Spring Water Decal Nails

I though I would try a little something different with my nails for this weekend, but I didn't want to go to cutie this year!  I had bought some nail water decal stickers (not to sure what they are called!) last year? or maybe the year before? off of Ebay, and they promptly went in a drawer and I forgot about them...  But the past couple of weeks my husband and I made some nail polish shelves for my collection of polishes so as I was finding everything to put up on the shelves...I found these nail water decals.

The products I used for my first foray into Water Decal Nail Art!

The products I used for my first foray into Water Decal Nail Art!

I am not sure what seller I bought these from, it was at least a year ago if not 2!  I looked up a few videos to figure out just how you were supposed to use these things, thats how long I have had them, I forgot how I was supposed to use them.  I started doing these nails yesterday, Friday, but I should know better than to try to do something with my nails around dinner time!  It never ends well.

For my first foray into Water Decals I used only a small amount of things!  Base Coat, Sephora Formula X(Why did they have to discontinue this?!), a co-ordinating polish (Zoya Dot), Fast dry top coat (Seche Vite), the decals, an orange wood stick, tweezers and a container for water.

I painted my nails as per usual, except the Zoya Dot took me 4!! thin coats to get it opaque, stopping before the top coat.  I cut out the decals that were the closest match to the size of my nails and put one them in the water one at a time.  Using the tweezers to get the decal, still attached to the paper backing, out of the water.  I carefully separated the decal from the paper with the tweezers and laid it on my nail, being quick to make sure it was smooth.  I than put a layer of the top coat, Seche Vite, on and used the orange wood stick to just gently pull the excess decal away.

I am really pleased with how my nails turned out.  I will definitely be looking more into water decals!  It made the nail art part of the manicure so easy.  Have you tried nail water decals before?  How did you find it?  On a side note, I really hope the polishes I got from Zoya don't all take 4 coats to cover!