Finish 5 By Fall Finale

I am so glad that I participated in this challenge!  It was a lot of fun and I learned quite a bit to.  The big thing I learned is that it takes forever to use stuff up!  I knew this before but it really hit home when I failed to finish anything from my challenge.  I thought I had chosen products that it wouldn't be hard to finish in 3 months.  I didn't do to terribly bad but not great either.  If you want to check out the start of the challenge you can read about it here. and my update here.

Here are the start and finish pictures :

As you can see from the pictures, I didn't finish anything.  I came very close though!  

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup in 4.0 - I am going to call this one done as when I am trying to pump out product very little comes out and it kind of sprays out.  I never used this foundation without mixing it with something else, it was way to dark for me.  It lasted OK, but would wear off around my nose by about 2pm(8hr mark).  I think that this is best for people with dry to normal skin, not so much for oily/combo.

Sephora Clear Brow Gel - I really thought I would finish this!  I use it everyday that I put makeup on which is about 5 days a week on average.  I like this brow gel, it does its job.  I am on the fence about the packaging, I like that its clear so you can see how much is left but I also don't like it because you can see how gross it looks!  I will continue to use this up.

Stila Lip Glaze in Orchid - I now know why this has just been sitting around!  I am going to toss this, I am not a fan of the glitter at all.  It is also really sticky.  I think I am not a lip gloss kind of girl!  I tried to use this a few times but, ewe, t was gross! I will be tossing this.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil - I don't know why I stopped using this!  It is still very creamy and doesn't tug at all.  The color is a great nude/pink that goes with a lot of different lip products.  I like to use this with a light nude lip color so it doesn't wash me out.  I will continue to use this.

Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer In Fair/Light - I came so close!  You really only need to use a small amount of this and it does a fair job of correcting dark circles.  I tried using the concealer side but I find that it is to thick to use under my eyes, it does an ok job on my face though.  I will continue to finish up the salmon side.

Now for my bonus 5 :

These 5 products were ones I wanted to at least hit pan on and that I thought would be easy to use up....

Revlon Photoready eyeprimer + brightner - I barely used this at all!  I but it in my cup of eye products than forgot about it!  I did use it a few times, I just didn't notice much of a difference at all when I used it.

Rimmel Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer in 010 Ivory - This is another product I am tossing!  I now know why it was sitting in a drawer.  I really didn't like this concealer at all, but tried to use it up for the challenge.  It creased within a couple of hours under my eyes, it did however do a decent job of staying put around my nose.  I tried mixing this with the Urban Decay foundation, take my word for it, it was not a pretty sight within about 4 hours.  It started separating and flaking, not a match made in heaven for sure!  I will be tossing this.

Stila Convertible Color in Peony - I made a fairly decent dent in this!  I used this most days, I found it only lasted about 6-8 hours on me but when I paired it with the Urban Decay 8hr blush it made both products last through my day.  I never did use this as a lip color, so I can't say anything about how it works that way.  I will continue to use up!

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus - You can see in the upper right side where I have hit fairly major pan!  This seems to be the powder that never ends!  I use this as a light dusting most days and still haven't finished it up.  I will admit that I used this really lightly as I was also using a foundation that I was mixing daily so I didn't want to change the color of that.  I will continue to use this up so I can Back to Mac it.

Benefit Hoola - I am so happy that I have finally hit pan on this.  I use this everyday as a light contour for my cheeks.  This is a great bronzer for light skinned people, its not to warm or to cool.  I will continue to use this to.

So there is how I did on my first Finish ___ by ___ Challenge.  I think I did OK, but would have loved to actually finish something!  I did learn that it takes a lot longer to finish up products than you think, especially when there are other ones you would rather use more (new shinies!).  I think I will give a challenge like this another try in the new year. Hopefully you will see these products in a future Trip Through My Trash!   Also that if its in a drawer, it may be in there for a reason!  I am slowly working on going through my stash and am planning on purging products that I just don't like or don't perform as long as I need them to.