How is it?