NoTW for March 8, 2015

Time to get back to regular posting.  I did not do anything with my nails last week as I was off for the week and was quite busy figuring out the new site.  I am glad I was off when I decided to do was a little more time consuming and had a higher learning curve than I had anticipated.  But I think I have enough figured out to get back to posting again.  

So on to the nails!  Since NYC is the CBB Network brand of the month I thought it would be a good place to start for the month.  I choose the In A New York Color Minute in #246 Park Ave.  It is a brownish, grey-lavender shade.  It only took 2 coats to become opaque and smooth.  It dried fairly fast as well, not sure about the minute claims on the second coat but it was still pretty fast.  I purchased this at Walmart for 2 for $3, tell me where can you get polish for that price?  Especially if it holds up to my week back at work!

As you can see by the picture on the right that was how the Mac polish in Formidable held up for the week.  Quite a bit of chipping and tip wear.  I think that this Mac polish would be best for more special occasions rather than trying to get a week out of it.  I did really like the color though.

Have any of you tried the NYC polishes?  I also picked up a couple of lipsticks and a lip liner to try out, I'll get up a review soon!  Is there anything else I should try?