NoTW From December 28, 2015 Update

Winter snow is finally starting to come to Southern Ontario!  We have a little snow on the ground now and I actually needed to shovel!  It wasn't enough to bring out the snowblower though!  It has also gotten quite cold now.  Time to start hybernating.

I have been doing NoTW for a year now, time flies when you are having fun!  I learned quite a bit trying out different polishes, and to a small extent different top coats.  If you find a good base and top coat, even cheaper nail polishes can last as well and in some cases better than their more expensive counterparts.  When I started doing this series, I thought that the more expenisve the polish the better it would last on my nails.  I was pleasantly surprised that with the right base and top coat, for me that is Sephora Formula X Base Coat and Seche Vité top coat, even a cheap NYC polish can last a week!  While trying out a couple of different top coats, Julep and H.K. Girl, I found that my favorite is the Seche Vité.  I really didn't like the Julep at all, it took forever to dry and the one I had seemed thickish.  The H.K. Girl was ok, but I found that Seche Vité dried quicker for me and the shine lasted longer.

With only a few weeks where I didn't have polish on my nails for the whole of 2015, I think it is time I gave my nails a much needed break.  I won't be continuing with NoTW as a way to see if polish can last for the week, I've come to the conclusion it can!  I am thinking that I may start trying to do some more nail art!  I have found through the month of December that it is actually quite fun.  I won a nail art book from Jayne over at Cosmetic Proof back in the fall, and would love to give some of the techniques in the book a try.  I will post about some nail art techniques I try and let you know how that goes!

1 week of wear on my easy NYE glitter nails.

1 week of wear on my easy NYE glitter nails.

My half glitter NYE NoTW lasted great, as usual!  My nails ended up being just a little duller than when I first did them, with minimal tip wear.  It was just the right amount of glitter for me!  I had a few people ask how I did this one, and once they found out how easy it was, they did it themselves!

I hope you all had a safe and happy Holiday season and got to enjoy time with family and friends.