My Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand Prix reveals! Part 1 - Body Scrubs

Happy Canada Day long weekend!  I hope you get to enjoy and celebrate the long weekend if you are living in Canada!  Back in March I told you all about getting chosen to participate in the Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand Prix and gave you a look at the products and categories of the products that I was sent to blind test.  If you want to check out that post you can click here.  Well, the testing is finally over and I have submitted my log book and gave my opinion on all 18 products I received.  I received products in Body Scrub (3), Deodorants (3), Face Serum (5), and Dry Shampoo (6).  I was a little surprised on what some of the products were once I was able to get all the sparkly tape off.  Let me tell you I learned quickly the best way to get tape gunk off!  Hint-Peanut butter and patience won out for me!

All the shiney wrapped Mystery products.

All the shiney wrapped Mystery products.

I want to give you my thoughts on each product and so as not to make this post a 30 minute marathon read, I have decided to split it up into 4 parts.  Each part will be on a separate category.

First up are the Body Scrubs-

3 shiney wrapped Body Scrubs.

3 shiney wrapped Body Scrubs.

I tested each product in numerical order, I figured that would be the easiest way to keep track of them!  I had no idea on what any of the Body Scrubs were as this is an area that I previously had not used many products from.  For the testing we were asked to use each product for a minimum duration of 3-5 days over 10 days.  Directions were - Under shower or in bath, rub gently over body, concentrating on the elbows, knees and heels.  Rinse well.  

058 - Moroccanoil Body Buff Rose Petal Exfoliant -

  • Texture - I found the scrub to be thick and kind of slimy feeling.  The granules sink to the bottom of the jar so you do need to 'stir' it before each use.
  • Application - I am not a fan of products in pots no matter what it is, I hate sticking my fingers in things!  
  • Exfoliation - One of the places the Moroccanoil excelled in was in how well it exfoliates!  It had the right amount of granules to get a good scrub, but not enough to be irritating.
  • Skin after rinsing - I found that on the days I used this, I almost didn't need to use moisturizer it was that moisturizing.
  • Scent - This is the worst thing about it!  It has a very strong rose scent that hangs around for quite a while afterwards.  

Thoughts - Once you get past the scent, or if you like rose scent, I loved this product.  The scent stayed on the skin for quite awhile and in the bathroom!  Felt slimy/sticky when applying but easily washed away.  I would really liked to have seen an applicator included with this product so you didn't have to 'stir' it with your fingers each time.  Price $52.oo CAD.

078 - Dans un Jardin -

  • Texture - I found this scrub to be very thick!  It was a good thing that they included an applicator because if you needed to use your fingers in this one you would have ended up with a lot under your nails!  It had the texture of a thick paste.
  • Application - Another product in a pot,the included spatula made this product a lot easier to get out of the tub.
  • Exfoliation - This at first felt like I was rubbing sandpaper on my body, but then it quickly melted and there was no more exfoliating to be had!  It was very weird.
  • Skin after rinsing - I found my skin to be softer after using this body scrub but I could tell were I had first applied it to my skin as it was a little irritated.
  • Scent - This one has a slight strawberry, fruity scent.  It wasn't overpowering, just nice!

Thoughts - This scrub is very thick and rough at first but the granules quickly melt away.  Because of this I felt like I needed to use more to get an even exfoliation.  Price $19.95 CAD.

143 - Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin -

  • Texture - I found this scrub to be really creamy with a perfect amount of 'grit' to it!
  • Application - Finally, a tube!  I loved the fact that this scrub came in a tube, no mess, it made it so much easier to use.
  • Exfoliation - This body scrub had the right amount of granules, enough to feel like it was doing its job but not enough to feel like I was rubbing sandpaper over my body.
  • Skin after rinsing - I found my skin felt softer after using, I did need to use a moisturizer afterwards though.
  • Scent - This body scrub has a nice soft fresh scent that didn't cling to my body, or bathroom!  I was able to smell just my moisturizer afterwards.

Thoughts - I found that I used more of this at a time as it is a bit thick coming out of the tube.  It didn't seem to spread as easily at first as some others I have tried.  Price $45.00 CAD.

And here are all the Body Scrubs, minus the sparkly tape.

And here are all the Body Scrubs, minus the sparkly tape.

After I had submitted my log book for the testing, I was told which products in each category were my favorites.  For the Body Scrub it showed Clarins as being my favorite of the 3.  Clarins, for me ticked a lot of boxes, Scent, packaging ( a TUBE!!), and feel.  The only thing I didn't like was that it seemed that I used more product than the others as it did come out thick and took a bit for it to spread.  The Moroccanoil was a great product, once I got past the scent!  If I was to find another scent on sale I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.  The $52.oo CAD price tag is a little steep.  Dans un Jardin has a great scent, but was a little to harsh for my skin.  I will use it up as a hand scrub, I think it will be great for getting the dirt off my hands after working outside this summer!

I really enjoyed trying out all the products in the Body Scrub category, especially as it was something I hadn't used much of in the past.  I have Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms and legs and after having tested out the body scrubs I have found that the bumps have gone down a lot.  I do still have redness my skin does feel smoother than it has in a long time.  I will now make Body scrubs part of my regular routine!

Did you know what any of the products where just by the shape of the package?  Did any pique your interest?