Shopper's Drug Mart Bonus Redemption Haul

The same weekend of the Sephora - A Love Note Shopping Event, Shopper's Drug Mart had a bonus redemption day on April 9.  During the bonus redemption day you could redeem 50 000 points for $100 or 95 000 for $200 on anything in the store.  Since I didn't use all my points during the last bonus redemption I thought I would do it again!  Once again though I couldn't find much that I really wanted!  I thought I would pick up the Star Wars movie for my son, but of course they didn't have it in stock.  But that didn't completely deter me form spending some points!  

Here are the beauty products I picked up.

Here are the beauty products I picked up.

I decided to try out some products from Essence and Joe Fresh.  Joe Fresh is new to shopper's and I don't think I have tried anything from them before.  Essence on a few recommendations from fellow CBB bloggers! 

I picked up -

  • Essie - starry starry night - This is a shade that was brought back and I have been looking at it and saw it on clearance for $4.99!!  I had to pick it up!
  • Maybelline - Lip Gloss Palette - Another item from the clearance section!  This one was marked down to $10.00.  I thought for that price it was more than worth it to try them out and to have a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Joe Fresh - Melon - I have been looking for a coral-y blush and saw this one.  Great way to try out the brand!
  • Joe Fresh - Eye lid Primer - I am on the hunt for an eyelid primer that will hold eyeshadows on my oily lids without the need to use a second, Mac-Painterly, primer.
  • Essence - Stampy Set - I have been seeing quite a few different nail art looks using Nail Stamps lately so I thought I would give this one a go.  I have also picked up a few other nail stamping kits which I plan on doing a review of them all.
  • Essence - Make Me Brow - My Benefit Gimme Brow is almost done so I thought now would be a good time to try this one out.
  • Essence - nail art express dry drops - I do not have much patience waiting for my nails to dry, especiallly when I want to do more than just one coat/color.  I am hoping this helps things dry quickly so I can move on the next step faster!

Now all this stuff came no where near $100 so I actually used the rest of the redemption on groceries and such!  I am hoping that by the next the bonus redemption rolls around that there are a few more beauty things instock that I am interested in to spend my points on!  

Have you ever had to search for things to spend your hard earned points for redemption on?  What do you typically pick up?