Trip Through My Trash - September 2016

I have been fairly absent around here for over a month, and I am sorry for that!  Life just got in the way for a bit.  And unfortuantly I am not the most organized, YET!!, person around.  For the first 2 years that I was blogging I had a great schedule at work, I worked 7 out of 14 days so I was always able to write and take pictures as I went along.  This year however my work schedule changed and I now work Monday to Friday which is quite a change for me.  I have been trying to figure out a new blogging scedule for myself that will work with the new work schedule.  I have been learning that I need to get more organized both with blogging and life in general.

But enough with the excuses, lets get on to what you came here to read about, a Trip Through My Trash for September!

September Trash!

September Trash!

Matrix-total results Miracle Extender - An empty from the stash of beauty products I tested out for the Elle Canada Grand Prix!  I still really liked this dry shampoo!  If you want to see my thoughts on this one and the other Dry Shampoos I tested, you can read them here.  Repurchase? Probably, once I finish up some of the others in my stash! 

TheFaceShop-MasCream sheet mask - I am starting to use up some of what I have backlogged!  Pulling products out to use is finally stating to work.  I was not a huge fan of this mask, it was almost dripping in cream when I took it out of the package, it made it kind of slimy and gross!  I have to admit that it did do a great job of making my face feel moisturized though!  Repurchase? No, I wasn't a huge fan on how it felt while I was using it!

B&BW Mediterrean Blue Waters Ultra Shea Body Cream - I love this scent!  IT's so fresh smelling, I actually picked up quite a few tubes when it was on sale.  Love the B&BW Ultra Shea body lotion.  Repurchase?  I already have, in this scent as well as others.

Moroccanoil-Body Buff Rose Petal Exfoliant - Another product from the Elle Canada blind testing.  I love how this body exfoliator makes my skin feel, the scent, not so much.  This smells very strong, to put it mildly.  If rose scents are your thing this is a great body exfoliant.  Again, if you would like to read my thoughts on this plus the other Body Scrubs I had the chance to test you can find them here.  Repurchase? Maybe in another scent!

Philosophy-Purity - I use this face wash everyday and it works great for me.  As you can see from the sticker I picked this up a few years ago when Sephora regularly puts this size on sale for Black Friday!  I pick this up every year now!  I not only use it to wash my face but I also use it to clean my makeup brushes.  It seems to quickly and easily break up the makeup that is on my brushes.  Repurchase? Of course, it does a great job on both my face and my brushes.

skyn Iceland-Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels - I honestly can't remember where/when I got these!  They feel great going on, nice and cool.  But the pads tend to feel a little weird under my eyes.  I had to actually just sit and close my eyes and relax for the 10 minutes that it is recommended to use these!  It was fairly uncomfortable having my eyes open with these on.  But on the plus side, I was forced to relax for 10 min!  Repurchase? No, they aren't the most comfortable to use.

Neat & Easy-Deep Cleansing Nose Strips - These will probably be in my empties forever!  I get a package of 8 for $3 at Dollarama!  I am trying to get better at taking care of my skin lately and using these every week is seeming to work for me!  They work just as well as the Biore ones but at a fraction of the price.  Repurchase? Always, great price and they work!

Schick-Intuition razor refill - Always in my empties!  Love the convenience of these razors with the shave cream already there.  Great for 430 am showers!  Repurchase? Always, especially from Costco!

B&BW-Fresh Sparkling Snow Foaming Hand Wash - Another product that will forever be in my empties!  I ran out of Hand Wash and had to pull out a winter scent a little early!   I really like the B&BW hand soap and pick them up in bulk when there is a good sale, usually I can get them for around $3-4 CAD.  I prefer the B&BW Winter and Summer scents the most, not such a big fan of fake apple scent or overly floral so that pretty much takes out the Fall and Winter scents!  Repurchase? Always, on sale!

B&BW Pocket Bac-Copacabana Coconut - I always have one of these in my purse, you never know when you may need it!  With Flu season coming up I will probably go through a few more of these than normal, even though I am pretty sure I may have already had it!  Repurchase?  I actually have to go get some more.

Home fragrance Trash.

Home fragrance Trash.

Yankee Candle-Sunset Breeze - I love the scent of Sunset Breeze, the tall tumbler candle, not so much!  I much prefer the size of votives to tumbler/jar candle.  Votives seem to burn so much cleaner, not to mention I get bored of the scent when it is this big.  I know I could just put the jar away, but I have an issue with leavng things half used before using others!  I ended up burning this candle a few hours most nights over the month and it took pretty mush the whole month to burn through it!  If you are looking at it as a cost per burn, I am sure the big ones are  far better value!  I only pick up the big candles wehn there is some sort of a special on them.  Repurchase? Yes to the scent, not so sure about the candle size though!

Yankee Candle-Autumn In The Park - I am not usually a fan of fake Apple scents, but this one is good!  It isn't to strong in this candle though, just enough so you get a wiff of it.  I really liked this scent and would not say no to more.  Repurchase?  I hope they still have this scent around for the next sale, if they do I will pick up a few more votives.

I was actually surprised at the amount of product I was able to get through in September, not to bad if I do say so myself!  I was originally going to combine September and October posts but there was actually more than I had thought, so you can expect to see Octobers up fairly shortly.  

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around through this so far crazy year, with erratic posting and all!  If anyone has any ideas on ways to get more organized, I would love to hear them!