My Sample Stash, Perfume

I have been toying with the idea on trying to get through my Sample Stash that has been growing at an ever increasing rate!  When I hit rouge with Sephora, I started doing alot of orders.  I thought it was great, I always get samples!  The only problem that has come of doing this is that I now have a huge sample stash that I can not seem to remember to use! I am also very bad for GWP, if I think that I want to try anything from a brand if I see there is a GWP for them I am buying enough to get that GWP!  I am unsure if I will add in the deluxe samples that I have recieved in Birchbox, previous Ipsy boxes and the Sephora Favorites set that I seem to love to pick up!  I had thought to break them up into categories, Perfume, Mascara (Yes it does need it's own category!), Skincare, Makeup, Haircare, etc.  I am hoping that if I keep a running tab on what goes out versus what comes in that I will be able to get through them.  I also thought it would be a good way to find out if there is anything in that stash that I would want to buy!  

I am going to start off with the Perfume Sample Stash.

It's a little embarrassing, I have probably enough perfume samples to last me a year!

It's a little embarrassing, I have probably enough perfume samples to last me a year!

In the Perfume Sample Jar I have:

Gucci - Gucci Premiere x2, Marchesa, Nest - Amazon Lily, Bvlgari - Mon Jasmin Noir, La Vie Est Belle x2, Modern Muse x2, Raw Spirit - Desert Blush, Dior -Miss Dior, Viktor & Rolf - BonBon, Chloé, Roberto Cavalli, Angel - eau de toilette x2, Angel - eau de parfum x3, Tom Ford - Black Orchid x2, Giorgio Armani - Sí, Dior - j'adore, Donna Karan - Liquid Cashmere, Invictus - eau de toilette paco rab ann x2, Prade - Luna Rossa, Lacoste -L.12.12 jaune - optimistic, Jimmy Choo- man, Tokyomilk - Dark Tainted Love 62, Hugo Boss-Boss Bottled, Fresh-Life, Tocca-Cleopatra, Clean-White Woods, Clean Reserve-blonde rose, Clean Reserve-sueded oud, Atelier Cologne-Orange Sanguine x2, Atelier Colonge-Mandarine Glaciale x3, Atelier Cologne-Figuier Ardent.

I am starting out with a grand total of 41 Perfume Samples!  That is a tad much I think!  I am hoping to use at least one perfume sample a week if possible.  Who knows, maybe I will find a new perfume favorite.  At the very least, I shouldn't need to buy any this year!

I will keep a total at the bottem of each update post as to how many went out and if I added to the Sample Stash!  Do you have a Sample Stash that has gotten out of hand?  Or are you good at using up your samples when you get them?  Should I add samples that I get from Beauty Subscriptions or no?  I haven't decided if I am going to do another Beauty Subscription or not since this month was the last month for Birchbox.  Topbox, Ipsy, or Morphe?  Any other ideas?

Sample Stash Totals -

Perfume - 41