February BoxyCharm - 2017

The theme for the February BoxyCharm was 'Would You Be My Galentine?', which I thought was very fitting for February!  I was excited about most of the contents of the box!  But I also find that is true of most of the BoxyCharm boxes!  They rarely disapoint me!  This month I received eyeshadow, brushes, gloss, brushes!, and a z-palette.  Not bad for the $35ish CAD price tag.

The goodies inside the February 2017 BoxyCharm.

The goodies inside the February 2017 BoxyCharm.

I have been starting to get my BoxyCharm in closer towards the beginning of the month lately which is really nice!

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion.

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion.

First up everyone received a Full Size Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion!  This retails for $79.oo USD!  That alone makes this box worth it!  

From BoxyCharm - The original skin exfoliating procedure.  #BoxyTip:  Dampen Skin with warm water and gently massage cream onto skin for 1-2 minutes avoiding the eye area.  Rinse well, pat dry.  Best if used 1-2 times per week allowing 3 days between applications.

I have used this exfoliator before and liked it.  Now I can try it out against the Kate Somerville Exfolikate and see which one I like better.

Next is the Small Z Palette, this retails for $14.oo USD.  I think Z Palette is a tad overpriced for what it is. 

From BoxyCharm - Completely customizable, this Small Z Palette, made exclusively for BOXYCHARM, features as open-faced, magnetic base thats allows you to easily switch out shades and products as often as you like!  THis pint-sized Z Palette will fit just about anywhere and fits up to 9 standard-sized round pans.  #BoxyTip: Use this professional magnetic palette from Z Palette to store all of your favorite eyeshadow pans!

I personally, even before all the drama with Z Palette, would prefer to pick up the Make Up FOr Ever Magnetic palette, if of course, I could ever catch it in stock.  The MUFE palette is metal and just seems so much sturdier.  


2 Eyeshadow Pans from Makeup Geek, retail value of $12.00 USD ($6.00 USD each).

From BoxyCharm - A highly-pigmented, high-end shadow for half the price without sacrificing quality.  THis Makeup Geek eyeshadow can be used alone or placed in a Z Palette to build your own custom palette.  These buttery, smooth shadows are cruelty-free!  #BoxyTip: Blend out these smooth, buttery shades with your favorite eye brushes!  Mix and match the colors to create a look that's perfect for night or day.

I love that BoxyCharm has been sending out Makeup Geek products!  It makes trying them out so much easier for us Canadians.  I received the shades 'Prom Queen' and 'Cherry Cola'.  Prom Queen is a beautiful purple toned taupe and Cherry Cola is a deep brown shade with red undertones.

The Reflecting Gloss by Juice Beauty retail of $15.00 USD.

From BoxyCharm - Shimmer your lips in brilliant color with this Reflecting Gloss that contains a blend of organic antioxidant-rich acai & goji berries, minerals and sweet agave for the most brilliant shine on Earth.  #BoxyTip: Glide across bare lips or over Conditioning Lip for an instant kiss of color.  Perfect for everyday wear!

I am not a huge fan of Lip gloss, I find that they tend to be sticky and not last very long.  I received the shade 'Fig', which is a nice neutral shade.  I am glad to have gotten a shade that I can actually feel comfortable wearing!  I wish subscription boxes would send out more neutral shades when they send out lip products.  

Lastly we have the OMNIA Eye Kit by Royal & Langnickel with a retail price of $29.98.

From BoxyCharm - OMNIA GOld & ROse Gold Brushes were developed with the natural hair purist in mind and features meticulously selected natural hair of the finest quality for impeccable performance.  This luxurious hair allows the artist to precisely deposit powder product to specific areas of the face, and allows for the perfect absorbency and release for every application whether powder, liquid or cream product.  #BoxyTip: Use your BOM-40 Shader Brush to sweep the shadow across the eyelid and blend with ease.

I love getting brushes in my sub boxes!  I have found some really great ones, as well as some not so great.  Even the not so great brushes, I find you can still find a way to use them.  This brush set wasn't even released when I received my box, I love that we got to try out something that was brand new to the market.

THe February 'Would You Be My Galentine?' box had a retail value of $149.98 USD.  Thats crazy!  The Dr Brandt really upped the value of this box.

Here are my thoughts on the [products I received in the January 'And The Charm Award Goes To....' box -

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo - Has a fairly strong lemon scent, which I found to be a little weird for a dry shampoo!  It did do a fairly decent job on my hair with no white cast!  Would I pay $23.00 USD for it?  No, I have other dry shampoos I like better.

Vintage Highligther Double - I was not expecting to like this highlighter much as the first one we received from this brand I found to be chunky and not that smooth.  I am happy to say that I have been using the Rose Quartz shade almost everyday since I got it!  This Highlighter Double has a great smooth buttery texture that does not have any chunks of glitter in it!  Would I pay $35.00 USD for it?  Probably because it is as soft and blendable as my other highlighters and I have been getting a lot of use out of it.

PUR Mineral Glow Bronzer - I am also happy to say that the 'shine' I saw in the pan of this bronzer did not transfer to my face.  I have also been using this bronzer most days as well.  It gives some nice warmth to my face that it has been lacking during the long cooler months.  Would I pay $25.00 USD for it?  Yes, this bronzer blends like a dream and is a great shade my lighter skintone.

Crown Dix Soft Fan Brush SS017 - As I said I didn't have high hopes for this fan brush either, it seemed so skinny and floppy!  But it picks up just the right amount of product from the Vintage Highlighter! They were perfect to send out together.  I have been using this everyday as well with the Vintage.  Would I pay $12.99 USD for it?  No, I don't think this brush is worth that price but I would pay closer to $6 for it!

Purlisse Daily Lip Nourisher - I haven't even tried this Lip Balm out yet.  I have to many open at the moment and don't want to open another.  Would I pay $16.00 USD for it?  It will have to be a REALLY great lip balm for me to spend that much on one.

I think I got my moneys worth out of the January BoxyCharm, I regularly use 3 of the 5 products, and haven't tried out the fifth yet.  Who knows maybe I will really like it as well!

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I got in my February BoxyCharm as well as my thoughts on the products from the January box.  I think that after a month of having used the products I have a pretty good idea on my thoughts about them.