My Sample Stash - Mascara

It's the second instalment of My Sample Stash!  This time around it's the Mascara edition!  Like I had previously said, I am very bad at ordering/GWP/pretty much if there is an ad that says 'buy this and get this FREE!' I am buying it!  Do you do that to?  I knew I had accumulated a stash of Mascara samples, but I didn't think I had quite this many little deluxe samples of Mascaras!  I think deluxe sample sizes of Mascara are a really great way to try them out.  There is more than enough in a deluxe sample size for you to be able to figure out if you like the formula or not.  Not to mention they are usually free with a GWP!  Or they come in most kits that you pick up, like the Sephora Favorites sets.  Sephora even has a Favorites that is all Mascara!  You usually get 5 or so deluxe samples with a coupon to use that gets you a full size of your favorite.  

The dish of Mascara samples!

A dish of deluxe Mascaras.

A dish of deluxe Mascaras.

Fot Mascara deluxe samples I have - 

Guerlain-Maxi Lash So Volume!, Clinique-High Impact, Bobbi Brown-Smokey Eye, Giorgio Armani-Black Ecstasy, Lancôme-Hypnôse Drama x2, Make Up For Ever-Aqua Smoky Lash, Too Faced-Better Than Sex, Benefit-They're Real!, W3ll People-Expressionist, Estée Lauder-Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting, Tarte-Lights, Camera, Lashes x2, Tarte-Lights, Camera, Flashes, Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes, Benefit-Roller Lash.  There are also 2 Lash Primers, Benefit-They're Real-Tinted Primer, And Estée Lauder-Lash Primer Plus.

There is a grand total of 16 Mascaras and 2 Mascara Primers.  I think I am good for Mascara for the year!  I also have 3 full size Mascaras waiting to be used as well!  I am hoping that I find a new favorite Mascara in the bunch!  I have only tried one Mascara Primer before and it was form Mac.  I tried it twice and just really didn't like it, it seemed that whatever Mascara I put on over the primer smudged on me.  Even if the mascara didn't smudge when I used it on it's own.  Have you ever had that happen before?  Is there a Mascara in that bunch that you love?  Or hate?  I know for sure that there are a few mascara samples in there that I already know I like.

I will use each mascara for at least a week and get back to you on how I ended up liking them.  Is there a mascara in there that you would like me to try sooner rather than later?  Let me know which ones!  

Sample Stash Totals -

Perfume - 41

Mascara - 16+2 Primers