New In For August-October 2018

As the months went by, I tended to shop less for makeup. I just am not that adventurous in trying out new things lately, not being able to see the best will do that to you! I finally have a date for my surgery in the new year so I will be able to get back to taking pictures and trying out new things easier again.

My sister and I went to Cleveland to visit my nephew in August and of course that meant a trip to Ulta, Kohl’s, and Target. I kept my makeup shopping to a minimum though and picked up a few things that I had been wanting to try out for awhile. I found the Lorac Mega Pro 1 in Kohl’s and had to pick it up as I have only seen good things about it and do like the Lorac formula. In Ulta I only found the Morphe ‘Eye Slay’ brush set that I had been thinking on and than found the Ulta ‘Total Textures’ hair set and thought I would try those out as well. I have been hearing about the Cody Airspun powder for forever and finally found one in stock at Target.

I had amassed quite a few points for Sephora and saw this as reward and quickly added it to my cart. It took forever to get to me, a few months and I did have to change the lipstick shade :(. It is engraved with my name though so thats kind of nice! I ended up with the case in ‘Romantic Boheme’ and the lipstick shade in ‘03 Light Rosewood’. Its a nice shade but darker than I had anticipated. I also ended up grabbing a $100 gift certificate for Sephora for 2000 points but didnt end up using it until November. I will say that I was not impressed that I couldn’t use it online or inshore and still get the 20% off, nor could I use it online and get a deluxe sample added to my cart. I highly doubt I will redeem for it again if I get that high in points.

A few Sephora trips/orders to get the newer ‘Weekly Wows’! I ended up picking up the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrsh Foundation in Light Beige because I have wanted to try out powder foundation, not to mention it was on for half price! I also picked up the Too Faced White Peach palette as a weekly wow and I have to say, its a great palette if you are light skinned, I have been wearing it a lot! Sephora had a surprise 20% off at the end of August so I picked up a few things during that sale. I wanted to try out the lip products from Jouer and this little set was just over $30. I was also almost out of Clarisonic brush heads so grabbed a 2 pack of those. I had been waiting forever for the Anastasia empty palettes to restock and that wasn’t happening so I grabbed a Makeup Forever empty palette to try. There was also an instore event while the Naked Skin concealer was on the Weekly Wow…. I grabbed a replacement of that as well as another Sephora Solid Brush Cleaner and a KVD ELL in Ludwig, a shade I got in a previous Sephora Lip Set and have been wearing a lot of. I was short a few dollars to get the gift bag so I picked up a Sephora Bubble Mask to get me to the limit!

Benefit ‘Precisely, My Brow Pencil thanks to Topbox Circle.

Benefit ‘Precisely, My Brow Pencil thanks to Topbox Circle.

I was lucky enough to receive the Benefit ‘Precisely, My Brow Pencil’ in shade 1 to try out. The shade 1 may be a tad to light for me but its been great for me to be able to lightly fill in my brows without worrying that I have gone to far with it. The shade is a tad on the light side for me, but that has been a good thing right now.

Calgon Body scrub, a repurchase!

Calgon Body scrub, a repurchase!

I finished up the last tub of Calgon body scrub that I picked up on a whim and ended up really liking it! I picked up a replacement as soon as I started running low as I didnt want to be without one with the dry winter months coming up.

A few samples that I ended up getting during the last few months. I was hoping that the Herbal Essence would be a good once weekly clarifying shampoo, sadly it was not for me.

So not to much new in for me during the last 3 months, at least not compared to what I used to pick up! I have actually been really thinking before picking something up lately and didnt really pick up much during the last Sephora Fall Rouge 20% event. Without being able to see the best I am mainly sticking to what I know works and that would be hard for me to mess up!

Have you been curtailing your spending lately? Any easy to apply/hard to mess up products that I should keep an eye out for? Let me know.