Need A Few More Stocking Stuffers? Or add On Gifts?

Who else is still frantically trying to finish up your shopping? Are you like me and wait until the last minute to do the stocking stuffers? Or have a gift that you just want to add a little something extra to? I have a few ideas for those types. FarleyCo sent me most of these products and you can usually find all of these products on the FarleyCo website (here). But since we have left this to the last minute we don’t have time to get things shipped to us anymore, but the good thing is? You can probably find most if not all these products at your local drugstore; Shopper’s, Rexall, Walmart, London Drugs, IDA Guardian, Lawtons, etc. even Superstore and Loblaw!

First up, my favourite, Brushes! I am going to start with Ecotools brushes - I was sent the Micro Blending brush early on in the year and since than it has become a daily brush for me. This one blends in correct under my eyes perfectly, whether I use a cream or liquid. Next up we have the Facial Mask Mates, I have always used a brush to spread masks on my face because I hate sticking my fingers into pots and I just find that a brush works best for me. The real standout from this set though are the sponges! If you use mud masks at all, you need these! They make removing the dried mud mask so much easier to get off. And the last set from Ecotools I have is the Start The Start The Day Beautifully set. This set comes with face and eye brushes that would be great for a person just getting into makeup, or someone who wants to try out different brushes from Ecotools! I haven’t tried a lot from them but I plan on giving this set a try, my sister loves Ecotools brushes and uses some of them everyday.

Stickiing with brushes, next up are a few things from Real Techniques - I picked up these sets of eye brushes when I made my first online Ulta order, I believe they were buy 2 get 1 free? I am always looking for new eye brushes to try and it was such a good deal…. The Miracle Cling single pocket holder is great if you have limited counter space as it will stick to the mirror or tile. There are also small holes on the bottom of this so I was thinking, maybe it would be good to hold toothbrushes?! I think I am going to try that out! There are quite a few Real Techniques Mini Brushes to choose from, the only difference between them and the full size regular ones are the length of the handles, the brush heads are the same size. I use mini blending sponges to help blend in concealer on my underage area and this 4 pack of the Real Techniques ones work great for that. My sister still loves her Real Techniques Blending Sponges so I picked up a duo pack to give them a try again.

If you know someone who loves lashes, or you are giving an eyeshadow palette as a gift, why not add in some fun lashes?! These ones from MesmoerEyes look like they could be fun, especially the 3 pack. There are so many different styles and brands to choose from. I haven’t really gotten into trying or using lashes, but I keep thinking I will!

Eyebrow/Lash tinting kits, you might not think this would be a good thing to gift but I use them all the time! Since I am have gotten older I have noticed that I get a few grey hairs in my brows and I am not about to pluck them out! They are usually in the middle of my brow. I use a brow tinting product every few weeks to cover up those pesky grey brow hairs. If the person you are filling a stocking for is of the adventurous type with hair colour, why not get them a fun new colour to try?! The Splat kits come with everything you need to try out a fun new colour without committing to said fun colour until it grows it out. One thing to be aware of with these temporary hair colour kits though is to make sure you let them know that that colour will bleed onto towels and such, especially for the first few washes.

Do you have someone on your list that likes skincare targeted at specific concerns? The Flexitol Lip Balm is a nice thick balm in a squeeze tube that really helps to repair dry, chapped lips quickly. Its thick enough that it doesn’t go away quickly but also not to thick where you feel like you have a glossy mess on your lips. The Flexitol Heel Magic will be great post New Years Eve when you have been wearing those cute heels that you wish had been just a little more comfortable. The Flexitol Very Dry Skin Cream is great for those persistent dry patches that I seem to get, especially the ones on my elbows, it doesn’t clear it up in 1 day but within a week I see a noticeable difference that I just don’t see with other creams. If you know someone who is or has just gotten a tattoo the INKcredible Glow Salve would be great to toss in a stocking or to add to a gift certificate towards their next tattoo.

And lastly we have masks! I like the 7th Heaven masks, all the different types for different skin concerns. I find that I can get 2 full face masks out of each packages so its like getting more than one. You can choose between Mud, Peel, Strip and Cream masks. You really can find one for everyone. I have also noticed that they now have ones targeted at men as well. And at around $2.00 each they make a perfect add on/stocking gift, you could even grab the Ecotools Facial Mask Mates set and a couple of these and it would make a perfect gift for that someone who is hard to buy for.

I hope you are able to finish up your shopping and have a great Holiday Season!

Thank you FarleyCo for sending me so many different products over the past year.

This post contains products received from FarleyCo, but it in no way influences my opinion.