Trip Through My Trash - April 2017

I know I keep saying this, but I am sorry for being so erratic in my posting!  I am finally getting moved back into my office/makeup room so hopefully things will get back to normal(or some semblance of it!).  

I managed to use up quite a few products in April which is always satisfying to see!  It still surprises me that I can use up so much stuff in a month!  Some are always going to be repeats but sometimes there are a few new things thrown in there.

First up we have Face and skincare-

Face and Skincare empties for April.

Face and Skincare empties for April.

  • Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap - I used up a Honolulu Sun scent last month.  The scent was nice, not my favorite but it was ok.  Repurchase? Not sure about this scent.

  • Thayers Witch Hazel - I used up the Rose Scent which is my favorite I think so far.  I use this as a toner and it seems to be doing an ok job, I find that my skin feels cleaner, but not dry after I use this.  Repurchase? I already have.

  • Fluffs Cotton Pads - I pick these cotton pads up at Dollarama for $1.25 and they do a great job for me.  I have never had any issue with shedding and they don't seem to soak up all the product!  Repurchase? Already have.

  • Farmacy Brightening Hydrating Coconut gel mask - This is the last mask from the package I received in one of my subscription boxes!  The masks were ok, my face felt hydrated after using them but I didn't notice any brightening.  I didn't find that the mask fit my face the best, I had to lay down whenever I used them.  Repurchase? No I didn't notice enough of a difference to justify the price.

  • Neat & Easy Nose POre Strip - Another Dollarama find!  This do a good enough job of removing the gunk that can collect in the pores on my nose and for the price they work great.  They have changed them and I do notice that they have a stronger chemical scent now.  I may have to try out the Biore ones again to see if there is a difference now.  Repurchase? Maybe.

  • THe Body Shop Vanilla Chai Shower Gel and Body Gel-Lotion - I love the scent of these!  It smells just a little than a Vanilla Chai Latte from Starbucks.  The shower gel and lotion were a great combo and the scent did linger for awhile afterwards.  Repurchase? If they bring back this scent I will.

  • Peter Thomas Roth Ultra-Lite Oil-Free MOisturizer - I got this travel sized moisturizer in a favorites set, I think!  THey were not kidding when the said that this was a lite moisturizer.  I didn't find this was quite moisturizing enough for my combo skin during the winter months but it isn't to bad for the warmer months.  Repurchase? No, I have other moisturizers I like more than this one.

  • Pure+simple Sensitive Cleansing Milk - I won this from a giveaway from Classy On The Run, she is another great Canadian blogger!  I liked this as a morning cleanser more so than with my Clarisonic.  It did a decent job of cleaning my face in the morning but wasn't quite what I am looking for cleansing at night.  Repurchase? Not sure right now.

  • Intuition Razor Refill -  I am not sure what scent this one was in as it didn't have a label on it!  I pick up the refills at Costco and haven't found any that I don't like!  I love the ease of just shaving without having to use any creams at all.  Repurchase? Always

  • True Blue Refreshing Citrus Body Scrub - I wasn't a huge fan of this body scrub at all.  It seemed somewhat sticky and did not have a lot of grit to it.  The scent also reminds me of ENO, which always reminds me of being sick with a stomach bug when I was younger and my parents making me drink that stuff...gross!  Repurchase? Not likely.

Next up are Makeup empties ( to me the most interesting empties!) -

The illusive Makeup empties!

The illusive Makeup empties!

  • Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Marine Boosting Mist - I have used up another deluxe sample of this mist and still love it!  I have another Deluxe sample size left to use but I am seriously thinking on picking up the full size.  I use it as a face mist before/after I put on makeup and it feels so good!  Repurchase? Maybe.

  • touch in SOL Stretchex Mascara - Another product from a Favorites set!  I do love the Favorites sets that Sephora puts out!  I really liked this mascara alot, it didn't smudge or flake at all.  Which is what I tend to like in a mascara.  Repurchase? I have so many mascaras to use up that with my luck this will be discontinued before I need to actually pick one up!

  • Benefit Gimme Brow - I like Gimme Brow but I like the Essence brow gel better!  Gimme Brow is a good one if you don't already have fairly decent brows, the fibers really help with that.  but i would say if you just need to tint more than building volume, go for the Essence one!  Repurchase? Doubt it.

  • Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - I like the UD All Nighter Setting Spray, I do notice a diference when I don't use a setting spray.  The UD does a good job of helping my makeup last a little longer.  I did find that once I was about 3/4 of the way through the bottle that the spray wasn't as fine as it was in the beginning, it seemed to spray kind of splotchy.  It didn't get any better either, by the time I was almost done the bottle it was leaving drops on my face.  Repurchase?  Maybe. I am trying out a diferent setting spray right noe though.

  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - I was surprised at how much I liked this concealer.  It doesn't crease on my nor does it make my under eyes look older than they already are!  I do find that I need to use an corrector whenever I used this though, it didn't have quite enough coverage on it's own for me.  Repurchase? Probably, once I get through some of my other concealers.

  • ELF Lip Exfoliator - I have had this forever!  From what I can remember I really liked this lip exfoliator, especially as I didn't have to stick my fingers in a pot!  This one isn't really empty but it has gone very hard and is probably expired.  Repurchase? Maybe now that ELF is easier to get in Canada.

Next up is what my house smelled like for the month -

Home Fragrance empties, or what my house smelled like!

Home Fragrance empties, or what my house smelled like!

I only used up votive candles in April-

  • Yankee Candle-All Is Bright- I think I remember liking this!  It didn't leave a big enough impression on me I guess!  Repurchase? Maybe?
  • Yankee Candle-Autumn Leaves- Again, I think I liked it?  I didn't hate it, at least I don't remember hating it....Repurchase? Maybe?
  • Yankee Candle-Café Al Fresco-  I was not a fan of the scent on this one!  It was way to sweet, almost sickly sweet.  I didn't notice any scent of coffee at all.  Repurchase? No
  • Yankee Candle-Golden Sands- I love the fresh scent of this candle!  I am glad I have quite a few more of this one!  Repurchase? Probably, when I am need of some more candles!

The Bath & Body Works Wallflower in Celebrate was an ok scent.  Not my favorite, it didn't seem to have a strong enough scent to fill the basement where I tend to use them.  At first it had a slight Cinnamon scent but that seemed to fade really quickly.  Repurchase? Doubt it.

Now onto the Samples I used up!

A small amount of Skincare Samples.

A small amount of Skincare Samples.

  • Tatcha-Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder x2-This was really messy for me!  I think that the full size comes in a pot with a scoop?  That would make it less messy!  It was ok, I didn't find it was that great though, I was expecting more.  Purchase? Doubt it, I expected more for the price a full size product.
  • Tatcha-Pure One Step Camilla Cleansing Oil-  Another Tatcha sample that didn't impresses me as much as I had hoped for.  It did seem to do an o job of breaking up makeup but I couldn't use this near my eyes.  It gave me the dreaded cloudy vision!  Purchase? No
  • Origins-Ginzing Eye Cream-  I really like this eye cream, I have happily used up samples of this before.  The downside of it is the packaging of the full size, it's in a POT :(.  If this came in a tube I would happily buy this in a full size.  Until than I will happily use up any samples I get!  Purchase? If they ever change the full size to a tube!
  • Sunday Riley-Luna Sleeping Night Oil-  I unfortunately liked this oil!  I was hoping to not like it because of the price.  I did find it to be sticky when first applied but the stickiness went away, as did the blue tinge!  My skin felt fairly soft after using this and the next morning as well.  Purchase? Undecided right now, I do have a few more samples to use up before I need to make up my mind!
  • Caudalie-Premier Cru Eye Cream- I liked this eye cream as well, especially at night!  It was to heavy to use during the day but it felt great at night!  It takes quite a while to sink in and it does seem to stick around a long time.  Purchase? Maybe, if and when I ever finish the sample stash!
I tried out a few makeup samples from the ever growing Sample Stash

I tried out a few makeup samples from the ever growing Sample Stash

  • Clinique-Stay matte Oil-Free Makeup x2-  I was not the biggest fan of this foundation, it sat heavily on my skin and I could feel that I was wearing it all day.  It did however stay well on my oily nose!  This one may be better for oily skinned folks!  Purchase? Doubt it.
  • Giorgio Armani-Luminous Silk Foundation-  I liked this foundation well enough, it did have a nice glow to it at first.  Unfortunately my oily nose seemed to quickly eat up the foundation.  It did stay well everywhere else so I am guessing for people with either normal to dry would really like this one, not so much for oily-combination.
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment-Sugar Nude and Sugar Rose- I don't mind these samples, but I am not a fan of the little pod samples, finger thing again!  I preferred the Sugar Rose to the Nude shade, the Nude shade seemed to almost have glitter in it.  Purchase? I doubt it, I seem to have a ton of deluxe samples of these.
  • Marcelle-Ideal Skin Perfector-  I really liked this primer, it has a lotion consistency which spread well and sunk quickly into the skin without leaving a heavy feeling.  It didn't help much with pores but if you weren't concerned with them I think you may enjoy this one.  Purchase?   Maybe? 

Total of products used up for 2017 -

  • Face and Body care - 8 (38)
  • Deluxe/Travel Size - 5 (17)
  • Home Fragrance - 5 (15)
  • Makeup - 4 (10)
  • Tools - 0 (2)
  • Samples - 12 (44)

For the month of April I seemed to do a fairly decent job of getting through product.  I managed to use up a good amount of full size and samples.  Again a few favorites that are usually in my empties and a few new ones!  Some that I will repurchase/purchase, some I will not.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to a better posting schedule, or really just any schedule!, in June.  Here's hoping anyway!