Trip Through My Trash, December 2015

I am a tad late getting up my Trash post for December this month.  The time just seemed to get away from me so far this month.  I didn't finish up a whole lot of products in December, but I did finish a face powder!  I am somewhat happy and sad at the same time about that one.  I am hoping to start going through what I have, including all the deluxe samples.  So hopefully my Trash will get  a little more exciting!

My Trash for December 2015.

My Trash for December 2015.

On to what I used up in December -

  • Sea Splash Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion - My mother-in-law gave me another bottle of this hand cream when I ran out of the first one.  I don't know what happened but about halfway through it started to seperate and needed ot really be shaken up before each use.  Repurchase? I can't pick this up as my mother-in-law got it in PEI.
  • Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate - I recieved this at a Dave Lackie Twitter Follower Dinner back in May, that was so fun!  I used this every night and loved it, I am already missing it.  I am going to wait to see if this really did make a difference before I go out and pick up another bottle though.  Repurchase?  Probably
  • Boscia Thermal Black Cleanser - I recieved this deluxe sample from Sephora at some time?  Not sure when though.  I used this in the shower in the morning, it was alright, the warming sensation was kind of nice.  I did find that if I didn't put some of the cleanser on different parts of my face before massaging it in, I didn't get the warming sensation anywhere except where I had first started massaging.  Repurchase?  No, I didn't find it did anything great for my skin.
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus - I have had this face powder for almost 3 years!  I use this as a light allover finishing powder.  I already miss this one, but I am trying to use up some of the other face powders that I seem to have accumulated.  I can definitely see me picking this one up again though, and maybe soon!  Repurchase? As soon as I get through some of my other powders.
  • Chloé - It would seem I have a LOT of perfume samples!  I like this perfume but I can't wear it easily at work, it is a little to strong for the hospital environment.  I do wear this most days that I am not working though.  Repurchase?  I have a rollerball of this and a few more samples, so not anytime soon!
  • Si - Another perfume sample!  I LOVE this one!  It is a light fragrance that I can wear at work, it is not to strong and doesn't have the scent that seems to stick and bother people that are sensitive to fragrance.  Repurchase?  I would love to pick up a full size of this one, but I do have to get through the sample piles first!
  • Amika Nourishing Mask - I recieved this sample in a BIrchbox.  It was ok, I didn't it find it to be more moisturizing than a regular conditioner though.  I ended up getting 3.5 uses out of this sample though, the last one I had to add some of my regular conditioner as there wasn't enough for my hair.  Repurchase? No, it wasn't my idea of a hair mask.
  • Bath & Body Works Dancing Waters Hand Soap - 1 of these hand soaps are in pretty much every Trip THrough My Trash.  The Bath & Body Works hand soaps are my perferred hand soap to have at all the sinks in my house.  The Dancing Waters scent is one of my favorites though.  Repurchase? Always
  • Nivea Soft Face/Body/Hand Refreshingly Soft Cream - I picked up this small tub thinking it would be good to have a cream at my desk that I could use on my face if I happened to get a dry patch.  It worked great for patting over foundation for that reason.  Not so great on my hands, this cream is just not strong enough for a hand cream at all.  It felt good at first but I felt I needed to reapply it within an hour.  Repurchase?  I doubt it, at least not for a hand cream.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy - I really wanted to like this hand cream!  The Gardeners scents is really strong though, I could not use it at work.  It felt good when I first applied it but shortly afterwards my hands would get itchy and red.  I think there is something in this hand cream that my skin is not a fan of.  Repurchase? No
  • Lush Don't Look At Me Face Mask - My sister and I decided to pick up this one for the month of December.  It is a bright blue and stays that colour!  It felt great going on and wasn't as hard as some of the other Lush masks to wash off.  It didn't dry out my face either, just left it feeling nice and soft.  My family had a good laugh as well when I was wearing this one!  Repurchase? Maybe

Not the biggest empties post ever, but i did manage to use up a few full size products!  I will Back To Mac the face powder container once I have enough empties.