Trip Through My Trash, July 2015

Well another month has gone by so it's time for another Trip Through My Trash!  I went through a boat load of products last month!  I can't wait to get rid of all the trash that I have collected over the month.  My Sephora bag was almost full this past month.  I had quite a few repeat products but also some new ones as well.

My beauty trash for the month of July.

My beauty trash for the month of July.

Here is the list as well as my thoughts on the products I used up in July :

  • be Delectable Coconut & Cream Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream - I LOVED this hand cream.  The smell was fantastic and didn't fade away to quickly, it really moisturised my hands as well.  The only problem is that I can't use it at work as a co-worker gets migraines from the scent of coconut.  Repurchase? yes for use at home!
  • Bath & BodyWorks Blue Water Cove Foaming Hand Soap - This hand soap had a great scent that everyone seemed ok with!  It did its job and I love these hand soaps.  Repurchase? Yes, i always buy Bath & BodyWorks hand soaps.
  • Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula - This was a cast off from my daughter, she liked this soap until she got pregnant and it is no longer keeping breakouts away for her.  I used this up, from the black mark on the side, as my shower face wash.  It was ok, nothing great and a little drying.  Repurchase? No
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + - This was also a cast off, but from my sister this time!  She didn't find this lotion to by moisturising enough for her but knew that I had run out and am waiting on a good GWP.  I used this up from the black tic mark on the side.  Repurchase? Yes, as soon as there is a GWP!  I think I am going to try the gel formula next time.
  • 100 count Cotton Pads - I get these at the Dollarama for a buck.  I use these to take off polish, eye make up and to apply my toner.  They work great for that but I am thinking I may try the Shiseido Cotton as I have heard so many people saying how great it is.  Repurchase? Yes, especially to remove polish!
  • Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes - What can I say about these?  They work great, don't sting my eyes and are a great price!  I get these in a jumbo pack at Costco.  These are always in my trash.  Repurchase? Always
  • BeeKind Body Lotion - This is another lotion from Birchbox, I find that the samples of lotion from them are to small to use as a body lotion so I use them as hand cream at my desk.  I really liked the fresh scent of this one but didn't find it to be moisturising enough.  Repurchase? No
  • Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Stimulating Sea Wrack Body Wash - Yet another sample from Birchbox, I am really going through them now!  The scent of this one was ok, nothing great.  I found that it really dried out my skin though.  Repurchase? No
  • Bath & BodyWorks Sugar Plum Dream Ultra Shea Body Cream - I am on a mission to use up my back log of products, especially since I am not supposed to be buying anything until Imats!  I picked this up in the winter and loved the smell of it at first, but quickly got tired of it.  This body cream was great for moisturising and the scent seemed to stick around for awhile afterwards as well.  Repurchase? Not in this scent.
  • Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent - I think I got this in another GWP, but just found it recently...and that's why I am on a no/low-buy!  I really liked this for removing eye makeup, it didn't sting and got my eye makeup off.  Repurchase? Maybe, I have a few others that I have found that i am going to try out and than decide which one to get.
  • blinc Mascara - I pulled this out of the Sephora Lash Stash that I had picked up as I had to go to a friends funeral and didn't want mascara down my face and this is a tubing mascara.  I really didn't like this at all.  It didn't smudge or run but I didn't like the way it removed.  All I thought of was that my lashes were coming off when it was coming off.  This isn't technically empty but I won't use it again.  Repurchase? No  
  • Swisspers Make-Off Cosmetic Applicators - I picked these up to use to clean up around my fingers when I paint my nails.  They worked great for that as well as cleaning up mascara smudges.  Repurchase? Yes
  • Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care -  These again are always in my trash.  I also get these at Costco in a pack of 12 plus a razor.  I like that I only have to wet this and I am ready to shave, I don't have to worry about running out of shave cream with one leg done!  Repurchase? Always
  • Beauty Protector Beauty Wash - This is from Birchbox, I loved the smell of this body wash it could have been more moisturising though.  This is the second Baurty Protector product I have received from Birchbox and both have had the same sweet scent.  Repurchase? No
  • Lush Fresh Face Mask The Sacred Truth - My sister and I are planning on splitting up one of these face masks each month as they expire rather quickly.  I hated the scent of this one, it was very flowery.  It did make my face feel smooth and moisturised.  Repurchase? Not this one, but other Lush ones yes.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Ageing - This was the primer that wouldn't end.  I thought for sure I would have finished this long before now.  I love to use this on my undereye area to help with creasing and to help with lasting power of concealer.  I also use this for its intended purpose of an eyeshadow primer, but I do find it works better under my eyes.  Repurchase? Yes.
  • Jurlique Purely Bright Treatment Serum - Sorry this isn't really in the picture, its actually inside the empty package for the Q-tips, I put it in there so I wouldn't forget about it and promptly forgot about it until I was writing this!  This was a foil sample but I was able to use it for a few days.  I found it to not really sink into my skin very well and it felt sticky.  It also had a fairly strong perfumy scent to it.  Repurchase? No

I am very happy with the amount of products I was able to finish up for the month of July.  A lot of skin/body care and primer!  I will be replacing the Urban Decay Primer ASAP as I already notice a difference without it.

Did you get through a lot of products in July?  Are you finding some stuff that you know right away you won't use again?  I am thinking on posting a running tally of products I have used up, would that interest you at all?  Thanks for taking another Trip Through My trash!

I'd also like to take the time to wish my sister a Happy Birthday!