Trip Through My Trash, March 2015

My trash is not very exciting this month but I wanted to get rid of the empties!  I managed to finish up 8 products, not bad. Read on for my thoughts on these products..

March 2015 trash

March 2015 trash

My thoughts on my empties:

  • Bath and Body Works Crisp Morning Air Foaming Hand Soap - I really like these hand soaps and tend to buy a lot when they go on sale.  I picked this up in the fall and it was ok.  The scent was a little overpoweringly of apples, I am not a big fan of that scent. Repurchase? - Not in this scent.But I will continue to buy different ones!
  • Sea Splash Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion - My mother n law brought this back to me from a trip out East last fall.  I liked this as a hand lotion and kept it in the living room for whenever my hands felt dry.  It had a typical lotion scent, kind of flowery? but not overpoweringly so.  My husband even used it!  Repurchase? I would if it was a available locally!  I will have to wait for my mother in law to go back East to get me some more!
  • The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter - I got this small size in a gift pack and I loved the scent, not so much the feel on my skin.  I found this to feel fairly sticky on my skin and that feeling seemed to stay longer than I would have liked.  Repurchase? Not in this scent.
  • Caviar CC Cream 10 in 1 Complete COrrection Leave in Hair Perfector - I received this in an Ipsy bag awhile ago.  I really liked this and the sample size (.85 oz) lasted me quite awhile.  The scent was not overpowering and it made my hair feel soft and easier to comb through.  Repurchase? Maybe if I can find it once I am done with more of my samples....
  • Aerin perfume sample - I am on a mission to use up my samples of perfume and see if I can find one that a) I like, b) my husband likes, and c) I can wear to work!  I didn't mind this perfume but found it to be far to strong to be worn at work.  It is very heavy on the Gardenia scent.  My husband didn't have much to say about it but he didn't say he hated it!  Repurchase? Doubt it, but I wouldn't say no to another sample!
  • Sephora Collection Bunette - This is not really an empty as you can't empty a hair accessory!  I included this here though as I love this thing!  It had no problem holding my hair in a bun nor does it have any problems holding my sisters fine hair.  It is on sale at Sephora for $5 CAD.  I am throwing this out as the metal inside has broken and it seems to be catching on my hair.  Repurchase? I already have another one.
  • Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care Cartridge - I used up this cartridge this past month.  I really like these as my razor as they are just so easy to use, there is no messing around with a razor and shaving cream so its great when you are getting in the shower at 515 am!  Repurchase? I always have back up of these, they are a great price at Costco.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - I like to pick up the travel size of products so I can try them out to see if I like them or not, that way I am not out a lot of money and not stuck with a lot of product to get through but there is enough to see if I like it or not.   I liked this and found that it did help my makeup stay for longer than without it.  I can now see what everyone is talking about!  Repurchase?  I have picked up a full size of this and am enjoying it as much as I did the travel size.

There you have my small March empties post.  Only 1 makeup item and 1 repeat item.  Did you finish up anything good in March?