Trip Through My Trash, May 2015

Another month, another trash clear out!  

Trash for May 2015, a lot of skin/body care!

Trash for May 2015, a lot of skin/body care!

I used up a lot of skin/body care in May.  I didn't realize it until I took this photo just how much I used up.  I am quite happy with this amount of product being used up.  I am getting closer to emptying out my back log of products!  And that means I am closer to getting to pick up new stuff to try out!

From left to right here are the products I used up in May.

  • The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel - I really liked the scent of this shower gel.  It was very refreshing and helped to wake me up.  The shower gel also did not dry out my skin which is always a bonus. Repurhase? Quite possibly.
  • Dr Jart+ BB Dis-A-Pore - I am glad I got to try this out in a sample size.  I found that this did the opposite of what it claimed to do; I found it made my pores more noticeable.  It seemed to make my foundation sink right into my pores giving me what I call comic book face!  Repurchase? No.
  • Hello Body Cream - I find that this size sample really isn't enough to try out a body cream so I end up using these as hand cream at work.  This had a nice citrus scent but I didn't find that it moisturized very well at all.  Repurchase? No
  • Purity 3-in-1 cleanser - This is the face wash I have been using with my Clarisonic since I got it almost 2 years ago.  I love this cleanser.  I have recently started using this to clean my makeup brushes lately and I have to say it does a great job of getting out foundation from a Sigma F80!  Repurchase? Always.
  • Bath and Body Works Dancing Waters Foaming Hand Soap - I really like Bath and Body Works hand soaps. The Dancing Waters scent is one of my favorites, not to perfumey for the guys in my family!  I find that they smell great and get the job done!  Repurchase? Always
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + - I have been using this face cream for a couple of years now.  I use it in the morning only in the winter and both morning and night in the summer.  I really liked this when my skin was dry but am thinking I might try the gel version now.  The only thing I don't like about the lotion is the pump, you cant get all the lotion out of the bottle!  I have to tip it into a small container to get the rest out when the pump stops working.  Repurchase? Going to try the gel version next!
  •  Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Hairspray - This claims to have extra hold but I did not find that to my experience with it.  It was a nice enough Hairspray but I found it to be quite a light hold.  Since I have cut my hair a lot shorter I am finding that things I thought were pretty good when I had long hair really aren't now that my hair is shorter.  Repurchase? Probably not.
  • Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes - I will probably always use these, as I have said before I get these at Costco and the price just can't be beat!  They are a good size and stay moist till the end of the package.  These do a good job of removing most of makeup before I use my Clarisonic at night.  Repurchase? Always!
  • The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter - I found this to be a very moisturizing body lotion!  It smelled great as well.  I think this will be a great lotion for in the winter when my skin is drier.  Repurchase?  In the winter for sure.
  • Philosophy Renewed Hope In a Jar Moisturizer - I got this sample on one of my trips into Sephora.  I found it to be a good moisturizer and think it would be good for the winter or for normal to dry skin.  The smell was great as well.  Repurchase?  Maybe, if my skin gets dry again.
  • Pûr-lisse Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser - I use dthis face cleanse r in the morning and found it was a nice enough cleanser.  It did the job, didn't dry out my skin nor sting my eyes.  I am not picky about what I use to wash my face in the morning as long as it doesn't sting my eyes or dry out my skin.  Repurchase?  Depends on price and availability.
  • Whish Shave Cream - I got this sample in a Birchbox and thought I would give it to my daughter to try but than decided I would try it out!  I wish I had given it to her to try!  I really liked the scent at first but than it seemed to take on the scent of fruit mixed with vomit....not the smell I want to be trapped in the shower with!  Repurchase? No!
  • GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment - I still have another sample of this and do like it but I don't find it does much for my under eye darkness.  It feels good and leaves that area moisturized though!  Repurchase?  I doubt it.
  • Viva La Juicy Noir - I used up a perfume!! I know it was only a travel size but I have never finished one before it started to smell  a little off.  I liked this scent at first but am finding that it is a little to fruity for me lately?  I have 2 more Viva La Juicy travel perfumes that are almost done still to use up.  Repurchase? Not sure

And there is what I used up in May.  I went through alot of product in May and hoping to do the same for June!  Maybe I can use up a makeup product!  

Did you use up a lot in May?  Are you trying to use up your products before buying more?  So far I haven't bought any body lotion since March I think?!  I have a few more tubes to use up before I can get anything else!