NoTW, a St Paddy's Day Nail Art

For my nails this week I thought I would do some nail art for St Patrick's Day.  I figured I would just use colors I already had.  For the green I used China Glaze in 'Paper Chasing' that was in the Christmas nail art kit I picked up.  The gold is from Cuccio in 'Dare To Dazzle' which I received in a TopBox.  

I put 2 coats of each base color (I did use OPI Glitter Off base coat on ring finger) and than used a dotting tool to make the shamrocks.  It was actually fairly easy to do.  I put 2 small dots than dragged it a bit down to make a heart, put 4 of those in a square and you have a four leaf clover.  It was a little difficult putting the green shamrock on the gold nail as the Cuccio polish has quite a bit of texture to it but it's so shiny!  I received it in a TopBox so I am unsure as to were you can buy as I have not seen it in any stores.

I was surprised at how well the NYC polish held up for the week. Minor tip wear as usual and slightly dull.  I have to say I didn't have very high hopes for a bottle of polish that was 2 for $3!  I was pleasantly surprised at the performance of this polish.  I just may have to try a few more shades.

Did you do any nail for St Patrick's Day?