NoTW For March 23, 2015

For the first week of Spring I thought I would do a Spring type of color. I actually just picked this up from Sephora and it was on sale for $6(CAD).  The color is called 'Alive' by Sephora Formula X and is described on the Sephora website as an opaque peachy coral.  I would say that the description is fairly accurate.  This polish went on very streaky for the first coat but it evened out fairly well on the second.  I did the same base and top as per usual.  I am hoping that this polish lasts as well as the others seem to have.  

Sephora Formula X - Alive

Sephora Formula X - Alive

Lasts weeks nail art fared far better than I thought it would!  I only had slight tip wear at the end of the week.  I did mess up with the glitter base coat and mistakenly put my OPI Nail Envy on before I put the Glitter Off base coat.  Needless to say the glitter stayed on all week and was a slight pain to remove.  

stpats NoTW

What about you, did you try any nail art last week?  Were you wearing green somewhere for St Patricks Day?  I think I will try an Easter nail art for next week, not sure what ATM but maybe something fun.