Trip Through My Trash - February & March

It's finally time for a Trip Through My Trash!  It has been 2 months since my last empties post and I have collected a lot of empties in that time!  So much that I couldn't get it all into one picture.  I was able to get through quite a bit of skin/body care and a few makeup products which is always satisfying.

For the months of February and March I was able to go through -

Part 1 of Trip Through My Trash!

Part 1 of Trip Through My Trash!

  • Bath & BodyWorks Eucalyptus MINT Foaming Hand Soap - Smells great and no one complains it smells like a girl!  Repurchase?  I think this will be a staple scent for us.
  • Bath & BodyWoeks Candy Cane Bliss Foaming Hand Soap - This was also a hit for us, especially in the winter months!  Not to sweet, just right.  Repurchase? When it comes back in around Christmas time.
  • Peter THomas Roth Strawberry Scrub - This is from the value pack I picked up for my birthday in the summer.  It says it is for 'face and body' but to me it is way to harsh for my face.  It did however work great as a body exfoliator!  The strawberry scent was a little to strong for me as well.  Repurchase? No, it was to harsh for my face.
  • Bath & BodyWorks True Blue Blue Green Algae Skin Sculpting Lotion - This lotion has a bit of an odd scent to it, not bad but hard to put my finger on.  It is not the most moisturizing lotion I have used but would be great for the warmer months when you may not be needing as much moisture.  Repurchase? No, the scent is a little off putting for me.
  • Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes - There is always at least one package of these wipes in my empties.  They are my go to face wipes, wet enough and big enough to my whoel face with only 1 wipe.  I pick these up in bulk at Costco and love them.  Repurchase? Always
  • Bath & BodyWorks Endless Summer Body Cream - I can't remember when I picked this one up, but I do know that I was using it and than switched to another scent as this one got to sweet.  I really like the Bath & BodyWorks Body Cream and use it all the time, especially in the colder months.  Repurchase?  Maybe not this scent, but yes to other scents!
  • TheFaceShop Mango Seed Cleansing Butter - I have talked about this cleansing butter before and still love it!  The scent isn't overpowering and a little goes along way.  My face doesn't feel tight or dry after using.  I have already picked up a replacment!  Repurchase? Already have.
  • The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cream - I love the Satsuma scent from teh Body SHop.  This hand cream came in the bag I picked up during Black Friday and I finally got around to trying it out.  Sadly, although I love the scent, the hand cream is not as moisturizing as I need at work.  With constant use of hand sanitizer I need a fairly moisturizing hand cream.  Repurchase? No
  • Living Proof prime style extender - I am not sure exactly which value set I picked up this one in!  I didn't find that this helped my style last any longer than when I didn't use it.  The scent wasn't to strong though.  I did gfind that it helped make my hair not as knotty as when I didn't use it.  Repurchase? No
  • Living Proof Satin Hair Serum - NOt to sure where I picked this one up from.  It took forever to use this up as I would onlyu  use a few dorps for my hair.  This is one of those products that can go wrong really quick!  A little really does go a long way!  It helped make my hair feel soft and not as fly away on the first day of washing.  Repurchase?  Maybe, I might look into it again in the fall.
  • Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips - This was my second deluxe sample of this and the first bottle I loved, this one, not so much.  It seemed like I had to wipe alot more than before.  It also didn't seem to get all my mascara off.  I am not sure if the formula changed from the previous bottle I had or if I am remembering wrong, it could happen!  Repurchase? I doubt it but I wouldn't say no to another deluxe sample to see if it worked like I remembered!
  • Lush The Scared Truth Fresh Face Mask - It has been awhile since I picked up a Lush Mask.  I couldn't remember if I had tried out this one or not so this was the one we picked out.  Like most Lush products it does have a fairly strong scent to it.  The mask felt good on but I didn't notice any difference in my skin.  Repurchase?  Maybe, I do like Lushs face masks!
  • Philosophy Purity Face Wash - This is the face wash I use with my Clarisonic at night.  It does a great job and doesn't sting my eyes, always a bonus!  I also use Purity to wash my makeup brushes and it does a great job at that as well.  I usually stock up during the sale on Black Friday, you can get a 12oz size for $12 CAD which is a great price!  Repurchase?  Yes, when it's on sale.
  • Klorane Refresh & Revive Dry Shampoo - This was in the Sephora Favorites-Extend Your Style set that I recently reviewed, if you want to read my thought on this or any of the others you can click here to be taken to that post!  Repurchase? Maybe
  • Living Proof Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo x2 - As with the Klorane this is another dry shampoo from the Sephora Favorites Extend Your Style set.  This one I did like but the wonky noozle is off putting as to buying it again.  Repurchase?  Maybe
  • Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm - Another deluxe sample from a Sephora Favorities!  This little sample lasted me forever.  Youonly need to use a small amount as this was a fairly thick eye cream.  I was only able to use it at night as it was to moisturizing to use under makeup, my concealer would crease really quickly when I tried to use it during the day.  Repurchase? Maybe? It was ok but didn't exactly wow me.  Repurchase?  I doubt it.
  • Schick Intuition Razor Refill - This is usually in my empties post!  Another Costco purchase.  I really like the Intuition razor as it makes life a lot easier at 5am when you don't have to grab an extra product in the shower!  Repurchase?  Always
  • Key West Aloe Gentle Aloe Facial Cleanser - This was from a Birchbox box.  It was ok, but a little drying.  It had no wow facotr for me.  Reurchase? No
  • Whish Body Butter - Another Birchbox sample.  And again no wow factor, I used this as a hand cream and it was not nearly as moisturizing as I need.  It felt really good at first but I needed to reapply in 30 min even if I didn't use the hand sanitizer again.  Repurchase? No
Part 2 of Trip Through My Trash!

Part 2 of Trip Through My Trash!

  • Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips - Not much to say, they get the gunk out of the pores on my nose!  I do pick these up at Dollarama, 10 for $2 CAD.
  • Lancôme Nude Miracle Liquid-To-Powder Makeup - I was a little worried that there wouldn't be enough in the samples to do my face, luckily there was!  To me this was a fairly sheer coverage foundation, I had to build it up to cover the redness I have on my cheeks.  It did build well though and I couldn't feel it on. Purchase? No, I have other foundations I like more.
  • TheFaceShop Pomegranate Sheet Mask - I don't know if it's just me or what, but I have not yet found a sheet mask that fits my face!  They never seem to fit around my month very well.  This one also dried really quickly around my nose/mouth area.  I didn't really notice much of a difference but it did feel good!  Repurchase? Maybe
  • Masque Bar Eye Repair Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches - I found these on clearance at Shopper's Drug Mart for $1.99 CAD for 5 treatments.  These fit really funny, they don't seem to fit my undereye area very well, maybe I have big eyes?!  I have only used the 1 so far, and didn't notice any difference but I still have another 4 to use so maybe!  Repurchase?  For $1.99, maybe they did feel good!
  • Masque Bar Wrinkle Reducing Sheet Mask - Another sheet mask!  Another Shopper's clearance item, I paid $1.99 for the box that contains 5.  I again didn't notice much difference but it did feel good, this one also seemed to fit my face a bit better.  Repurchase? I have another 4 to use, but I think if I found them on clearance again I would pick up another box.
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - I finished a deluxe sample!  I really like this primer, especially on areas that can get dry.  I'm not sre if it reallly extended the wear of my makeup though.  With my skin having gotten more oil than dry, I doubt I would pick up a full size of this, but I wouldn't say no to another deluxe sample!  Repurchase?  Maybe if my skin was dry, or in the winter months.
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - This is one of my favorite mascaras, it doesn't smudge or go clumpy when I apply it.  The brush seems to hug my lash line so I can get really close to the roots.  Repurchase? This is a mascara that will go on my wishlist to purchase once I use up the other 15 samples I have...
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara - I was on a roll the past 2 months!  Another mascara sample done!  I really like the brush on this one, it is a natural? bristle brush.  It makes my lashes look great and doesn't flake or smudge.  Repurchase?  Maybe, see previous sample!
  • Sephora Clear Brow Gel - I finally finished up this brow gel sample that I have been using since the summer!  It was the sample that wouldn't end!  I kept thinking I was almost done but it just didn't seem to end!  It did the job of holding my brow hairs in place.  I am trying out the Anastasia one right now and can honestly say that I am not noticing much of a difference.  Reprchase?  Not sure.
  • Urban Decay Anti Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion - This was my go to eyeshaodw primer, it worked great for me.  I picked up this deluxe sample size with the new packaging, doe foot applicator, and I think they changed the formula as well.  It just doesn't seem to do much to help my eyeshadows stay put anymore.  I am also not a fan of the doe foot applicator, I liked the squeeze tube, I felt I had more control on the amount with it.  Repurchase? Not unless they change the packaging and formula back!

I am pretty sure a few empties ended up in the garbage but I am still happy with what I was able to get through for the past 2 months.  Hopefully the nest empties will have some more makeup in it!  I think I am getting close to finishing up a few products.  Were you able to finish up much for the past 2 months?  What do you think about alternating between Empties and Favorites?  Good idea or not?  I think I will give it another few months to see how it goes.

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