Trip Through My Trash - January 2017

So I didn't quite get caught up in February!  But I am closer!  Two BoxyCharms and I am all caught up.  Luckily I had taken all the pictures as I was going along!  

For January I managed to use up quite a few products.  I did a bit of reorganizing and found that I had quite a few products that were half empty/close to being empty and have decided that I really need to use up some of this stuff and get rid of it.  A few things I am sure I will realize just why they got shoved to the back!  There are a few things that I am sad to see gone but it is so satisfying to have competely used things up.  Do you feel like that to?  It also means that there will be more room for trying new things out!

Some Face and Body Care trash.

Some Face and Body Care trash.

I was close to finishing quite a few products as you can see!  I managed to finish up quite a bit.

  • Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Toner - This toner was ok, nothing spectacular.  I was able to pick a duo pack of this up at Costco for under $20 CAD.  This was the second bottle of the toner.  Repurchase? Maybe?
  • Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub - I received this scrub in my Elle Canada Beauty Grand Prix box to try out and it was my second favorite one!  This scrub has a nice amount of grit to it, not to much and not to little.  My skin didn't feel dry at all after using this, just nice and smooth.  Repurchase?  Maybe, I do have quite a few other scrubs to get through before I need to buy one though.  The $45.00 CAD price tag is a little high though.
  • Bath & BodyWorks Ultra Shea Body Cream - In January I used up the Snowflakes & Cashmere scent.  I liked this scent, not to strong.  It was a little on the sweeter side but not sickly sweet.  Repurchase?  Always, this is my body lotion of choice for now.
  • Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes - These face wipes are always in my empties!  I pick them up at Costco for $15.00ish CAD for 150 wipes.  Repurchase?  I already have.
  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths - I am not sure where these came from but I used them up!  I used these mostly for swatches as the package was small.  They worked well, no complaints!  Repurchase?  Maybe
  • Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover - I like this eye makeup remover, it gets everything off without leaving a greasy film.  Nor does it sting my eyes.  I have used a full size of this in the past.  Repurchase?  Probably
  • Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 Micellar solution - I picked up this micellar water to try out after I had run out of makeup remover.  It was ok, didn't leave a film on my face but it did sting my eyes if I happened to get it to close.  Repurchase? No
  • Bath & BodyWorks Foaming Hand Soap - And yet another product that we use up quite regularly!  Last month we used up the scent Sparkling Mint Blossom which was again a nice light, fresh scent.  Repurchase? Always!
  • Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foaming Face Wash - I had originally picked this up hoping my son would use it, but it just sat there so I decided to put it in the shower and used it up in the morning.  I didn't find this face wash, it left my face feeling clean but not stripped.  Repurchase? Maybe?
OMG!  I finished full sizes of makeup!

OMG!  I finished full sizes of makeup!

I am so happy to have used up some full sized make up products!  I never thought I would finish up some of these! 

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup - I finished a foundation!!!!  It took me quite a while to finally pick up this foundation as I had thought it would look cake-y and heavy.  Boy was I wrong!  I love this stuff and have already repurchased it!  I don't find this to be a full coverage foundation at all, more like medium.  It covers what I need it to, slight redness broken capillaries, but I can still see my moles/freckles.  I am sure if you layered it you can get more of a fuller coverage but I like the medium that I get.  Repurchase? Already have!
  • Covergirl So Lashy! Blast Pro Mascara - I think I got this from Bzzzagent with a liquid liner...  I wasn't so impressed with the mascara, it tended to smudge fairly quickly on me, within a few hours.  And the wand, I have no clue what they were thinking when they designed the wand!  It has a huge ball on the end which made it really hard to apply, if I tried to use the middle of the wand the ball would get mascara on my face so I ended up using the ball to put the mascara on.  That took awhile!  Repurchase? Definitely not.
  • Hourglass ambient Lighting Palette - This may have been a pricier purchase but it was well worth it!  I used the first shade, Dim Light as a setting powder and towards the end of the palette mixed it with the last shade, Radiant Light and it just gave a nice glow to my skin.  I used the middle shade, Incandescent Light as a highlight and it was great, not sparkly at all!  Repurchase?  I might yet!
  • Burt's Bees Lip Balm - I used up a lip balm!  I love the Vanilla Bean scent/flavor, it is nice and smooth going on, unlike the regular Burt's Bees balm.  This balm feels great mid day when your lips are starting to feel a tad dry from wearing to many liquid lipsticks!  Repurchase?  I already have.
  • Essence Make Me Brow - I think I have found my brow gel of choice!  I like this better than the Benefit Gimme Brow.  I find this to have not quite as thick consistency as Benefits.  The shade, 01 Blondy brows, is fairly close to the Gimme Brow, 01 Light, as well.  Repurchase?  Already have.
  • Pür Cosmetics Correcting Primer - I picked up this travel size in a set of 4 primers during a Shopper's Bonus Redeemption last year, I think?  This was a light moisturizing primer, similar to Macs Prep and Prime Skin Base.  There isn't much difference in price either, Pur is $36 CAD and Mac is $38 CAD.  I have another sample of the Mac so maybe using that one will help me decide which I like better.  I am not sure which one i will end up picking up!  Repurchase?  Maybe.
What my house smelled like in Janruary.

What my house smelled like in Janruary.

I ended up burning larger candles in January, more so than votives.

  • Yankee Candle Summer Storm - I loved this scent, it was so fresh and yet comforting at the same time.  The scent filled the room that I was burning it in as well as into the next!  Repurchase? Hopefully!
  • Bath & BodyWorks Wallflower - The scent Fresh Sparkling Snow is one of my favorites for wintertime!  So fresh and yet with a hint of sweetness.  Repurchase? Hopefully next season!
  • Yankee Candle Alpine Martini - I really did not enjoy this scent at all.  I am not the biggest fan of fake apple scents, I don't know why I can never get a good apple scented candle!  Have you been able to get a good one?  Repurchase? No
  • Charmed Aroma Coconut Vanilla - I loved the scent of this!  Charmed Aroma candles are like Kinder Eggs for big kids!  I am planning on doing a review of them soon so I won't say much about it, except they are great!  Coconut Vanilla is a fresh scent with a hint of sweetness, perfect!  Repurchase? Maybe
Still slowly working away on the Sample Stash.

Still slowly working away on the Sample Stash.

I am still going to try to use up my Sample Stash, but I am not going to really push it.  It started not being fun anymore.  I will just add them on to my regular Trip Through My Trash posts.  I did surprisingly end up using quite a few for the month of January though!

I picked up a sample of the Urban Decay Foundation in 3.5 to make sure that was the shade I needed after thinking 4.5 was the right one.  I used up 3 samples of Kate Somerville Exfolikate, love it!  The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream smells amazing but I didn't find it moisturized my skin any better than my usual.  None of the other samples wowed me that much at all.  2 of the perfume vials i only ended up using a couple of times, they smelled horrible on me!  So I am not going to subject me or anyone around me to the smell!

I thought I would start having a running tally of products that I use up over the course of the year so that I can see how much I am using!  Just a little something to see how much I can get through.  So here we go!

  • Face and Body Care - 8
  • Deluxe/Travel Size - 2
  • Home Fragrance - 4
  • Makeup - 4
  • Samples - 13