NoTW For July 13, 2015

So, the CBBs Theme and Brand of the month is Canadian Indie Love.  I figured a good way for me to incorporate this into a blog post would be to do a NoTW!  I choose a polish from Beyond The Nail which was started in February of 2013 by 2 sisters.  The polish size is a generous 0.5 oz/15 ml, in a nice sized round bottle.  The polishes are 3 free, so free from toluene, diputyl phthalate and formaldehyde. The nail polish bases are also vegan and nothing is tested on animals according to their website. They have a fairly decent FAQs page which will you give some information as well as tips on how to use some of their other products. Mojito is a part of their Summer Cocktail Line, it is described as a 'mint holographic jelly'.  

I had a really hard time getting this polish to photograph and show you the holographic color.  I hope you can tell just how gorgeous this color is from the pictures.  I have nothing like this in my nail polish collection.  The micro glitter in it really gives this polish a special oomph.  I find it to show as a minty blue on  my skin tone rather than a straight up mint.  It is a very thin polish, it took me three coats to get the level of opacity that you see.  I am hoping that this polish holds up as well as many of my others.  I, of course used the same base (Sephora Formula X) and top coat (Seche Vite) as I usually use.

Morgan Taylor NoTW from July 6, 2015.

Morgan Taylor NoTW from July 6, 2015.

Last weeks NoTW, Morgan Taylor 'Postcards From Paris' held up as well as I expected it to.  Which was great, just the tip wear from typing to much!

Have you tried an Indie polish before?  How about any from Beyond The Nail?  I am quite impressed with the service I received from this small Canadian company and if this polish holds up well I can see myself picking up a few more.