Sample Stash Trash - September and October

I figured it was about time I did an update on how I am doing on getting through the never ending Sample Stash!  I can say that I am finding a few that I really like and am adding to a list that I am interested in purchasing.  Also a few that I really don't even want to see again and will give away if I get them again.  But to me that is the reason why I wanted to start going through them, not to mention that they are starting to take up a lot of space.  Having started picking out a few samples to use and having them out where they are visible is reminding me to try them out as well. 

September Sample Trash

September Sample Trash

In September I started the month off well using samples!

Urban Decay-Brightening & Tightening Primer- I really liked this primer, a lot!  No one ever talks about this one but it is going on my list to purchase!  It has more of a lotion consistency and felt great.  I did find it helped with the oiliness a bit as well.

Urban Decay-Pore Perfecting Primer- This was fairly thick and did cover pores, but it didn't make makeup last longer at all.  The oils on my nose broke through really fast to.

Garnier Clean + Nourishing Cleansing Oil- This worked ok, but I have come to the conclusion that I just don't like cleansing oils!

Clinique Pep-Start eye cream x2- I found this eye cream to actually be kind of sticky feeling, and it took awhile for that feeling to go away!  I also didn't find it to be very moisturizing at all.

Urban Decay-Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion- I used to really like this eye primer a lot, until they changed the packaging back to a squeezy tube.  I find that now it has a drier consistency that just doesn't work well with my eyelids!  You would think that it would since they are on the oily side, but they also are older eye lids, so I do have creepiness as well and this just accentuates that.

Hourglass-Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation- I wasn't a huge fan of this foundation.  It dries down very quickly, so I found it best to work in sections.  I could feel it on my skin to, not a nice feeling!

Origins-Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief- I was able to get 2 uses out of this mask sample, and while it worked ok, the smell was like dirt!

Dr Jart+ Premium BB Beauty Balm- I REALLY liked this BB cream!  It felt great and had just the right amount of coverage!  Sadly when I went to the Sephora site, this one isn't available in Canada.

Dior-j'adore- I wasn't a huge fan of this scent on me, it smelled fairly flowery mixed with powdery.  Not my favorite.

Thierry Mugler-Angel-I love this scent!  Whenever I wore it I got asked what I was wearing because it smelled so good.  I am putting this on my wish list.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black-Another scent that I love and is added to wish list!

Giorgio Armani-Si- 3 out of 4 perfumes that I loved!  I really like this one as well, and surprisingly it has made it to my wish list as well!


Sample Stash Trash October 2016

Sample Stash Trash October 2016

In October I didn't manage to use up as many samples, 

Origins Clear Improvement Mask- It took me forever to use this up!  I only really used it on my T-zone.  It did an ok job, nothing spectacular but it works!  I would have added it to my list but I am trying out a new one now that I am really liking!

nude-Perfect Cleanse x2-  This was ok, nothing spectacular!  It didn't make my face feel tight, which is always a bonus!

GlamGlow-Brightmud Eye Treatment- Sadly this is my last one of these.  I like them, it feels great when it is on and it does help improve the look of your under eye area, but sadly the results don't last very long at all.  I just went to look this up and it's no longer on Sephora's site!  When did that happen?!

bliss-that's incredi-'peel'!- This peel comes in the form of a product saturated pad.  It seemed to do a good job of getting the drier bits off my face.  My face didn't seem to react to it, so all in all, not bad.

Skin Inc-Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask- If you have a drier skin type this is a great mask!  It gave my drier areas a much needed boost of moisture.

Skin Inc-Pure Revival Peel- I put this all over my face and when I started rubbing it in if formed little balls of dead skin!  My face felt so smooth afterwards!  I had not tried any face peels but I think I like them!  You can actually see them working and my face felt so smooth and soft afterwards.

Tarte-Drink of H2O- This is my second deluxe sample of this face moisturizer.  I like it but only at night, at least in the warmer months, it takes along time to absorb into the skin.  It has a nice citrus-y scent which I do like!

Tarte-Lights, Camera, Lashes- I am not sure what was up with this sample of mascara, I usually really like it!  This tube smudged on me though!  I have never had that happen before with this one.  Maybe it was an old tube?  The Tarte usually makes my lashes look great and never smudges.

One thing I have noticed, I have to actually remember to put the products in their respective dishes to actually remember to use them!  You can tell that I feel off the wagon in October and forgot to replenish my stashes of samples!  I thought it was time to update you, and me!, on where I am with using up my samples.  I went back in and added up my samples again, it's scary huge!  My husband also made me a database so that I can better track my thoughts on the samples as I use them, it is the best thing ever!  He made it in Ninox, for iPhone, and now I want to put in everything I have so I can better a) keep track of what i have so I don't pick up the same thing, b) figure out what I do and don't like so I can get rid of what I don't like, and not just keep throwing it back in the drawer, pulling it out and trying it again and realizing, hey I remember this, I don't like it!  I think it would be a great idea!  Having it on my phone as well as the computer make it so easy to input my thoughts throughout the day.

My new Sample Stash totals are-

  • Perfume - 51
  • Mascara - 16 + 2 primers( I keep forgetting about those primers!)
  • Exfoliators - 19
  • Masks - 14
  • Cleansers - 12
  • Eye Cream - 8
  • Serums/Oils - 33
  • Moisturizers - 36
  • Primers - 24
  • Foundations - 36
  • Lips - 13
  • Hair - 12
  • Extras - 14

If you want to go back and see what my last update was in August, I didn't give updated totals than though, you can read it here.  You would think it would have gone down, and some have, but most have gone up!  I am a sucker for samples and can not not add them to my order!  I will keep on trying them out and hopefully find some more products that I like, and also remove some things from my list of wanting to try!