Trip Through My Trash For July, 2016

I am a little late posting my trash for the month of July, but better late than never!  I am not going to be putting my samples in with my trash anymore, I will do a seperate post for those, hopefully there will start to be a lot more soon!  I did manage to finish up quite a few products for the month, so I am happy about that.  A few regular products, and a few new ones!

My Trash for the month of July -

July's Trip Through My Trash.

July's Trip Through My Trash.

  • Cotton Pads - I pick these ones up at Dollarama for I think $1.25?  Somewhere around there.  I really like these, they are great for removing eye make and nail polish!  Repurchase?  Always.
  • Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes - Another repeat empty, these are in every Trash post I do!  They work great and I can't find a better price for Face Wipes.  Repurchase?  Always.
  • feettreat PEDI by Look Beauty - I picked this foot peeling mask up at Shopper's Drug Mart to try out.  It was $9.99, I think, and was cheaper than any others I had seen.  You have to sit for 60-90 min with the booties on, which is longer than any others I had tried.  My feet didn't start to peel for almost 9 days!  They never really peeled a lot either.  I went to get a pedicure about 3 weeks after having used it and the esthetician told me not to use these foot peeling masks anymore!  I guess they aren't the best for your feet.  Maybe that's why they say not to use them more than once every 3 months....  Needless to say it wasn't the best mask I have tried from them!  Repurchase? No.
  • Pantene Pro-V Cleansing COnditioner - This is my second bottle of this Cleansing Conditioner, so I guess you could say I like it.  I like to use the cleansing conditioner more so in the summer as I find I can't go quite as long without washing my hair as I can in the winter months.  Dry shampoo can only do so much when its 30+ degrees outside!  I usually wash my hair normally, than second day is dry shampoo, than third day is the Cleansing Conditioner.  It seems to work well for my hair.  I forgot how hard it was to find this though!  I went into Shopper's planning on picking up a bottle but I couldn't find any and when I asked an associate she had never heard of cleaning conditioner.  I did end up picking up a bottle at Walmart, they actually had 2 different kinds!  I picked up the one from L'Oreal to try out this time.  Repurchase?  Probably.
  • Dr. Jart+ Water-Full Hydrogel Mask - I got this face mask in a Birchbox and finally got around to trying it out.  It was a rather strange sheet mask!  Not your usual tissue type of mask, this one seemed more like foam!  It was fairly thick and stuck to my face fairly well, I didn't have to worry about it sliding off.  I did notice that after I used this mask my face felt hydrated and very smooth, the effects seemed to last for a couple of days to.  It was a really nice mask, if the price wasn't so high, $25 a mask on Sephora!, I would be tempted to purchase them.  Repurchase? Not at that price.
  • Bath & BodyWorks Mediterranean Blue Waters Body Cream - I usually have a tube of Bath & BodyWorks body cream in every trash post!  The scents do tend to vary but this is my cream of choice.  The scent on Mediterranean Blue Waters is a nice light fresh scent!  I really liked this scent quite a bit, enough that I picked up 3 more tubes of it when they were having the semi annual sale!  Repurchase? Already did!
  • Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips x3 - I almost remembered to use these once a week last month!  I did notice a difference in how my makeup applied on my nose when I used the nose strips more regularly so I am hoping that I can continue to remember to use them!  I pick these ones up at Dollarama and find that they work just as well as the Biore Nose Strips, but are a fraction of the price.  Repurchase? Yes.
  • Bath & BodyWorks PocketBac, Candy Cane Bliss and Honolulu Sun - Can you tell by the first scent that I have recently found the stash of these that I had picked up a few months ago?!  I have one of these hanging off of my purse and one on my lunch bag and use them all the time.  The hand sanitizer at work is a little drying on my hands so I try to use the Bath & BodyWorks hand sanitizers as mush as I think I can get away with.  Scent is the one thing I have to be careful of as we have a no scent policy and some scents bother people.  I do check with my coworkers who I know are sensitive to scents before I use anything with a scent.  Neither of these two scents bothered most of them.  Repurchase? Yes, once I run out of my stash!
  • No4 Super Comb Prep & Protect - Another Birchbox empty!  I am trying to get through some of my backlog of products!  This was an ok leave in conditioner, not the best, and not the worst!  I am out of leave in conditioner so I am looking for one to pick up, any suggestions?  Repurchase? No, I doubt I can find it anywhere!
  • W3LL People Expressionist Mascara - I was on a roll for using up Birchbox products last month!  I pulled this mascara out to try out and it did not work out for me at all!  I barely got any volume from it.  It was a very dry mascara so I had high hopes for it, I am thinking the dry formula may have been that it was old though.  It has a plastic bristle brush that was actually kind of sharp and not the best feeling on my eyes!  It smudged on me halfway through my day!  Not a good look!  Repurchase? No
  • Clarisonic Delicate Brush Head - This was my favorite brush head for my Clarisonic, until I tried the Radiance one!  I picked up a duo pack of these when I needed new replacement brush as Sephora was out of the Radiance heads and I did like them before.  But they are no substitute for the Radiance ones.  I found this brush head to be somewhat scratchy and not as gentle as the Radiance ones.  I also didn't find that they seemed to get my face as clean as the Radiance.  Repurchase? Not anymore.
  • Secret Clinical Invisible Solid Antiperspirant - I received this as a product to test out for the Elle Canada Grand Prix and found out that I really liked it!  It kept me dry and smelling great for the whole day!  I wish that women's antiperspirant had more in it though!  I have noticed that I am going through more of women's than I was when I was using mens antiperspirant, mens have almost double the amount in them!  Repurchase? Maybe.
  • Schick Intuition Razor refill - Another regular empty in my Trash!  I love using the Intuition because I don't have to mess around with a razor and shaving cream in the shower!  I find that I get a close shave and I also pick these up at Costco!  I think its 10 refills and the razor for just under $30?  Thats enough for 8 months at a time!  Repurchase? Always.

I am happy that I am starting to get through some of the products that I got in my Birchboxes finally!  3 products last month!  Quite a few products that are regularly in my Trash, but that just shows that I really like those ones.  I am pretty sure we used up a hand soap last month but I think it must have gotten thrown out.  

Did you manage to get through any products over the last month?  Anything new and exciting?  I think my most exciting was using up some Birchbox stuff!