My Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand Prix 2016 reveals - Part 4 - Dry Shampoos

Time for the last category I tested for the Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand Prix.  Back in March I told you all about getting chosen to participate in the Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand Prix and gave you a look at the products and categories of the products that I was sent to blind test.  Well, the testing is over and I have submitted my log book and gave my opinion on all 18 products I received.  If you want to read about the introduction you can click here, Part 1 - Body scrubs here, Part 2 - Deodorants here, and Part 3 - Face Serums here.   I received products in Body Scrub (3), Deodorants (3), Face Serum (5), and Dry Shampoo (6).  I was a little surprised on what some of the products were once I was able to get all the sparkly tape off.  Let me tell you I learned quickly the best way to get tape gunk off!  Hint-Peanut butter and patience won out for me!

All the shiney Mystery products.

All the shiney Mystery products.

The last category for testing is Dry Shampoo - 

6 Shiney mystery cans of Dry Shampoo.

6 Shiney mystery cans of Dry Shampoo.

As per the previous products I again tested each Dry Shampoo in numerical order.  Even though I use a lot of Dry Shampoo, I only knew what one of them was!  For testing purposes we were to use each product for a minimum duration of 3-5 days, over 10 days.  Directions were the same for all - Shake well.  Lift sections of hair and spray 15-20cm from scalp.  Massage thoroughly with fingertips and style.  

044 - Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo -

  • Texture - When I sprayed this dry shampoo into my hair it felt really light, almost like I hadn't sprayed anything at all.
  • Absorption - Not the greatest, my hair stayed fairly flat the days I used it.
  • Condition of hair - My hair did feel soft when I used it.
  • Ease of use - Worked great at any angle, even upside down.
  • Scent - A nice fresh scent that wasn't overpowering nor did it last long.

Thoughts - The great thing about this dry shampoo was that it didn't leave any white cast on my hair at all.  I actually wondered if maybe my can was defective!  It was easy to brush/work through the hair.  I did notice that my scalp started feeling itchy towards the end of the day on the days I used this.  Price $30.25 CAD

054 - Redken Pillow Proof - 

  • Texture - This dry shampoo was very light feeling on my hair.
  • Absorption - This one absorbed oil well but gave no volume at all.
  • Condition of hair - Didn't seem to give me any volume after working it through my hair.
  • Ease of use - Again worked great at all angles.
  • Scent - I loved that this had barely any scent at all.

Thoughts - There was barely any white cast at all after I sprayed this in my hair and what there was was very easy to brush out.  Unfortunately , once again this dry shampoo made my scalp itchy by the end of the day.  Price $24.00 CAD.

057 - Moroccan Oil - 

  • Texture - Another light feeling dry shampoo.
  • Absorption - Absorbed the oils quickly.
  • Condition of hair - After I brushed this through my hair, my hair felt just washed!
  • Ease of use - Worked great at any angle.
  • Scent - Almost unscented, what scent there was was very light.

Thoughts - The Moroccan Oil dry shampoo did leave a white cast, but it was really easy to brush through.  I loved how it made my hair feel and no itchy scalp!  I even used this twice before washing my hair and it was still great!  Price $26.00 CAD.

084 - Amika - 

  • Texture - Very light feeling when sprayed into hair.
  • Absorption - Quickly absorbed oil and gave volume.
  • Condition of hair - My hair again felt clean and was shiney.
  • Ease of use - Worked great at any angle.
  • Scent - Has a great fresh scent that doesn't cling.

Thoughts - I was pretty sure on what this one was, I could see the colors at the top!  When you spray this it does leave a white cast but is so easy to brush out.  My hair looked freshly washed, shiney and with quite a bit of volume, when I used this even when I used it twice.  I really liked this dry shampoo but it isn't easy to find in my area, nor online!  Price $31.20 CAD.

188 - Herbal Essence - Naked -

  • Texture - It felt like I had just sprayed my hair with hairspray when I used this, sticky.
  • Absorption - It did an ok job of absorbing oil, once I could get a brush through it.
  • Condition of hair - My hair felt sticky when I used this, like 90s hairspray!
  • Ease of use - It did work great at an angle.
  • Scent - Had barely any scent, just a faint fruity scent.

Thoughts - This one also left barely any white cast, but I think its more like hairspray!  Within a few hours of using this my scalp started getting really itchy, I washed my hair as soon as I got home from work!  I may try this as a hairspray and see how it does for that, maybe if I don't spray it directly on my scalp it won't be itchy!  Price $3.98 CAD.

236 - Matrix Total Results Miracle Extender -

  • Texture - Light feeling on hair.
  • Absorption - Worked great, I even tried it out on 4 day hair!
  • Condition of hair - Hair felt soft, but it didn't give a lot of volume.
  • Ease of use - Worked great at an angle.
  • Scent - Nice light fresh scent.

Thoughts - This Matrix had a great fresh scent that didn't last long at all, nor was it to strong when spraying.  I did get the somewhat usual white cast but it was so easy to brush out.  Price $17.42 CAD.

Once again after I submitted my log book, it showed me my favorite...even blind testing Amika was my top choice!  Sadly I still haven't found any place to buy it!  But luckily for me I found a few other dry shampoos that I liked as well that are available in stores for me.  I also liked the Moroccanoil, Redken, and Matrix Dry Shampoos, all of which are easily accessible!  Joico and Herbal Essence where big duds for me, but I had tried Herbal Essence before and didn't like it than either.  

I am glad I was given the chance to try out so many dry shampoos, it's not the most glamorous product, but it is one I use frequently.  I wasn't sure on any of the products, I had a good idea on one-but I thought I knew all the Deodorants to, so it was really blind testing!  

It was a lot of fun participating in the Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand prix and I am happy I was given the chance.  I found quite a few products that I really like and will continue to purchase, and a few that I know to stay away from.  I can't wait to see what products were voted favorites from all the categories, and where my favorites came in!  I think they announce the winners in the Fall, I will be watching out for it!  Have you ever gotten the chance to blind test anything?  Did your results surprise you?  Did I pick any of your favorites?   Or hate its?  What do you think about blind testing, would you be interested in doing it?  Let me know!