Trip Through My Trash - October 2016

Here we go with Octobers Trip Through My Trash!  And somewhat on time as well, shocking I know!  I really am hoping that I have finally figured at least a few things out to be abit more organized.  I was able to get through quite a few products throughout the month, although many are forever on repeat around here!

On to the Trash! For Face and Body I used up -

Bath and Face care empties for October 2016.

Bath and Face care empties for October 2016.

Bath & BodyWorks Snow-Kissed Citrus Foaming Hand Wash - Our favorite hand soap that is at every sink in our house!  We go through at least one of these a month!  We really liked the Snow-Kissed CItruis scent. This scent has a fresh citrus scent mixed with a touch of sweetness, not enough sweet to be overpowering, just enough!  Repurchase? Yes, of course when they are on sale :)

7th Heaven-Dead Sea Mud Pac face mask - This face mask is really blue when you put it on!  I looked like a smurf!  It felt nice and cooling and did dry down in about 15-20 min.  It was a tad hard to get off, but I find that with most mud masks, something about trying to get dried up mud of your face!  It left my face feeling soft and clean, and not to dried out.  I was able to get 2 full face masks out of the package.  Repurchase? Maybe, there are so many to masks to try out!

Fluffs-Cotton Pads - $1.25 at Dollarama, Yes please!  I use these cotton pads to remove nail polish, apply toner, anything you would use a cotton round for!  I find them to be great, they don't leave fluff anywhere and the price is great.  Repurchase? Always.

Kirkland-Daily Facial Towelettes - A Costco forever repeat empty!  These are in every empty and will probably be forever in any Trip Through My Trash!  Great price, great product, what more could I want?!  Repurchase? Always

Clarisonic-Radiance brush head - I love the radiance brush head for my Clarisonic.  The radiance head is the right amount of softness, yet it still has enough to it to give my face a good clean!  I have been using my Clarisonic for 2 years now, every night!  It is still going strong.  I have tried the delicate and sensitive heads but have found that I like the Radiance head best.  Repurchase? Yes!

Schick-Intuition razor head refill - And yet another Costco purchase!  One of these refills last me about 3 weeks, not to bad!  I pick up a pack of these that includes 12 refills and a razor for under $30, it really is a no brainer.   Especially when you are in the shower at 430 am!  Messing with to many products at that time in the morning is not a good idea!  Repurchase?  Always!

Elizabeth Arden-Hydra-Splash Alcohol-Free TOner - Imagine, another Costco deal!  I ran out of Thayers witch Hazel and when I went to pick up a new bottle they did not have any of the scents I usually get, than I was in Costco and noticed this toner in a 2 pack for the same price as Thayers, I decided to give it a try.  It is an ok toner I guess.  It does seem to remove any last bits of makeup that may have been sticking around and it feels refreshing.  But I am missing Thayers!  Repurchase? Doubt it, it isn't my favorite.

Neat & Easy-Nose Strips x4 - Another Dollarama gem!  I have started using these once a week and finally I am starting to get less gunk when I take them off.  These are in every empties as well!  Repurchase? For sure!

Bioderma-Sébium H2O - When I first started using this I couldn't figure out why everyone loved it!  It did  not seem to be doing much of anything for me, including not taking off makeup!  Than I started using it on a cotton round and the light bulb went off!  This stuff is great!  All the hype around Micelle water is real.  It really does seem to break up the makeup and can get rid of all traces of it.  I used this as my first step in cleaning my face, than I would wipe my face with a face wipe and there is barely anything on the wipe!  I have to admit though, I used this mostly when I was feeling to lazy/tired to do my regular face cleansing routine!  And you know what?  My face did not react at all, and my pillows weren't full of makeup either!  Repurchase?  Probably! I am trying out a different brand right now!

Home fragrance empties for October 2016.

Home fragrance empties for October 2016.

Yankee Candle-

  • Windblown - A light, fresh scent that is one of my favorites!
  • Dreamy Summer Nights - Just a touch of sweetness, not overpowering at all.
  • Vanilla lime -The lime scent is stronger than the vanilla, refreshing scent.
  • Line-Dried COtton - I was surprised at this scent, I was expecting more of a floral scent.  Just a hint of floral, another light scent.
  • Spiced Pumpkin - This smells like Fall to me.  Perfect blend of spicey with a hint of sweet!

Bath & BodyWorks Wallflower-Tiki Beach - This is the last Wallflower that I have at the moment.  I picked up a few in the late summer but I find them to be really strong in a small room.  I actually used these in the Basement and could smell it throughout the whole level, I live in a backsplit.  If you have a larger room than a bedroom these would be great!  I will probably pick up a few more when they are on sale as I did like them where I had them placed.

A few Makeup empties!

A few Makeup empties!

OMG! Makeup empties!

Smashbox Primer Water - I got this I am sure in a Sephora Favorites set!  I wasn't very impressed with this at all.  I didn't find that it made my makeup last any longer than when I didn't use it.  It does feel good when you spray it on though.  I much prefer the Tarte 4-in-1 mist!  Repurchase? No

Tarte-Butter Lipstick-Mimosa - I finished up a lip product!  It was a mini, but still!  I kept this in my purse and loved how easy it was to use, no mirror needed.  The butter lipstick don't have a lot of pigment but where they really excel is in moisture!  This was like putting on a lip balm with a bit of color and shine.  Loved this!  Repurchase?  I have 3 more form set I picked up last summer, but I would definitely get more.

Covergirl-Katy Perry- Katy Kat Eye - I received this mascara from Buzzagent in the summer.  I received the shade Perry Blue.  I had wanted to tryout a blue mascara so was more than happy to get one for free!  I was more than a little worried when I saw the color though!  But on my lashes you didn't really notice that it was blue unless I was outside.  I wasn't the biggest fan of the twisted wand, it made it a little harder to coat the lashes. But once it was on I really liked how it made my lashes look.  It also did not smudge or flake!  To me that is the one thing I require in a mascara, I do not want to look like a racoon!  Repurchase?  I have 10+ mascaras waiting to be used right now, but I would recommend this one!

So there you have it, My October Trip Through My Trash!  And it is still the beginning of October!  I managed to get through quite a few products and even a few new ones!  All in all a satisifying amount of Trash!  Next up Sample Stash Trash!