Trip Through My Trash - February 2017

I thought before I got to the Boxy Charm boxes I would get up my Trip Through My Trash for February.  Almost on time!  It is so satisfying to get rid of the trash at the end of the month!  I am hoping to get up the Boxy Charms shortly, I am expecting another one in soon!

I am slowly making my way through some of the half empty bottles of product that have been cluttering up under my skin in the bathroom.  I won't be picking up anything new in quite a few categories (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body scrub, etc!) until I get through these!

February 2017 Face & Body care Trash.

February 2017 Face & Body care Trash.

It looks like I used a lot of shampoo and conditioner last month, but they were almost empty!

  • TRESemme Expert Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - Now this is how shampoo and conditioner should always come!  When the shampoo and conditioner are the same size bottle I always end up with shampoo still left after the conditioner is gone!  Not with this set.  Also I love it when they come with a pump!  This was also the one were you used the conditioner first and shampoo second,  it worked really well.  I had more body and my hair did not feel heavy at all, it also wasn't frizzy which is what I thought would happen.  I have tried doing this with other shampoo and conditioners and it generally works the same way.  Maybe it's a better way to wash my hair?!  Repurchase? Maybe
  • Fluffs Cotton Pads - In most empties!  What can I say, they are cheap and they work....Repurchase? Always
  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths - I still have quite a few packs of these left....I have used them for my face, they are alright. I do like that they are textured, the texture seems to help get makeup off to me.  Repurchase?  I still have quite a few packs, we will see.
  • Marc Anthony bye.bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner - I am not even sure how long I have had this set....I think I bought it when I did a Keratin Straightening treatment on my hair a few years ago....  They had a nice scent, not overpowering and not floral!  They did a good job of getting my hair clean and not weighting it down.  Repurchase? I'm not even sure I can?
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + -  I have been using this moisturizer for quite a few years and have gone through quite a few bottles.  During the winter it is able to keep my face moisturized enough and isn't to heavy for the summer.  For me it is just a great all around moistuizer!  Repurchae? Always
  • Bath & BodyWorks Mahogany Teak Wood Foaming Hand Soap - There is usually at least one of these hand soaps in my empties in some scent or other!  Mahogany Teak Wood was a nice scent, not to masculaine just the right mix!  Repurchae? In one scent or another!
  • Olay Eyes Depuffing Eye Roller - This was a nice morning eye cream, or at least thats what I used it for!  It was just enough moisture that my concealer didn't crease nor did it go crepey!  I found that the cooling roller balls really only stayed cool for one eye though.  I didn't notice a lot of depuffing, I think because it didn't stay cool.  Repurchase?  Maybe?
  • The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion - I kept this at my desk t work and it worked great as a hand cream.  It didn't stay greasy and you could actually feel it soaking in, especially after using hospital hand sanitizer...  Repurchase?  As soon as I get rid of some of the backlog...or maybe sooner, especially since I can use it at work!
Sadly I need to toss a brush, Makeup Trash.

Sadly I need to toss a brush, Makeup Trash.

I used up 2 deluxe size samples of primers in February!  And sadly, a brush.

  • Hourglass Veil Primer - I have used up another deluxe size sample of the Hourglass Veil primer.  And while I like it, it is fairly moisturizing, I have decided after this sample that it isn't my favorite.  I think it would be great if you have dry skin, but for combo/oily its not the best.  Repurchase?  Not right now, maybe if my skin went back to dry.
  • Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer Mood Light - Could this primer have any longer of a name?!  This primer I did really enjoy!  I found it gave a really nice glow to the skin, especially under more matte finish foundations.  My skin looked glowy, not oily whenever I used this.  I looked it up on the Sephora site and it is $52.00 CAD for 1oz.  A little on the pricer side but I did really enjoy it.  Repurchase?  Maybe, when I use up some of what I have already!
  • Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush - I have had this brush for a few years now and it was my favorite for applying cream shadow.  I used this everyday to apply my Mac paint pot.  It has started to shed really badly and the bristles actually come right out of the ferrule.  Repurchase?  Maybe if I can get it singly.
What my house smelled like in February.

What my house smelled like in February.

As you can see by the picture 1 candle is barely burned and one still has a lot of wax left in the jar.  Not the best month for candles!

  • Yankee Candle - Honey Clementine - I really like the scent of this candle but I have figured out that every time I burned this candle I was having really bad headaches, to the point I was laying down to try to get rid of them.  So sadly, I won't be burning this anymore and instead will see if my sister or a friend wants it.  Repurchase?  Not in this scent.
  • Yankee Candle Line-Dried Cotton - If you like the smell of fresh out of the dryer clothes, this is the candle for you!  It smells just like fresh washed laundry, a nice clean, fresh scent.  Repurchase? Maybe.
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Candle - I love the scent of this candle.  It is a little sweet and a little spicy, just perfect!  It smells like a Chai latte with a shot of vanilla, yummy!  I am not sure why it ended up burning so weirdly though.  There is still a lot of wax in the jar but the wick is done.  Repurchase?  I might try another candle, but I definitely wouldn't pay full price for one.
A very small Sample Trash.

A very small Sample Trash.

A basically forgot about using samples last month!  I was to busy trying to use up half empty full size products!  Of course I used up a Kate Somerville Exfolikate, love this!  I tried out the Tata harper Regenerating Cleanser, it was ok, I would need to use it a few more times to decide if I would buy it though.  The bliss fabulous makeup melt did a great job of removing my makeup and I liked the thicker consistency of it.  I may pick this up once I get through some more of my backlog...

Total of products used up -

  • Face and Body care - 10 (18)
  • Deluxe/Travel Size - 2 (4)
  • Home Fragrance - 3 (7)
  • Makeup - 0 (4)
  • Tools - 1
  • Samples - 4 (17)