Sample Stash Empties!! August 2016

I managed to use up some of the overflowing Sample Stash!  Putting them out where they are visible is working!  Since I have started picking out some samples to use for each week, I have started to finally try out some of the products I was interested in using!  WOOT!!!  I may have finally stumbled on a system to get me to use them.  

I have found a few things that I really liked and a few that I really did not!  If you are interested in reading about my thoughts on some samples that I used up in August, read on!

It may not look like a lot, but for me it is!

It may not look like a lot, but for me it is!

  • Benefit-Puff Off - There really wasn't much in this sample.  The eye cream claims to smooth the look of puffies & fine lines.   I didn't notice a lot of either of these claims, but that could be due to the fact that the full size has a metal applicator which I am sure would help to combat the puffies!  The eye cream does have a slight salmon color to it.  It felt good and I would say no to trying it out again!
  • Tarte-Rainforest of the Sea foundation - I was interested in trying this out so I went into Sephora and picked up a sample, glad I did.  I wasn't a big fan of this one.  It settled into pores, giving me the lovely cartoon face, aka polka dot face.  I also found it settle in fine lines and especially around my nose!  It was almost like any line/pore was a magnet for this foundation.  I looked in the mirror a few hours after applying it and I had none on nose/cheeks/forehead, except where I had any lines/pores, there I had a lot...Not a great look!  
  • Urban Decay-Naked Skin foundation - While I was getting a sample of the Tarte I also thought I would like to try out the UD one again.  WOW, I forgot how good this one was!  I would say it has light to medium coverage, just enough to cover up what needs covering up but not enough to look mask like.  It lasted all day and did not give cartoon face!  I did find that I got the best finish when I used the UD Good Karma Brush with it.  The brush and the foundation are perfect together!  Definitely picking this up soon!
  • Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer - This moisturizer is perfect for daytime use in the summer!  The fresh, kind of citrus scent, feels great in the morning.  Makeup goes on well over top and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the skin.
  • Clinique-Superprimer Universal Face Primer - I had tried this primer out before but for the life of me, I couldn't remember what I thought of it!  The primer goes on like a lotion and feels great going on, it made my skin feel soft and moisturized, so I had high hopes.  It did not make my makeup last longer at all, if anything it seemed to help it to last a shorter amount of time than if I didn't use a primer!  My oily zones seemed to come right through with a few hours and once that happened i just started looking like a mess!  Will definitely not be looking into picking this one up.
  • Garnier Clean + Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser - I recently finished a full size of this, so this one is a little cheat!  I knew I liked this one already.
  • Estée Edit-Pore Vanishing Stick - I was really hoping that this would shrink the appearance of my pores, even just a bit!  Sadly it did not, and to make matters worse, My makeup barely lasted 2 hours overtop of it!  It seemed to do a great job of melting anything I put on over top of this primer.  I do have a sample of this in stick form as well that I may try in the cooler months to see if maybe it will work better than?
  • Urban Decay-Eden Eyeshadow Primer Potion - I have a few samples of the various Urban Decay Primer potions.  I thought I would try out Eden first.  It is very yellow based on my skin tone.  It also seemed really dry?  It made my eyelids look dry, which I didn't think was possible!  I usually need to use a primer and Mac Painterly paint pot to make most shadows last throughout the day.
  • Smashbox-Photofinish Hydrating Under Eye Primer - This deluxe sample lasted dme forever!  You don't need a lot to prime your under eye area.  I didn't find it had any color correcting at all it just made concealer apply really well over top of it.  I had barely any creasing and my concealer lasted all day with this on underneath.  Definitely thinking on picking this up soon, I am already missing it!
  • Kate Somerville-Exfolikate - I definitely see why this is called 'Hollywoods 2 minute facial'!  I noticed a difference right away after using this, my skin felt and looked smoother and softer.  It has a slight spicey smell, but it isn't that strong.  I really liked this sample a lot.  I went into Sephora to see how much it was and it is a tad pricey at $102 for 60mL!  BUt there is a smaller size for $29 for 15mL.  I think I am going to pick this up at the VIB sale in November.
  • Mac-Prep + Prime Skin Base - I have had a few samples of this and each time I get another one and try it I wonder why I haven't picked up a full size of it yet.  I find that it makes my foundation apply beautifully over top of it and it seems to help with longevity as well.  I think I may finally pick up a full size if they have it at IMATs this year.
  • Marcelle-Ideal Skin Perfector - This one surprised me as well.  I really wasn't expecting much from it but for the few uses I got out of the sample I really liked it!  It also seemed to make my makeup go on well and helped it to last longer in the heat this past month!  I may pick this up during a bonus redemption at Shoppers, if they ever have another one!
  • the Estée edit- Dissolve The Drama Makeup Remover - I really gave this a good try, 4 samples worth!  I did not like it all though.  I found that you needed to use quite a bit otherwise it felt like I was tugging at my skin.  The problem with using more was that it was a little harder to get rid of the oily feeling after.  I think I just don't like oil cleanser though, I am trying out a micellar water and am not really enjoying it either.  I won't be seeking this out anytime in the near future.
  • Bobbi Brown-Smokey Eye Mascara - I was so excited to try something out from Bobbi Brown!  It has a natural bristle brush which I usually love, so I had high hopes for this.  It did make my lashes look great with only one coat, until about 2 hours later I looked in a mirror and I looked like I had 2 black eyes!  It had smudged so much onto my undereye area that it looked like I had been boxing or something!  So I won't be picking this one up either.

I am glad that I am starting to use up my samples, I am really starting to find things that I like and don't like.  Samples are a great way to try before you buy.  They aren't usually big enough to see any real difference with skin care, but there will be enough for you to tell if you can handle any scent it may have.  A different texture of product, ie oil cleanser, or if it reacts to your skin.

What about you, have you been trying out any samples lately that have you adding to a list of products you want to look into picking up?  In this Stah Trash I found 5 products that I am interested in picking up full sizes of.  I also found 5 that I have no interest in buying and am glad that I didn't spend any money on!  As well as a few that i am a little interested in picking up.  17 samples down, a lot more to try out!