My Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand Prix Reveals - Part 2 -Deodorants

Back in March I told you all about getting chosen to participate in teh Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand Prix and gave you a look at the products and categories of the products that I was sent to blind test.  Well the testing is over and I have submitted my log book and gave my opinion on all 18 products I received.  If you want to read about the introduction you can click here, and Part 1 - Body scrubs here.  I received products in Body Scrub (3), Deodorants (3), Face Serum (5), and Dry Shampoo (6).  I was a little surprised on what some of the products were once I was able to get all the sparkly tape and residue off.  Let me tell you I learned quickly the best way to get tape gunk off!  Hint-Peanut butter and patience won out for me!

The shiney Mystery products.

The shiney Mystery products.

As I had said in my Part 1 post, to not make this a marathon read, I have broken up the post into each of the 4 categories that I received.  

Part 2 - Deodorants-

4 shiney Mystery Deodorants!

4 shiney Mystery Deodorants!

Part 2 is all about deodorant!  Not the most glamorous bunch of products, but they are all products that we use everyday.  Before I received my Elle package I had been using Men's Right Guard for my anti-perspirant as I was finding that women's just wasn't cutting it for me!  I am happy to say that I was able to find a couple in the bunch that worked well for me!   Again I tested in numerical order to make it easy on myself.  I thought I knew what each one was, I was wrong about one of them! 

For the testing of the Deodorants we were told to use them for a minimum duration of 7 days.  Directions were all to apply directly to under arms, except for 204-spray under arms.  

00 - Nivea Invisible for black & white-

  • Texture - Stick Solid.
  • Ease of application - applied smoothly
  • Effectiveness over the course of the day - Worked great for the whole day.
  • Side effects - I didn't notice any.
  • Scent - I loved the fresh scent of this, it lasted all day but wasn't overpowering in the least.

Thoughts - The Nivea Deodorant felt creamy going on and has a great fresh scent that wasn't overpowering at all.  I didn't notice that it left any residue on my clothes either which was a bonus!  Price $5.99 CAD.

140 - Clarins Déodorant Roll-On - 

  • Texture - cream roll on, felt slimy!
  • Ease of application - This needed to be shaken before each use.
  • Effectiveness over the course of the day - This seemed to work well at first until about the 9 hour mark....
  • Side effects - This seemed to take forever to dry!  I was flapping my arms like a chicken trying to get it to dry so I could finish getting dressed for work!
  • Scent - Another great fresh scent that wasn't overpowering, at first at least!

Thoughts - This was the one that I was wrong about what product it was!  I thought this was a Nivea Roll On, I had no clue that Clarins made Deodorant.  This one made me remember why I didn't like Roll-On deodorant, they go on so wet and slimy feeling, not a great way to start your day.  I was also disappointed when I noticed that it did not last the whole day.  After the first day I started tossing this in my purse so I could 'freshen' it up at lunch!  Price $21.00 CAD.

204 - Dove Dry Spray - 

  • Texture - Dry spray
  • Ease of application - I really didn't like this at all, for it's intended purpose that is!  I don't know about you but I needed to look where I was spraying, not a good thing as I ended up breathing it in and than proceeding to cough like crazy!
  • Effectiveness over the course of the day - This was another one that didn't last until bedtime!  It did however last longer than the Clarins!  About 12 hours.
  • Side effects - A lot of coughing during application.
  • Scent - Nice fresh scent with a bit of floral?  Not sure but I did like it.

Thoughts - I found out very quickly that I am not a fan of dry spray deodorants!  It did dry very quickly and without any residue which was a bonus.  I have found another use for this though that keeps the coughing to a minimum!  I had read somewhere, I am sorry I can't remember were, to use a spray deodorant if you have chafing!  It works like a charm for this!  Price $7.99 CAD.

227 - Secret Clinical Invisible Solid -

  • Texture - Solid.
  • Ease of application - This applied very smoothly and didn't drag.
  • Effectiveness over the course of the day - This lasted all day!  No unwanted smells at all! 
  • Side effects - I didn't notice any.
  • Scent - A great fresh clean scent.

Thoughts - I really liked this deodorant a lot.  It went on smoothly and I didn't have to wait for it to dry!  The scent was a fresh clean scent that wasn't overpowering but it worked.  Price $10.99 CAD.

Once again after I had submitted my log book from the testing, it calculated my answers and gave me my favorite of the 4.  For me it showed as the last one, Secret Clinical Invisible Solid.  Secret did what it was supposed to do without any unwanted side effects.  Went on smoothly, clean fresh scent, and it worked!  Nivea would have to be a close second as it to did it's job well.  I am glad that I found another use for the Dove Dry Spray that works great for me.  Clarins made me realize that Roll-On is not the kind of deodorant for me, as well as expensive doesn't always mean better.

I know that deodorant isn't the most exciting product to read about but it is something most of use on a daily basis.  For me, it was worth it to find out that there are Deodorants out there besides Men's that can work for me when I am having some hot moments!

Did you know what the products were by the packaging?  Did you know that Clarins made Deodorant, or did you think it was Nivea as well?