March BoxyCharm - 2017 - Creepy Cute

My March BoxyCharm came in I believe on the 9th?  I was surprised at how quickly it showed up, they have been coming in earlier lately but that one was the earliest yet.  The theme for March was 'Creepy Cute', not sure what that has to do with the month of March but it is different.  In the March 'Creepy Cute' box I ended up getting 3 full size products, a travel size product as well as a my favorite thing, a brush! 

The March 'Creepy Cute' BoxyCharm contents.

The March 'Creepy Cute' BoxyCharm contents.

All the bright and bold shades in the March 'Creepy Cute' BoxyCharm.  Not bad for the $35.00ish CAD price tag.

First up, I believe everyone received the Naked Cosmetics Urban Rustic Palette with a retail price of $39.99 USD.  I think that price is a little inflated!  I am not sure it would be worth quite that much.

From BoxyCharm -  These colors offer a dramatic look when applied damp or with as eye base.  The colors have hints of green, bronze, purple, and brown.  #BoxyTip: Apply shadow to your lids to give your eyes a beautifully pigmented shimmer.  For more pigment, lightly wet your brush for an even more intense

These shadows are VERY pigmented!  I love the colors but will need to pull in more shadows from other palettes.

 Next we have the SS023 Deluxe Fan Brush from Crown Brush with a retail price of $18.99 USD.

From BoxyCharm - This Fan Brush features a large, fanned brushhead perfect for the soft application of powder products.  This brush is also great for dusting shimmer products onto skin.  #BoxyTip:  Gently dip brush across your favorite highlighters or powder, and dust across your cheekbones for beautiful, glowy effect.  Brush can also be used to buff our powders and bronzers.

This brush is so soft!  I was surprised to get a fan brush this month as it doesn't really go with any of the products we received.  But I love getting brushes!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, travel size.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, travel size.

Everyone also received the travel size of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer with a value of $16.00 USD.  This is one of the products where buying the travel size is actually a better value than getting the full size.

From BoxyCharm - This primer is the first product that was ever created at Smashbox photo studios L.A.  It instantly blurs fine lines and pores, leaving skin with a velvety-smooth, even finish.  THis classic Smashbox primer is the best way to start your makeup every day.  #BoxyTip: Using fingertips, apply a dime sized amount before makeup application.

Is it just me, or does using a dime sized amount of product seem like a lot?!  I know I have received samples of this primer before, but for the life of me, I can't remember what i thought about it!  Getting old sucks!  Good thing I am using an app now to keep track of my thoughts on products as I try them out!

I believe we all received this product as well, just different shades?  Lipliner by RealHer in the shade I Am Loved retails for $12.50 USD.

From BoxyCharm - A creamy lip liner that glides across lips to define your pout.  #BoxyTip: Exfoliate and hydrate lips prior to use for best application.  Outline lips with liner before applying favorite lipstick for a locked in look.

This shade is a little out of my comfort zone of pale neutrals!  It is a beautiful burgundy shade though.

And lastly, the Matte Liquid Lipstick by RealHer in I Am A Rockstar, retails for $15.00 USD.

From BoxyCharm - Lightweight formula glides onto lips leaving super intense color with a bold, ultra-matte finish.  Long wearing, and completely kiss proof, this bomb formulation helps to combat dryness and nourish your lips during wear.  #BoxyTip: After application, while still wet, resist urge to press lips together like conventional lipsticks.  This will allow for long-lasting look.  Avoid oily foods.

The shade I Am A Rockstar perfectly matches the I Am Loved lipliner!  Again though, WAY out of my comfort zone!  I am interested in trying this out though, the price seems fair to me if they perform well.

All in all, not a bad box this month!  Even though I am not sure what the theme, 'Creepy Cute', has to do with March!  I'll take it as I am hopeful that the products in the box are going to be good!  The retail value of this months box is $102.48, on the lower end of the scale so far.  But still a high value!

My thought on the products from the February 'Would You Be My Galentine?' Box are -

OMNIA Eye Kit- I found that the 'Shader Brush' was fairly large for it's intended purpose of placing shadow on the lid and instead have found it is great for applying a light crease shade and blending it out.  I haven't used the smudger brush yet as I rarely, if ever, b]put shadow on my lower lash line.  I will have to see if I can find another use for it.  Worth $29.99?  Not for me as I have only used the one brush, more like $10.

2 Eyeshadow pans from Makeup Geek- Of the 2 shades I received I have worn 'Prom Night' quite a few times on days when I wanted a fairly simple look and did a one shadow eye on those days!  I loved it for that.  I have only used the shade 'Cherry Cola' once, man is it pigmented!  For me this is more of a an evening shade.  Worth $12.00?  Definitely!

The Reflecting Gloss by juice Beauty-  The shade 'Fig' is a beautiful neutral shade!  This gloss is not a sticky gloss, which I was quite happy about.  I am not a fan of gloss, especially when it's sticky.  I found that when I wore this is wore ok?  It did not last that long on me, no where near the length of other lip products, but that is the nature of gloss, isn't it?  I would be interesting in trying out a shade that didn't have shimmer in it, I found that when the gloss wore off there was still shimmer on my lips.

Microdermabrasion by Dr Brandt- I have used this exfoliator in the past and enjoyed it.  It is a little more abrasive than Ekfolikate but I still like it.  I am not sure how people with sensitive skin would be able to handle this one.  I like how clean it makes my skin feel and will happily rotate this in my skincare routine.  Worth $79.00 USD?  I think if your skin can handle the exfoliation of this one it is a good option.

Small Z Palette by Z Palette-  I really like the smaller size of this palette, its great for single shadows.  You could make up a small palette to take on a trip and be able to have all the shades you would need without taking up a lot of space.  Worth $14.00 USD?  I am think that $14.00 is a fair price for the size of this palette as someone who goes on short trips would be able to easily take along their favorite shades in a compact case that is sturdy.

So there you have a quick look at what I received in my March 'Creepy Cute' Box as well as my thoughts on the February "Would You Be My Galentine?' box.  I am still happy with BoxyCharm and think they are well worth the price.

I hope that you are enjoying me revisiting my previous months box and getting to see my thoughts on the products I received.  It does make for quite a long post!  Sorry for the wall of text.