My Elle Quebec-Canada Beauty Grand Prix reveals - Part 3 - Face Serum

Back in March I told you all about getting chosen to participate in the Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand Prix and gave you a look at the products and categories of the products that I was sent to blind test.  Well, the testing is over and I have submitted my log book and gave my opinion on all 18 products I received.  If you want to read about the introduction you can click here, Part 1 - Body scrubs here, and Part 2 - Deodorants here.   I received products in Body Scrub (3), Deodorants (3), Face Serum (5), and Dry Shampoo (6).  I was a little surprised on what some of the products were once I was able to get all the sparkly tape off.  Let me tell you I learned quickly the best way to get tape gunk off!  Hint-Peanut butter and patience won out for me!

All the shiney Mystery products.

All the shiney Mystery products.

You know the drill about marathon posts and Pictures!

Face Serums - 

5 shiney Face Serums.

5 shiney Face Serums.

Again, as per my previous posts, I tested them in numerical order.  I was pretty sure on what the last 2 products where, they have pretty unique bottles.  I also had a fairly good idea on 145.  The instructions for each Face Serum were the same for all - minimum duration of 7 days.  Directions - Apply daily, morning and evening before your regular skincare routine.

059 - Swissline Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Serum Triple-Collagen Complex - 

  • Texture - This serum came out a little thick but quickly thinned out and was easy to massage into skin.
  • Absorption - I didn't find that this took long at all to sink into my skin.
  • Moisturizing effect when applied - My face felt immediately moisturized after putting this on.
  • Effect on skin after 7 days - My skin felt soft, plumper and more moisturized than before.
  • Scent - This had a light, slight rose? scent that wasn't strong at all and faded very quickly.

Thoughts - I really loved how this made my skin feel after I figured out to only use 3 drops or so and not the entire dropper!  I found that 3 or so drops was enough to do my face as well as my neck.  I really like the slim, sleek gold packaging of this.  The twist dropper was great as it made sure there was more than enough to use each time I opened it up.  I didn't notice much difference in how my makeup applied over top of this one either.  Price $230 CAD.

145 - Clarins Supra Restorative Remodeling Serum - 

  • Texture - This one was a fairly thick cream that came out of a pump style bottle.
  • Absorption - Despite the thickness of this one it did absorb fairly quickly into the skin.
  • Moisturizing effect when applied - At first I was using 1 pump and it left my face feeling tight, once I started using 2 pumps it felt much better.
  • Effect on the skin after 7 days - I had a few breakouts while using this but I wasn't entirely sure it was the product.  I didn't notice anything else though.
  • Scent - It has a light fresh scent that doesn't last at all once applied to your face.

Thoughts - I wasn't to impressed by the Clarins serum.  I found I had to use what I think would be twice as much as I should have to get a moisturized effect on my skin.  It also left my face feeling slightly sticky until I put on the rest of my regular skincare.  Again not mush difference under makeup!  Since I wasn't sure this was the cause of a few breakouts I decided to use this one up first to see if it was the reason.  I am happy to say that it wasn't this serum, just hormones!  Price $136.00 CAD.

191 - Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum - 

  • Texture - Another thick gel in a pump bottle.
  • Absorption - This seemed to take forever to sink into my skin, and it still felt slightly tacky after.
  • Moisturizing effect when applied - I did find that my skin felt softer after applying this, just slightly tacky?
  • Effect on the skin after 7 days - This serum did make me break out, on my forehead, chin and cheeks.
  • Scent - This has a floral scent that is fairly strong to me that took a while to fade.

Thoughts - I was not a fan of the Chanel serum at all.  It made me break out everywhere and the scent was just to much for me, even though I am not usually sensitive to scents.  This dried slightly sticky and kind of made my face look a bit shiney.  I think that this serum is best used at night as for me it just takes to much time to soak into the skin.  Again no difference in makeup application.  Price $125.00 CAD.

196 - Jurlique Nutri-Define Superior Retexturising Facial Serum -

  • Texture - this comes out like a milky cream, not to runny and not to thick.
  • Absorption - It absorbed fairly quickly into skin.
  • Moisturizing effect when applied - I only needed to use 1 pump for my face and it was enough to make my skin feel moisturized and not tight feeling.
  • Effect on skin after 7 days - After the 7 day trial period, my skin felt softer than before.
  • Scent - Another rose scented product that is strong when you first put it on but does eventually fade.

Thoughts - I liked this one except for the rose scent!  I like the smell of roses, just not so strong so close!  Jurlique left my skin feeling softer and feeling moisturized, now if only it didn't smell like roses.  I found that my makeup went on great while using this serum, it didn't seem to make a difference in the longevity or the way it applied over it.  Price $138.00 CAD

246 - Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate -

  • Texture - Another milky cream colored serum.
  • Absorption - Took a bit to absorb into skin.
  • Moisturizing effect when applied - My face felt kind of sticky when I first applied it but once it absorbed into my skin it left my face feeling softer.
  • Effect on skin after 7 days - My skin felt softer after using the Lancôme serum than before I had used it.
  • Scent - Finally a serum with barely any scent to it!

Thoughts - I was somewhat surprised that I liked this serum as I wasn't expecting to like it.  I had originally thought that it would have an 'old lady' smell to it, happily it didn't.  I didn't notice a huge difference in my skin after the 7 days other than it felt more moisturized.  I didn't find any difference in how my makeup went on over top of it either.  Price $99.00 CAD.

Once again, after I submitted my log book it showed me my favorite.  Unfortunately for my wallet it was the first one, Swissline Cell Shock.  The Swissline just seemed to work the best in the short time I used each of the serums.  I think my second choice would surprisingly be the Lancôme, it's only downside was waiting for the stickiness to go away.  Jurlique was also not a bad one other than the scent.  Clarins only issue for me was the few breakouts which I didn't think were caused by the product.  The worst one for me was the Chanel, for me the lingering scent was just to much.  Add to that the fact that it took awhile to absorb and that was enough for me to not want to use it.  My sister though did really like it and I will be giving her the bottle!  I am curious to see if after using each of the serums up if I will change my mind about any of them?  I will keep you updated in empties post as I use them up.

The Face Serum category was another one that I didn't have much experience with before this testing began, for some reason serums just never interested me and seemed like an added step.  I also for some reason thought that it would make my makeup apply differently, not last as long.  I am glad I was given the chance to find out that I was wrong.  Since doing the testing, Face Serums are another product I am happily now including in my routine!

I was pretty sure about 3 of the 5 Face Serums I was sent and this time I was right, at least about the brand!  Any surprises for you in this category?  Is there a face serum you like that you think I might enjoy?